Finding a real work at home job is becoming more and more difficult. With the economy not doing so hot, more people are turning to the Internet to look for jobs. There is one group making a fortune off of the Internet and it most certainly isn’t those looking for a job.

Joe had sent me an email a few days ago tipping me off to a new craigslist job scam. He had applied for a technical writing positing and this was the job offer he received…


Thank you for replying to my ad on Craigslist for technical writing.

My client; a popular health, beauty and lifestyle magazine publisher,
is looking for a short but detailed product review on a popular
teeth whitening product. Upon completion, the review will be
published in several popular health and fitness magazines as well
as several industry related web sites. You have been selected to
participate in this project.

Smile Whites is currently one of the most popular teeth whitening
products on the market. My client would like a detailed
product review, falling somewhere between 900 and 1000 words, for
this particular product. The review should look at both the pros and
cons of Smile Whites. Your writing should not directly promote the
product, but instead be an honest review taking into account:

* The buying process (the online ordering process, delivery speed,

* The taste, smell and appearance of the product

* The effectiveness of Smile Whites (how effective Smile Whites
products actually are in regards to teeth whitening)
Scientific information behind the Smile Whites product.

* Comparison to other popular teeth whitening products

* Humor is acceptable

Apart from following the loose guidelines above, you are free to
implement your own ideas and techniques into this assignment as you
wish. Due to the nature and intricate detail of this assignment, it
is required for you to acquire a physical version of Smile Whites
to aid you in certain parts of your writing. Please
click here >> << to order a free version of the Smile Whites product that we are using as a baseline for the article. You will be re-imbursed for any shipping costs.Delivery of this specific product can sometimes take up to 5 days, that's why I would advise you to order the physical product as soon as possible. My client has set a strict deadline for assignment completion. Please ensure that the assignment is completed and in our possession within 3 weeks from todays date. We are choosing 40 of the best articles to use. Also, you do not have to use the product in order to write the article but smell and taste reviews must be considered.The pay for this project is $300. Payment can be made by check, PayPal or direct deposit within 5 days of acceptancce of your contract and receipt of your article. You will be notified by email in which web sites and magazines your article will be published. You will receive full credit for your article. If we like your work there is a good chance that you will be invited back to review other products.If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail as listed below.Best Regards, Rosslyn Pacheco, Walps Enterprises, Inc.

If you aren’t familiar with this scam, the job post actually looks legitimate and an excellent way for a freelance writer to make quite a few bucks. The “employer” wants you to order a product and get paid to write a review. What could possibly be amiss here?

Well, a lot. Let’s focus on the actual product, Smile Whites, first. You are told to order a sample and that you’ll be reimbursed for the shipping charges. What the email fails to mention is that your sample comes with an $80 monthly subscription to teeth whitening products with no (easy) way to get a refund. You’ll continue to be charged until you jump through hoops to cancel your monthly membership or your credit card. This is the negative option scam we’ve seen time and time again.

Now I’m just speculating at this point, but I think if you were to sign up and do the work, Rosslyn will refuse to pay you. Most likely, you’ll never hear from her again or something will be wrong with the work you performed and would be denied payment. After all, this isn’t a job posting, but rather an attempt to funnel as many people into a negative option billing program as possible. And to be honest, it’s a rather clever attempt.

Be careful out there and use common sense when applying for work at home jobs. Don’t jump into anything and always, ALWAYS do your research before taking on any work.

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  • heather

    you would think with the rental thing they would be smart enough to use a different name then the one used on the website thats what made me think something was fishy. i got the same email back as liz did word for word. i also called the number and it just does the beeping thing.

  • Brandi

    Liz, that’s the exact same email I got 6 months ago! I figured it was a scam, but though I’d play along so I sent them an email back asking to see the place. I never did get a response to that email……..

  • liz

    I am so glad I looked up his website, found it to be lacking in professionalism, looking like a free trial template type of website.

    Here was my email.

    So glad I discovered this before we let the OTHER rental property we were looking at go to waste!

    Thanks for responding to my ad on Craigslist for the rental property.
    The property is still available. In fact, I was in town to sell the property but the buyer
    backed out at the last minute because of financial difficulties. My misfortune is your
    gain because I must rent it out quickly before I go back to my practice in New York.
    I only want to deal with somebody who has a steady income and can pay the rent
    on time.
    The rent is monthly with a yearly lease and it does not include utilities, except
    water. It is available immediately and is not furnished. Small dogs and cats are
    allowed with a refundable deposit of $100.00.
    I need to get this place rented out as soon as possible because I am only in town for
    a week so if you want to see it please contact me back right away and I will show it
    to you immediately. I am available just about any time to show it to you.
    I will have a lease prepared and ready when I show you the place so we can get you in
    right away if you like it. I’ll give you the keys when you sign the lease. My staff will
    handle the deposit and rent payments. Please bring some form of identification.

    You will also need to bring a credit report with you no later than 30 days old. I will
    not run a credit report for you because I don’t do this full time and I don’t have an
    office in this area.

    I recommend this place: because I
    have used them before and I know they are accurate. Also, my link will take you
    directly to a trial page. If you are around 550 or better you should be fine.
    Please let me know when you want to see the property. I can answer the rest of your
    questions when we get together. We can first meet at a public place of your choosing
    if you desire. I must keep my cell phone open for medical emergencies so for now,
    please contact me through email.

    Best Regards,
    Dr. William Walps
    Walps Enterprises, Inc

    It was a beautiful house.

  • Ruth

    I found the same rental scam and did report it to the FTC. Thankfully, I do research before I “sign up” for anything and found this site here. THANK YOU for posting this information. :-)

  • Lamekia

    Wow, I just feel for same rental scam,for a 3bd 2bth house.

  • Bridget

    Yep, I just fell for the rental scam myself. Damn!

  • Brandi

    Now they seem to be targeting people on Craigslist with rental properties. I responded to an ad for a townhouse for rent and received an email that was formatted just like the one above. I thought the email seemed odd and did a google search for the company and found this. Definitely a scam!

  • Steve


    You need to contact the FTC at and let them know everything.


  • Cheryl

    I received this email and took it to be legitimate. I emailed Rosalyn to get more detailed and never received a response. I went to the site where she said to sign up and you will be reimbursed for shipping however, I have this very BAD habit of reading EVERYTHING prior to proceeding with anything. (A tip my father always gave me and one I had to learn to actually do) At this age, I am clear. I read the agreement that said when you sign up you are automatically signed up to have monthly payments go to your credit card. What a creative way to siphon money from people. I don’t know if they had been informed prior to my notification, however, I have contacted the Better Business Bureau on behalf of this “company” and have made a formal complaint. As hard as money is to come by these days, it infuriates me to know there are those trying to take advantage of those who WANT to WORK!!! I applaud you for your efforts to expose this poison and wish you well in your further endeavors!! Thanks!

  • Dana

    I have also seen these in the form of paid survey sites. I’ve done several surveys for different companies. I get small paychecks for some, so I wasn’t suspicious to sign up for these: Panda Research and a couple others. I don’t know if it’s all their surveys, but several are actually just links to buy stuff. (and then it asks you to do a survey AFTER you buy stuff)… I’m doing these to MAKE money, not spend more! Very sneaky…

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