Adrian and Anthony Morrison have created a lot of different products for internet marketing, mostly aimed at the beginner level. The Fast Traffic Formula is a little different as really it is aimed at intermediate and above level (in my opinion), though the sales video sells the dream, so I can see a lot of newbies getting hold of this, and perhaps being a little confused.

In short, this specific formula is about getting traffic to your site, mainly via PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

If you are not sure what PPC is, basically you buy adverts (yes pay real money) on different networks to promote your website/product.

It can be an extremely effective method of driving traffic to your site, if you know what you are doing; otherwise it can become a money pit.

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The Purchase

Grabbing a copy of Fast Traffic Formula was an upsell nightmare! I’m not sure if I got hit with these upsells because I did the trick of cancelling the page and getting the product for a mere $7 bucks, but this is what I had to wade through before being able to register and log in:

  • Upsell for$67 – fast traffic multiplier
  • Downsell for $47 – fast traffic multiplier
  • Upsell for $47 – done for you campaigns + virtual assistant
  • Downsell for $17 – done for you campaigns + virtual assistant
  • Upsell for $49.95/month – IncomeEDU elite membership
  • Downsell for $1 dollar 14 day trial – IncomeEDU elite membership

It was nuts! I could easily see people getting suckered into buying these, even without knowing what these upsells are or if they even need them. I imagine some might even think it’s part of what they were originally buying!

After that it didn’t end, there was a 1 on 1 coaching application that came up and couldn’t be skipped past. My gut feeling is that they would ring you up and try to sell you a rather expensive coaching system, as this is a fairly common tactic. Even if the coaching is free, there will be upsells, there always are.

Overall, I think I handed my email over about 4 times during that process, all of that just to log in. Who knows where my email address is going to end up.

On the Inside

Even with the chaos of purchasing aside, taking a look at the actual content it proved to be quite good. It is broken up into 2 main areas: Fast Traffic Formula and 8 Weeks Free Training.

Fast Traffic Formula

This is the core product, and it is made up of numerous videos covering advertising with CPV, Facebook and Plenty of Fish.

The videos range from 4 to 20 minutes and are quite detailed in nature.

There are also links to software that can help you out including a program to add borders and links around videos, auto tweeting and a sniper tool to help with PPC campaigns.

It was interesting to see that these weren’t just links to easily accessible free services, but in fact services and software that requires membership of other sites or payment. In other words, there is value here.

On top of that there are “done for you” content for 3 popular niches, these include videos, articles, website (actually just one WordPress theme), and more. I’m not a big fan of PLR content, but some of it can certainly be used, like the ebooks, they could be used as a free gift for getting a mailing list.

8 Weeks Free Training

As of writing there was only 3 webinars available to view though you could register for the rest. There is actually a total of 15 webinars as there are some bonus ones thrown in. So far these have ranged from an hour and a half to 2 hours, so fairly hefty viewing, but again, some value here.

The videos are certainly interesting with good core concepts and different takes on things, however there is some selling involved, but it is tacked on as in the teaching does come first, and so far I have come to expect upselling from Mr Morrison.

Upsells upsells upsells!

Also dotted about the menu system are upsells to various products, including membership to Anthony’s membership site and an affiliate link for hosting masquerading as a free site. Even the item labeled as “free fast traffic software” takes you to yet another sales pitch.

The Bottom Line

The content is pretty good, the concepts, the quality and the amount certainly justified my $7 bucks.

If you are a newbie, I would take care with this one. Make sure you follow the training and even outside help and remember that with PPC while you can make good returns, it is still an investment in advertising and as such there are no guarantees. You really need to have some money to burn to take advantage of the “formula”.

As such if you have very little cash in your pocket to begin with I would advise you to steer clear of this one for now.

While I certainly don’t believe this product to be a scam, I still can’t get over the amount of upsells and cross sells going on here. Of course he is a marketer and marketers sell things, but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you buy something only to be targeted again and again whilst still learning the ropes.

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  • Jose Salazar
    Jose Salazar

    I just wanted to reply to your review of Fast Traffic Formula, to say thank you! I believe your review is a very honest one, and straight to the point. I bought the partner with Anthony program like a month and a half ago, and I encountered the same up sells and the same and of everything! I guess they use the same strategy, and there are also a few of the same soft wares or products up sells as the ones in the Fast Traffic Formula. the reason I was searching for a review, is because I got an offer email for that product. I am totally new and I really want to make this internet marketing work for me, but I am just going crazy and confused with this whole thing about internet marketing. I haven’t made any money at all, and I have been spending dead long hours in front of my computer trying to figure out all this, but it’s very hard since I work a second shift job, and when I am home, I sleep most of the morning. By the time I wake up, my one and three years old boys are up, and it’s almost impossible to get in front of the computer and learn anything, specially if part of the training of a program I bought also consist of more money spending, if you know what I mean. Sometimes things make sense, and then they don’t make sense anymore. Thanks again for the review.

    • Dean Robinson
      Dean RobinsonAuthor

      You’re welcome and thanks for sharing your story. It’s hard to make time, it really is. Personally I would just keep at it, even if it’s just one hour a day, and focus on one aspect at a time with one system, such as Wealthy Affiliate. I used to (and if I’m honest, still do) go from one thing to another and to another and never got anything done, so it’s best to try and keep focused on just one thing be it article marketing, email marketing, etc. etc. Good luck with your endeavours!

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