I’ve left a couple of posts open-ended over the past couple of weeks. Rather than draw out each open article into another post, I’ll give you guys brief updates as to what’s developed.

My Experience with the Magazine Salesman

You may remember that I was recently duped into buying a magazine subscription I did not want. The salesman was pushy and I ended up signing away a $67 dollar check. Before doing so, I had read the cancellation instructions and thought I would be safe if I followed them.

Upon posting my story, a lot of you guys emailed me and told me to put a stop payment on the check immediately. I stubbornly chose not to listen (sorry!) and instead followed the cancellation instructions in hopes of getting my check back. Well, I called and they did confirm my cancellation and they will be sending back the check that I wrote with the word void gloriously written across the front.


What is the mystery behind the Mystery Millionaire?

Jim W. “The Phoneix” claims to have made over $200,000,000 in three years by giving away free information. Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? Well, thanks to I’ve Tried That reader Wendy, I was able to investigate the membership site without sacrificing any personal information.

The “free information” that the Mystery Millionaire supposedly gives out is the garbage we commonly see here at I’ve Tried That. I’m talking about “free” Government Grant Information, “free” Google Money kits, and “free” details about Acai Berries. You know, the same type of programs that take your credit card information, then charge you a week later for not canceling your free membership. You know, the same type of programs that are now coming under FTC fire. Yea, stay away and don’t believe anyone who says they went from janitor to making over two hundred million dollars online in just three years.

YouData Signup Issues

On Tuesday, I gave a recommendation to YouData, the company that pays you to view ads. I left a few details out in the main article that I’d to clear up now. First, the program is unfortunately only open to US residents. Second, they require that you enter a cell phone number when you first sign up. A lot of you have been hesitant to give up this information, but fear not. YouData uses your cellphone number to text you a verification code to help confirm your identity. They don’t text you anything after the initial verification text. I have not received any unwanted calls or text messages after submitting my number to join the site.

YouData pays out once a week on Friday. If you haven’t joined yet, today would be the best day to join. Sign up, view a few ads, make a few dollars, and enjoy a little bit of extra money in your Paypal account.

If you haven’t joined you, you can do so by clicking here. If you want to learn more about YouData, click here and read this post.

I think that’s everything. Leave a comment below if I’ve left anything out regarding loose ends and I’ve Tried That.

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  • Angela

    Dont get too excited by this after about three weeks it goes down to about 20 cents a week you also have to pay for them to deposit the money in your pay pal account.Not worth the time to be bothered of course you know they make WAY more than that.Just another ripoff.

  • Tracie

    Hi again, After looking through YouData’s FAQs pertaining to the cellphone situation what I ended up doing was calling my girlfriend and asking if I could enter her number & carrier to get the confirmation code. Two minutes later she called me back with it and I finished activating the account. I did the ad thing and $2. was deposited in my paypal account early this evening. Why I got $2. instead of the $2.19 YouData said I earned, I have no idea, but it’s $2. I didn’t have this morning.

  • Katrina Lynn Aldan
    Katrina Lynn Aldan

    From: Katrina Aldan
    April 18, 2009 9:08 a.m.(Pacific time)

    About the YouData thing… What if I don’t have a cell phone or my cell phone carrier is not in their listing, is there another way of signing up. I’m trying to earn extra cash.
    But thanks for your site, it’s really a GREAT SITE! A lot of helpful info.

  • Tracie

    About the YouData thing…What if you don’t have a cell phone (which I don’t) or if you do have a cell, you don’t subscribe to text messaging (which I wouldn’t even if I did have a cell phone)? Is there a way to still participate? I was thinking of trying it until I read today’s post.
    Thanks for all your info in general! Great site!

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