As the Thanksgiving and shopping holiday approaches, you might find yourself strapped for cash after spending money on turkey, stuffing, yams- and that big screen TV.

To solve your monetary dilemma, I’ve listed 7 sites that help you earn money by scoring academic tests at home. Most of the work is project-based,  enabling you to put in as little or as much time as you want. While these scorer jobs don’t pay the highest wages, they are relatively easy to sign up for and take advantage of while you digest that turkey and think of ways to organize your Black Friday purchases.

ACT Online Scoring

This exam site is always looking for scorers to evaluate the written portion of the ACT. A bachelor’s degree is required from applicants, and high school teaching experience is preferred. Successful applicants are paid $12/hour and there are additional incentives for top daily/weekly performers  (up to $150 per week).

Strong performers can also eventually see their pay increase as they become faster and better at scoring ACT essays. Those better scorers might even be invited to work directly with ACT on generating material for future tests.

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SAT Online Scoring

SAT essay scorers can work either part-time or full-time in either four, six or eight-hour shifts by grading SAT subject matter essays. Scorers are first required to pass their ETS qualifier exams. Scorers must also possess a bachelor’s degree, and high school teaching experience is preferred.

The pay range is $15/hour for SAT scorers, with the opportunity to earn more if the scorer is unusually fast and/or efficient at completing his workload.


This site works with teachers and students to evaluate students on their reading comprehension and ability. As a Literably scorer, you’ll listen to audio recordings of students reading, then phonetically transcribe what is said/read and grade those recordings. For example, if you hear a student pronounce newsreel as “nessreal,” you should write “nessreal” down.

If you want to score (sorry) a lot of transcription work with Literably, you’ll need to sign on between the hours of 8 am-3 pm, when school is in session. If you wait until the evening, most of the recordings will be transcribed and scored by other Literably contractors.

The pay with this site is $10 per hour.

Measurement, Inc.

This North Carolina-based company posts occasional openings for reader/evaluators on its website. The reader/evaluators “score essays, open-ended test items, and performance assessments based on scoring criteria that differ by project.” As for the projects themselves, they each last 2-4 weeks, with the heaviest workload occurring from January-June and a lighter workload occurring September-December.

While MI doesn’t list its pay rates for these positions, Glassdoor reports that MI pays around $11/hour.


This company has been around for 50+ years and provides “educational assessment products to schools and institutions of higher learning.” Keep in mind that Pearson requires its scorers to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Once the applicant passes the training and testing phases, she is asked to devote at least 20 hours/week to the job.

Pay is $10/hour, which is on the low side; however, Pearson offers something to its part-timers that few work-at-home companies do: health insurance. Once hired on with Pearson, you can obtain insurance coverage not only for yourself but also for your entire family.

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

This company is similar to Pearson in that scorers score educational exams and essays. Unlike Pearson, however, the work is project-based and scorers must apply to and obtain approval for each project. Once approved, scorers sign up for set work shifts. The extra certifications and applications might be worthwhile, though, as some ETS scorers claim to make up to $20/hour.

Because ETS scorers score exams like the SAT or advanced placement exams, they are required to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree.


This site pays its scorers to review and grade essays submitted students in elementary, middle  and high school. Payment varies and depends on how quickly you can turn around your work; however, the range is $9-$15/hour. You are also required to have at least a two-year college degree, although the field of study isn’t specified.

WriteScore typically posts its job opportunities to career sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, not to its own website. Once you apply, you’ll need to undergo a rigorous qualifier test. The training itself is unpaid.

Earn even more cash as an online scorer

If you enjoy helping students and are a meticulous worker, you should consider becoming an online test scorer. Although this work won’t replace your day job, it will line your pockets with some (much needed) spending cash. Furthermore, if you actively participate in the scoring process and even email the company with questions and/or helpful tips, you could obtain more work at higher rates.

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