Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

In fact, I now have a bit more time to spend on the blog.

The past few weeks of updates have been less than stellar in my opinion. I did have a few personal issues that I had to attend to, but now that everything has been cleared up, I can resume focus on the blog.

The past few weeks have been a bit repetitive in terms of updates. I’m not entirely satisfied with giving a scam warning here and there and I do want to focus more on helping you guys make money online. You can expect more updates on ways to make money from home and a few personal tips that have helped me succeed.

I’ll still be reviewing programs as usual (with the wrap-up of my review on AutoMassTraffic) but I’ll be turning the focus more towards helping you guys succeed, instead of just complaining about scams.

We all win!


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  • vince

    NOW MICHEAL KIMBLE IS USING For houses to flip. But thanks for putting information about MICHEAL KIMBLE SCAM!!!! 02/08/2012

  • NR

    Received a brochure from Michael Kimble regarding becoming a real estate wholesaler, finding homes and then flipping them to buyers. Have you heard of this person (Michael Kimble) and this real estate business opportunity. If possible, could you give me the low down on this person and the business opportunity. I know that this name/person has been around for awhile because I have received several emails from him in the past but kind of skeptical of this person and his business opportunities. I would really appreciate your help on this and if this person is not as advertised do you have a recommendation on someone that is legit and has a similar business opportunity, because I’m really interested in learning real estate investing and would like to start off with flipping real estate first. Thanks.
    Nate Ruiz

  • Norma Cochrane
    Norma Cochrane

    Steve, this is a site by Michael Kimble. It’s on th emails as well as direct mail. He sends you a fake check for $8400.00. This is the average check you can make by being a House Finder. He ( for the pesent time-that could change to be sold for nearly 800.00 each at any time son ) 4 systems just for joining his Club at a total for a one time fee of $395.00 and 49.00 a month for a silver membership in which you get some benefits. but for the gold membership for 99.00 per month and 395.00 one time chare . A 30 day money back guarantee Pay one year , get 2 months free + 394.00 fee waived. I checked out the co. for a phone# ( she said he had an office. No such business in San Marcos, Tx. Nosuch Bank in Austin Tx. no zip code. The 411 op. told me to throw our juk mail so I wouldn’t be scammed like her 90 year old mom whohad a car accident going to her bank to pay fees after someone took more money out of her account. She is ok now, Please check ot this site and see if you can make it real or deffinatly warn people . I was just trying to spend my Christmas savings to make money with this scam. Thank God I checked out the business and the bank on the check. You have helped me , so maybe we can stop this guy. He is working with another man on a mortgage scam also, I will send you the email t check out. Thank you ,Norma

  • Stacy

    Thanks for all your hard work on the behalf of strangers. If you think of some way we can all repay you….that doesn’t involve money (sorry), please send it out there.

    You are amazing!

  • Todd

    Thanks for providing help to all of us. People like you who have a passion to help others are rare in this world now-a-days. Wish I had your energy.

  • Stacy

    Nothing like getting things accomplished, and recharging your batteries! And, who knew? You’re already providing an invaluable service that’s about to get even better.

    Thanks, Steve, for all you give.

    (Rhen thinks you are going “nowhere.” Seems to me like you’re going forward very fast;) )

  • Joseph Cafaro
    Joseph Cafaro


    Best Wishes



  • Rhen

    Yes, I am glad you are going nowhere…when I saw the Subject Line I was worried. I utilize your website and feedback quite often and so appreciate it! I hope all is OK for you. Thank you for your services.

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