Internet marketing is a popular choice when someone decides that they want to break away from the shackles of a 9 – 5 job and strike out on their own.

The thing is it’s actually quite complicated!

There are lots of new terms to learn, and a myriad different ways to achieve the same goal: making money online.

It’s easy to become confused by it all, become stressed and walk away making a loss rather than a profit.

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Therefore a lot of people turn towards internet marketing courses as a source of education to get them on the right track.

Most of these courses are very expensive, some costing thousands as a one off fee, some costing hundreds on a monthly basis.

As well as that, most of these courses out there are a waste of your time and money.

Why is that?

#1 They Don’t Cater to Your Audience

I don’t mean that they don’t target dogs or fishing or whatever, which is understandable as they will be teaching broad strokes.

What I mean is that most of these large scale courses are not designed for newbies, no matter what the literature states.

As you will be starting with a small site, and a just as small audience, most of the tricks and techniques simply won’t apply to you or won’t work for you.

Someone who is already successful can rely upon what they’ve built and won’t necessarily be able to teach you the skills you need to start out in this age of fierce online competition.  As such they can perhaps effectively teach another successful marketer some new tricks, but an absolute beginner will still be stuck at the starting line.

#2 Upsells

That is unless of course you buy this next course, or this piece of software, or this e-book.

Upsells, the art of selling more after the initial sale, is of course part of internet marketing and business in general, but when you’re trying to get a full education it becomes a problem.

Most internet marketers, and this goes for courses too, piecemeal out their information, making you pay for every last scrap.

If you go and do the $3,000 dollar course, will you have been taught everything you need to know?

That is unlikely. Instead you will need to sign up for the advanced course.

#3 Inflated Results

Marketing, in any form, is selling the dream and they do this by putting forward the best side of the product. If the dream happens to be making money, then they will tell you about the lucky few who have made millions from whatever they’re teaching you.

They won’t tell you about the thousands who have failed to make a dime, or even lost money by buying a thousand dollar course and seeing zero results.

However, they will add that to their terms and conditions to cover their own backs legally.

Therefore of you are going to buy one of these courses, try and find some people who have genuinely been on the course before and see how well they have done.

#4 No 1-on-1 Help

The absolute worst thing about learning something is not being able to ask questions, and find answers to problems you’ve encountered or issues you don’t understand.

Flailing about trying to make something work when you know that you’re not doing it right is a recipe for disaster: it can cost you money in terms of marketing budget, lost sales, and lost time.

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While this isn’t always true, most big ticket market courses provide no help after the fact.

Those that do want you to sign up to even more expensive coaching plans and services.

Therefore once again, you need to have some understanding of how these things work in order to reduce your chances of getting lost with it all.

#5 Simply Unaffordable

Unless you’re already successful or independently wealthy, buying one of these expensive courses might break the bank.

Are you really going to risk spending thousands, perhaps of money that you don’t have, in order to only potentially learn something, and to be sold even more expensive “must have” courses and training.

Most business owners and new entrepreneurs can’t afford this, and spending the money on them is a huge risk – one that could easily see your business fail before it gets started.

#6 Scams

Let me be clear, only a very small proportion of big ticket online marketing courses are scams. That being said, some most certainly are and a fair number are certainly borderline.

Once more, seek advice from people who have already tried the course before putting your money on the line. Try and ask them in detail what they got out of the course. Was it just all filler and more upsells or was there actual value?

What About e-Book Courses?

On the other end of the scale, are low priced e-book “courses” and training.

These can be just as problematic as higher priced courses. The main issues with them are quality and how up to date they are.

Because they’re just digital files, a lot of the information out there is out of date which can be dangerous to your fledgling business.

Imagine getting on the wrong side of Google and having your site de-indexed (basically deleted from their search engine). All the hard work and money you’ve pumped into the site is now worthless.

That can easily happen if you follow the wrong advice.

As well as that, a vast majority of these books are in practice lead magnets. They are intended to whet your appetite and hook you for higher priced upsells.

What’s the Alternative?

There aren’t many internet marketing courses out there that I not only recommend, but have used and can confirm it as genuine.

One such system is Wealthy Affiliate. The site provides ongoing support in the form of regular training updated to cope with the recent trends, weekly live webinars, and a community to ask questions from.

It’s free to try and more importantly, it’s an affordable cost.

The Bottom Line

High priced courses are over rated and often underperforming, especially for a newbie. Low priced e-books are a mess of misinformation and missing information.

If you’re looking to learn more about internet marketing, I would seriously recommend trying a site like Wealthy Affiliate.

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