Going from a checking account of around 800 dollars one week, to around 1 million dollars the next week sounds good right? Being able to do so by beta testing some trading software that will do it automatically for you sounds even better right? Having access to that software for FREE? I guess that also sounds pretty good?

Well if it does, then congratulations, you fit the bill for the 7 Day Millionaire program. Unfortunately, as you’ll see in the rest of this review, you’ll only end up disappointed.

In fact, you might find that when the 7th day rolls around, not only are you not a millionaire, but the generous young man who promised you would be, is nowhere to be found. Sounds…good…right?

What Is The 7 Day Millionaire?

Like with all Binary Options programs coming out of the clicksure network, it’s very difficult to actually find out what you’re signing up for initially. You have to sit through the usual sales video that hypes everything up and shows you a few testimonials.

They’ll have you imagining yourself a millionaire, making you “feel” how badly you want this, and promising you that it won’t cost you a dime.

Of course it won’t. It will cost you much more, and you won’t even get the millions.

If you sit through the video long enough, you’ll be told the usual story. The speaker has created a software that will automatically make money for you on trading platforms. In only a week’s time, you can turn your initial deposit into one million dollars.

Obviously, in the future he’s going to be selling this software for thousands of dollars, but he needs more “beta testers” like you first to prove it works.

As such, 40 people are going to be allowed inside to get free access, and you could be one of those lucky 40.

Well, there’s a LOT wrong with this story, which I’m going to point out in a minute, but first you just need to know that the whole purpose is to try and get you to join up with the trading platform (broker) and deposit your initial funds.

How Do I Know?

As well as the fact that I’ve reviewed dozens of identical products (usually from the same creators, under a different guise), it’s also quite easy to spot what’s wrong.

Firstly, you don’t need to “beta test” software when you’ve already supposedly got verified proof that it works. If you’re able to get video testimonials already, and you’ve linked people’s trading accounts to show you that they’re real, you are ready to sell it. Hey you can always offer a money-back guarantee.

You don’t need 40 more people to do that.

Secondly, all the fake scarcity tactics. The “Your chance will expire in 9 minutes” BS that you see on the second video is a lie. You can go back any time and it will show you the same 9 minute warning.

Thirdly, if it’s only open to 40 people, why are they claiming to their affiliates that this is a high converting offer that has been making them lot’s of money?

This is the 7 day millionaire joint venture page. It's where they tell their affiliates how much money they'll earn promoting the program.
This is the 7 day millionaire joint venture page. It’s where they tell their affiliates how much money they’ll earn promoting the program to people like you.

Fourthly, if it is FREE, why is it making them lot’s of money, and why are they recruiting affiliates to help them promote it??

Is it starting to add up yet that this is just a way to trick you into depositing funds into the broker account?

Here’s How It Really Works

The product creator refers you to XYZ broker (doesn’t really matter which) and pretends you MUST sign up with that one, using his special link, for the software to work.

Next, you have to deposit a minimum of $250 USD into the account to use for trading.

This triggers a commission for the software creator, since he referred you to the brokerage. You know how he said he was doing it for free? If you ignore the huge commission he gets, then sure, it’s free.

The software creator (OK fine, “Scammer”) then pays out to his affiliates for referring you to him in the first place.

Your magic software may or may not really exist (sometimes they don’t even bother to let you download it), but it won’t work like it’s been advertised to. Eventually you will lose the money that you deposited, and no refunds are offered.

In fact, you can’t even withdraw your funds until you’ve met a certain earnings threshold. This means that you are essentially screwed.

Binary Options programs are everywhere because they are so easy to promote. You tell someone it’s free, you lie to them about the success, you convince them their money is safe, and you get a refund-proof commission.

For you, the consumer though, the story is quite the opposite, and I urge you to stay away.

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