Psst. Psssst. If you are one of the majority of readers who calls himself or herself a newbie, gather ’round.

Hi. Hello. Can we talk? I need to tell you a few things. Things that you need to know if you are to graduate from newbie status without losing your savings.

If you have to ask what a newbie is, you are one. This post is for you.

If you do not consider yourself an Internet newbie, but you believe that rebate processing or Google [insert any product name here] is a way for you to make some extra money, you are a newbie to this niche. This post is for you.

If you are here on behalf of your friend/parent/child/cousin who thinks they are about to make it big in data entry if you will just pony up the $49.95 entry fee, this post is for you to give to them.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with being new. All of us are newbies in the beginning. It was just over three years ago that I lost about $29 to a data entry scam. It seemed reasonable at the time, but now I look back and think, “What the hell was I thinking??”

It’s simple: I was desperate and the misleading presell page pushed all my buttons. I don’t make that mistake anymore.

This post is an attempt to boil down to their essence all 437 scambusting and recommendation posts at I’ve Tried That. You could go read all of them and get a good education, but who has time for that?

Instead, read these hard and fast rules. They are true all the time. If you believe them and put them into practice, you will graduate from Newbie status without losing any money.

  1. If you have to pay, it’s not a “job.” Some legitimate training programs charge you. But if they claim that you’ll be doing a job and all you have to do is pay a fee to get started, you are being misled.
  2. You won’t make real money hours after joining. Ever. Building a solid online income takes time. If anyone tells you you can join today and make money tomorrow, you’re probably being misled.
  3. These keywords are dead giveaways that you are being misled: data entry, rebate processing, auction processing, cash gifting, “Google will pay you to…”. There might be legitimate data entry jobs, but we have never seen a legitimate rebate processing or auction processing job. Cash gifting plans are illegal, and Google won’t pay you (except for when it does, but that’s not a newbie topic).
  4. You can learn to make money online. HOWEVER, you have a lot to learn and it will take time. If you need immediate income, step away from the keyboard and go get a job until you get back on your feet. Then come back here to learn more.

That’s it. If you can master those fundamental principles of the work-at-home or make-money-online world, you are prepared to move your education forward without moving your wallet backward.

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  • Reynold

    I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for over a year now and love it. I highly recommend it to everyone I know.

  • Allison Ward
    Allison Ward

    Considered a deep person on most occasions and certainly a aficionado of the feline persuasion, I must still say….WHAT A CUTE PUPPER-dog!
    jes wook at dat wuttle face….

    ok. its over. Thanks

    Cynical Newbie

  • Ronald Surette
    Ronald Surette

    Rising from my chair I raise my hand which is trembling like straw in the wind and in a shaky voice proclaim, “yes, I am a NEWBIE” disconerted at the gasps and mutterings around me, plunge ahead, telling the folks here that I have fallen for them all and how diffilcult it is to choose one over the other, however, now we are armed with information, and information is POWER!!!
    so if everybody bands together and reject those bogus sights, why then with no clicks, no sales, no site. I thanked Steve for his words and the thoughts that At his level and those like him are willing to take the time to guide us newbies through the murky and dangerous water ahead.
    Steve, et al, my thanks.

    Ron Surette, Newbie

  • Mission0ps

    An absolutely greta read … I recall my own exploits before I found the Wealthy Affiliate University. I tried ebay and dropshipping, it was good for a while then I gt all medded up with taxes and port payments.. You really have to know that yourdoing with all those.

    I was succered into opening a shiny email that sold me “wealth” at a price if $1000’s of dollars which I tried … It was a scam…

    I joined The WA after 4 years of trying and really failing online and within weeks I was making “cash” I was great I couldn’t stop grinning.. Now I try To help online newbie’s just as the Wealthy Affiliate Helped Me … Try Them see you in the WA Members Area :)

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