The 7 Day Test proudly boasts itself to be the number one home based business website in the world.

Wow! That is quite some achievement for a one page, no wait a two page website that looks like it was made in the 1990’s and hasn’t been changed since.

There are some tell-tale signs that this is going to be a scam or at least a poor product:

  • The over use of bolded and highlighted text
  • The date that is always today
  • The vague and generic income photos
  • The fictitious testimonials
  • The upsells

The site itself is promoting a system to enable you to market with Google and Clickbank. You know, the standard affiliate marketing information.

Is The 7 Day Test a Scam?

The program will provide you with a cookie cutter website filled with duplicate content, well the content on your site is all different, but everyone that signs up will get the same site, they are not about to produce hundreds of pages for each person.

These pages are filled with Google AdSense adverts and Clickbank adverts. In my experience, AdSense never makes much money unless you are targeting a specific niche and are well versed in getting good prices on the adverts. It is rare to get an advert that will pay you $5 or more per click, most are well under $1.

These adverts will need a LOT of traffic to generate even a modest income, thousands if not tens of thousands of visitors per month would be needed, because generally it is only a small percentage of visitors that actually click the adverts. Let’s say that figure is a very generous 3% (probably more like 0.5 – 1%), so for every 1000 visitors 30 people will click an advert so you will earn $30.

Clickbank products offer a better return, though again you will need traffic and it will need to be targeted traffic at that to get sales through.

There is a fundamental problem with the websites from the 7 Day Test: they are all the same. Google absolutely hates duplicate content and if, or more likely when, they find your site they will quickly stop indexing it, meaning it will never appear in the search engine again.

The other issue with this comes with using your Google AdSense account on the sites, if they block your site they are also likely to ban your AdSense account, and there will be no getting it back, and any money in there will be forfeited.

No Promoting or Marketing Required!

That is a statement made by 7 day Test, and I can say with full conviction that that is a lie.

There is no website in the world that doesn’t require marketing and promoting, even Google which is probably the most well know site in the world still actively promotes itself.

Let’s say that you went ahead and bought this system and got your site. How are people going to know about it? If you don’t tell the world about your site you will never get any visitors, and no, family and friends don’t count!

The figures that the system says you can earn are virtually impossible with what they provide, you would need to rewrite the content and market the site heavily for it to achieve those results.

The costs for this system are ridiculous, a repeating $50 dollars monthly for a poor quality website and hosting. You can make your own site with WordPress (free) a domain name (approx. $10 yearly) and hosting (starting at $5 a month). So instead of paying these scammers a minimum $600 yearly you could create a site for $70 yearly.

Yes you would need to learn about WordPress, websites and writing and marketing and everything else that goes with being an internet marketer, but that’s the point, you have to learn and fail and grow to become successful. “Push button” garbage like this will not get you there.

Additional Costs

Yes there are upsells to this system. I won’t go into the details of them, but they exist, they will set you back about $700 on top of the initial fee and monthly charges if you buy them all. I’m hoping that you can avoid these, by simply not buying the initial product.

Here’s just a small sample of what “$2.95” is going to cost you…

The Bottom Line

This is a scam, and a poor quality product with an overly expensive price tag, upsells and a virtual guarantee of failure. The sales pitch actually says “Pay $2.95 and start earning $3,500!” Seriously. That alone should be enough information that this is absolutely not worth pursuing.

The program is being operated by a mysterious person named “Jean” and is available through and — avoid at all costs!

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  • Jose

    Man!, i was on their page, and they make you doubt about becoming a member, i mean only about 3 dollars to start, on the other hand this product sells with clickbank and make no sense if you can buy it and then if it doesn´t work you can ask for a refund, so? why did they would take that risk, for me has no sense.
    Well i like your page

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