When we investigate a new training program aimed at beginners, we like to have an actual beginner follow the course. Both Joe and I have some pretty extensive knowledge when it comes to Internet marketing and this makes it difficult for us to take a true from-scratch approach. So for this review we had Cheryl follow the training program and document her experiences. This is what she had to say:

I had been following I’ve Tried That’s articles on Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of weeks and I was nearly ready to sign up when Steve contacted me and asked if I would be willing to do a review of a program that had been developed by a Wealthy Affiliate member, PotPieGirl.

PotPieGirl claimed to have already cleared $100,000 in her online marketing efforts for 2009, and was willing to share the secret to her success with her program called One Week Marketing. I read a little bit of her website, and I also downloaded the first 18 pages of One Week Marketing for free. I liked what I read: her style is conversational, she comes across as an everyday woman, and most of all, she sounds sincere. I was willing to do a review.

PotPieGirl was kind enough to provide her materials to I’ve Tried That for free for this review.

I will admit that I knew nothing about affiliate marketing before I received One Week Marketing. I knew there were affiliate programs for all kinds of products online, and I knew there must be a way to make money with them, but I didn’t know what to do or where to start. I was, in a word, clueless.

Eager to get started, I dove right into the materials. I wanted to take at least a week to read and understand the program before I tried it. I quickly found myself overwhelmed.

One Week Marketing is not for beginners. PotPieGirl’s conversational tone assumes you already know what a Squidoo lens is, the importance of gravity for a product, keyword campaigns, and more. I knew none of these things and felt as though I’d been transported to a very technical foreign country.

I decided to jump to an additional piece of documentation in the program, the 136-page Conversations with Nick. PotPieGirl had used Nick as a guinea pig for her program, then transcribed all of her e-mails to show how the program worked. If I was looking for simplification, I was not going to find it here. Nick and PotPieGirl were speaking the same language, one I didn’t yet understand.

If it wasn’t clear to me that I was already in over my head, I received an e-mail from the PotPieGirl website, as a follow-up to my free 18-page download. The e-mail asked how I might know if One Week Marketing was right for me. The e-mail described an online affiliate marketer who knew the tools, but was frustrated with an expensive process that wasn’t working.

One Week Marketing is just that: a simplified process for the online marketer who is working too hard for too little. Campaigns aren’t working? Spending too much money trying to make money? PotPieGirl has your answers, with a one week process that is comprised entirely or almost entirely of free methods to get you on the road to making money.

It has taken me a lot longer than one week to get the hang of affiliate marketing – in fact, I am still trying to get it all figured out. The good news is, I’ve only spent $1.07 so far (for a domain name). The bad news is, I haven’t made any money yet. Not one penny.

If you are looking to streamline your efforts without much putting much money in, then this is a good tool. If you are new, you’re going to need a lot of help. My recommendation would be to sign up for the PotPieGirl sample and newsletter (the tips and tricks she sends via e-mail can be very useful) and get involved with Wealthy Affiliate or some other affiliate forum for hand-holding and questions.

I have no doubt that affiliate marketing is a lucrative business, and I plan to continue in my efforts. I’m just going to be doing a lot more learning before One Week Marketing is going to work for me.

Even though Cheryl’s initial work with the training program didn’t yield any positive gains, she expressed interest in continuing to work with the program to find a campaign that works. I think that if you have some free time on your hands and you’re willing to invest into this program, you could make some serious cash on the side. Just click here and go to the PotPieGirl’s sales page and look at the proof.

Bottom line: Beginners may have some trouble at first, but there is a lot of room for potential.

Now for the fun part.

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Cheryl’s review helped me come to the realization that I am a prime candidate for the One Week Marketing program. I have a few open marketing campaigns that are in desperate need of some tender love and care. I think One Week Marketing may be the program I’ve been desperately seeking.

I will be applying the techniques and methods taught in the program to a few of my campaigns and of course I will be sharing 100% of the results with you guys. Expect updates on this to be rather slim throughout the holidays, but once they end, I’ll be back working with One Week Marketing full time. Who else is going to refill the bank account after these past few weeks?

Click here to read more about One Week Marketing by PotPieGirl.

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  • Raven

    This sounds like it could help me to get farther along in affiliate marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing for about 4 years now (by the gods, I wish I had found this site back in the beginning, lol) and I’ve made some money with it. Nothing to really squawk about yet, but gradually getting better. Everyday is a learning experience still. But Im always on the lookout for free advertising methods that actually work. So, I think Im am going to try out One week Marketing as well and see how it goes. I will be sure to leave posts about my success with it!

  • Troy

    Just read this post.
    So, where are the updates as to how you are doing with this program?
    I’ve talked back and forth with potpiegirl about her program and just starting out as Cheryl. Potpiegirl recommended that I join the Wealthy Affiliate program and learn what I needed to first. Now, how many people do you know that would recommend you purchase someone else’s program?
    Needless to say I was very impressed with her honesty and I’m taking her advice to start with WA and then I will try her program if needed.
    Keep up the good work !

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