There’s a new Craigslist scam out there that could bump up your phone bill an additional $9.95 per month if you aren’t careful.

Here’s how the scam works. The scammer will email you telling you that he or she is interested in purchasing whatever you have listed but is currently tied up and can’t be reached by phone. The scammer will send you a website and tells you to leave a phone number so they can call you at their convenience.

Problem is, that form you just entered your phone number into signs you up for a $10 monthly fee to your phone bill.

Consumerist had the report on the scam this morning with a copy of one of the emails.

Hi, I’m very interested in your item and would like to pay in cash.
I’m at work currently, so I can’t contact you before I get home.

However, I use a website that can save information so you can leave your phone number there.

Send me your cell phone number here:

I’m a serious buyer and need this. I will call you after I get home to arrange a meeting.


Most people probably wouldn’t fall for this. But if you’re technically unsavvy, in a desperate situation, or just not careful, you could wind up giving these guys a lot of money especially if your bill gets paid automatically and you never bother to really check it.

Here are a few tips for beginner Craigslist sellers:

  • Always deal locally. Never offer to ship a product.
  • Get a phone number and verify the buyer’s identity.
  • CASH ONLY. No checks, money orders, or anything that can be forged or cancelled.
  • Find a safe public location to meet and bring along a friend. For the sake of safety, don’t invite a stranger into your house.
  • Keep a look out for gross grammar errors or unnecessary instructions.

Follow those tips and you’ll be good to go. Be sure to forward this along to anyone you know who sells on Cragislist.

On an totally unrelated note…

Today is my birthday! And I’ve Tried That is coming up on its three year birthday in two weeks as well. I’ll try and plan some birthday festivities for the site.

Finally, in a completely shameless plug, I present to you, my Amazon wishlist. If you are ever in the giving mood and want to give back to the site, here’s your chance. :)

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  • Emily

    Hi Steve!
    A buyer asked me for a phone number and address on craigslist- I gave him my name and phone number, but gave him my company’s address instead of my real address. Could he enter my information on that website? or I don’t need to worry about it? Thanks!

  • Andrea Gilgulin
    Andrea Gilgulin

    A little late, but Happy Birthday, I hope it was a fun one and wishing you a great year ahead!

  • Debi

    Buon compleanno!!! Thank you for all you do!!

  • Steve

    Thank you very much guys :)


  • Gabby

    Happy Birthday, Steve! My husband’s birthday is today and since he didn’t make a wish list, I’m getting him a gift card to Home Depot for house project stuff. That could be a little like buying me a grocery shopping gift card except I also shamelessly wright wish lists.

    I hope you get everything you wished for!

  • Toya

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!! Good luck with that wishlist! ;)

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    Thanks for your work online – I will keep your Amazon wishlist in mind for a bit later :)

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