It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to bring your existing business online, or whether you want to work from home, or become the next online billionaire, most newbies face very similar problems.

Sometimes you can realise what these problems are and fix them, sometimes you’re not even going to be aware you have an issue that is holding you back, There’s also the problem of knowing you have an issue and not knowing how to fix it.

I’m going to lay out for you some of the most common issues new internet marketers face, and hopefully some useful ways to overcome these hurdles.

#1 Scams

By far the most demoralising of problems, scams in the internet marketing area are abundant. So much so, that often the term internet marketing itself is synonymous with being scammed, much to the chagrin of every decent and ethical marketer and online entrepreneur out there.

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When you’re new it’s very easily to fall for scams, in fact anyone experienced in this field who says they haven’t are either lying or had a very good mentor from the start. I know I fell for one or two scams in the early days.

The issue with falling for scams is clear: you simply get fed up and start believing this making money online idea is just BS designed to rip you off, and you quit before you even get started.


Spotting the scams is easy once you know the warning signs, I’ve Tried that has hundreds of articles outlining scam after scam, but even we will never be able to warn everyone about every scam.

Things to look out for:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!
  • If it came via unsolicited mail, avoid it!
  • If it tells you will earn a vast amount of money in a short while, then it’s BS-ing you
  • If it states that you don’t need skills, knowledge or even a computer, it’s a scam
  • If it has limited quantities (of a digital product…) or has a countdown to buy it, it might be a scam, do your due diligence
  • If the URL looks like then it’s most likely a scam

The main conclusion here is to trust your gut and common sense, and to do further research before jumping on board.

#2 Information Overload

The internet is a vast ocean of information, and the small sea that makes up online marketing is wide and deep.

There are so many different ways to get started and a wide variety of methods that can be used to make money, it’s no wonder newbies heads start spinning!

From affiliate marketing to PPC, to CPA, to email marketing, SEO and so on, the different methods each having even more things to learn about them.

Information overload is another reason why so many new marketers quit, they just don’t know where to start.


The best way to overcome any sort of information overload is to learn it in a structured way. Personally I recommend using a service such as Wealthy Affiliate, which breaks down it’s online marketing training into easy to learn sections. Having this sort of guidance can really help ease the flow of information and provide some direction.

#3 A Lack of Direction

As just mentioned, a lack of direction is also a problem people face. For some people this might be not knowing what you want to achieve except in some vaguely broad sense that you want to make money.

For others it’s more about how to get from A to B, how to actually achieve the goal.


Depending on your own needs, it may be worthwhile investing in training like at Wealthy Affiliate, or you may simply find order from the chaos by sitting down and creating a business plan that outlines you goals over the next week, month, 6 months, year, 3 years and 5 years.

This sort of plan can help cement a sense of direction, and can guide you to finding the right products, training and help that you will need to achieve your goals.

#4 Poor Niche & Keyword Selection

Another problem that can occur and cause a slow but completely avoidable failure is choosing the wrong niche.

Just so you know though, every marketer will choose a bunch of dud niches in their career, most often they can be avoided but some just fall through, so you’re not alone in this.

Niche selection is critical because if people aren’t actively interested and looking for information on the niche, your hard work will be for nothing. It’s also possible to go too broad and too narrow with niche selection, causing a struggle to get traffic to your site.

Keywords are similar in that the wrong keyword selection will result in little or no traffic or traffic that is not targeted to your niche selection.

Hand in hand getting these wrong will cause the site to fail and you to more than likely quit.

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Proper research is the key here. Allotting and spending hours and even days to research your niche is vital to making sure that:

  1. There’s a viable market (other sites promoting the same niche is a great indicator)
  2. That there are keywords that can be ranked for
  3. That the niche isn’t too broad (e.g. the dog niche covers a WIDE variety of sub niches)
  4. That the niche isn’t too narrow (training your dog to walk the trapeze probably isn’t in high demand)

Using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro are excellent ways to do keyword (and to some extent niche) research.

