There aren’t a whole lot of certainties when it comes to making money online. But, I’ve come to find there is a statement that pretty much stands true in any situation. Always keep this in mind when looking for online work…

The easier the work is to do, the less you’ll get paid.

Just think about this for a minute. There’s no (legal) business out there that will have you making tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks with little or no effort. If it was that easy to get rich online, everyone would be doing it, there’d be no recession, and sadness, strife, and unemployment would be wiped from this Earth.

The absolute easiest way to protect yourself online is to simply ask yourself: “is this too good to be true?” If someone’s promising you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per day (Yes, I’ve seen thousands being offered) and it’s not quite clear what you’d be doing to make that money, you can bet it’s not worth your time.

I’ve broken down the three most common ways of warning money online. As you can see, the harder the job, the more money you can make doing it. The Internet does mimic real life after all.

Little Work, Little Pay

Examples here: Online Surveys, “Get Paid to…” Sites

These types of sites pay little for a minimum amount of work. It’s not brain surgery, so don’t expect to get paid as such. These types of sites are great to supplement your income in your spare time. Instead of playing Famville on Facebook, spend some time answering surveys or viewing ads.

The key point here is: don’t expect anything that’s easy to do to become your primary source of income. It’s just never going to happen. Also, don’t fall for anything that’s labelled “push button” or “copy and paste easy.” If it’s easy work, it’s not going to pay much. Always remember that.

Moderate Work, Moderate Pay

Examples here: Work at Home and Telecommuting Jobs

The work in this category is more along the lines of a traditional job, with the exception being, you work from home. You’ll be working for a company and you’ll have a boss, set hours, a salary, and all the normal expectations of a job. The work isn’t going to be terribly difficult and you’ll get paid a modest amount of money.

There is a lot of competition in this category as there are more and more people turning to the Internet each day to find work. If you’re looking for more of something you can do entirely on your own and dictate when you work, what you make, and more, then…

A Ton of Work, (Possibility for) A Ton of Pay

Examples here: Internet and Affiliate Marketing

This one is interesting, because it focuses on building your own business. Unlike the first two examples where you get paid for doing work, there aren’t really any guarantees here. This is why I included “Possibility for” in parentheses above. With an online job like Internet Marketing, you aren’t necessarily being hired to do anything. You’d be building a business on your own.

There is a lot of work to be done when starting your own online business, and it could take a while before you see any returns. Personally, it took me about two years of doing Internet Marketing before I reached a level where I was comfortable living off of my earnings as a marketer alone. Today, I make much more money than I ever would have if I accepted a job straight out of college. It’s been an absolute ton of work every step of the way, but what I have now has been entirely worth it.

The easier the work is to do, the less you’ll get paid. Always keep this in mind. This may be the Internet, but it’s still governed by the laws of real-life. Easy, high-paying work just doesn’t exist out there.

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  • Kelly

    There is a ton of work and knowledge to learn especially to be successful. I do believe it is possible and the hard work, time and learning all you can will pay off if you put everything into it.

  • Martin

    I give this article, two thumbs up!

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