Checking the internet for active websites and communities is also a great way to validate your niche choice (and perhaps even learn about some of the pain points people are facing).

#5 A Lack of Traffic

Not getting visitors to your site can be a complete nightmare. You spend hours upon hours carefully crafting your website ands content and no one wants to even read it!

Making sure that your site attracts not only visitors, but the right sort of visitors (interested in what you have to say and in a buying mind-set) is hard work, but far from impossible.

Leaving the fate of your traffic up to the whim of a divine being is foolish though. You need to be proactive.

You also need to be aware of something called the “sandbox”, which catches a lot of newbies out and makes them quit too early. The sandbox is a Google invention, though other search engines may have something similar.

In essence your site doesn’t rank quickly, easily or at all for the first 6 months or so.This is so Google can weed out some of the crap that gets posted to the internet every single day.


In regards to the sandbox there’s nothing to do but keep plugging away and waiting it out.

Those first six months should still be busy though, because in order to increase your rankings and thus traffic you should be:

  • Creating useful content that solves problems
  • Engaging with your niche community on social media
  • Engaging with your niche community in forums and other websites comments
  • Building relationships with other website owners in your niche
  • Offering opportunities for and providing guest posts
  • Building a back link profile through all the above

This sort of activity shows to Google that you are legitimate and importantly consistent with content. That will help you rank and get more traffic.

Of course if need be you can also pay for adverts to direct traffic to your site, if you’re confident you can convert visitors into lead/customers.

#6 Site Building Woes

I’m a geek so I’ve rarely had an issue with this, but I know that most newbies in internet marketing have to do a whole lot of learning about website building while also figuring out the internet marketing thing too.

While building websites has certainly got easier for Joe Average in the past decade, they can still be frustrating.


Taking your time and learning the ropes is the cheapest way to go about this, but it may not help remove your frustrations.

You could use a “web 2.0” site like Blogger, or Hubpages which make creating and managing a website really easy. The drawback is that they can’t really be used in a professional sense and often have restrictions like no adverts, or have adverts but your don’t get the money from them.

Personally I’d recommend the middle road here, get a site built for you that will give you a head start but still allow you complete control and allow you to learn the ropes.

Human Proof Designs offers internet marketing sites that are prebuilt, with starter content based on a researched niche: enough to help you hit the ground running. You’ll still need to learn how to handle the website, but it can take a lot of pressure off you when you already have a good looking site to work with.

#7 Impatience

Even though the world and the internet move at a blistering rate, it can seem that your efforts take a long time to come to fruition.

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And guess what? They do!

There’s no magic button to press, there’s no shortcuts. Creating a business from scratch takes time.

For some people though this isn’t acceptable and they either quit or move onto a different are and try that, and then get impatient and move to something else and so on.


There’s no sure fire solution to this apart from you coming to terms with your impatience, accepting it and trying to hang on and see the fruits of your hard work.

Bailing early just means another failure, and an avoidable one at that.

#8 Failure to Take Action

This might seem like an odd problem, but it is one of the biggest ones on the list.

Many people start trying to make money online every day, and 99.9% of them quit soon after.

They cite many a different reason for them quitting, but the truth is most of them quit because they failed to take action.

You can spend years learning something but if you don’t put it into practice you won’t make money from it.


Take action!

Seriously, every time you learn something, do something with it.

If you learnt how do keyword research, go and research some niches, find the best one and put it into action.

If you learnt how effective SEO can boost your content marketing, go write an article that incorporates it or better yet, go improve all your previous articles.

This is something that has to be done, and done straight away after learning something because if you don’t you likely never will.

Failure to take action will make you fail every time.

The Bottom Line

These 8 problems are probably the most common reasons why newbie marketers fail, give up and quit.

None of them are insurmountable, it just takes you realising what the problem is and finding the right solution to beating that problem.

The great thing is, once you realise this, you’ve also realised what other people want: solutions to their problems!

You’re welcome :D

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