If you just recently started your own blog or if you have been thinking about doing it but haven’t yet taken the plunge, the time is now. Here’s why.

Why “Perfect Storm”

After that humdrum movie with the big stars a few years ago, the term “perfect storm” has taken on additional meaning. It can mean good things, too, not just monster storms that swallow boats.

It means that big forces have converged at this point in time to create perfect conditions for whatever it is you want to do. And if what you want to do is start and run a successful blog, that perfect blogging storm is happening right now. And it will only last for 5 4 more days!

Yaro Starak, a professional blogger who makes many thousands every month with his blog business, has teamed up with another expert, Gideon Shalwick, to create a blog training program for beginners. It’s called Become a Blogger Premium and you can check it out here.

Why Should You Choose This Program?

Because we know Yaro Starak and his work and he only puts out high-quality, high-integrity material. You can believe every word you read at the Become a Blogger intro page, or we wouldn’t be endorsing it so loudly.

They are going to close the doors in 4 more days and then the perfect storm will have passed you by. Take a look now.

Ok, What’s Inside?

Become a Blogger Premium is a video-based training program that will teach you everything you need to know about starting and running a successful blog, even if you are new to the whole computers and Internet thing. For instance, you’ll get easy, step-by-step videos that will teach you how to:

  • set up a blog from scratch
  • optimise your blog for free traffic from search engines
  • install plugins—and which ones you shouldn’t be without
  • locate and insert images into your blog
  • add AUDIO and VIDEO to your blog
  • produce “magnetic” content
  • market your blog through MULTIPLE traffic sources
  • and much, much more!

In fact, the best thing? You don’t have to take our word for it. Just click here and see for yourself some of the video training you’ll get. It’s free to sample! And the page gives you a lot more details about what the program includes. But hurry. Did I mention they’re closing the doors in 4 days?

The Rest of the Perfect Storm

A perfect storm is a convergence of forces. Become a Blogger Premium is one of the forces.

Steve’s free help is the other. Use our simple instructions to set up your domain and hosting, and Steve will help you for free if you get stuck or need a little nudge as you work through Become a Blogger. (Click here to read the details of this free offer.)

See? Perfect. You can get awesome video-based training AND free help from a guy who sets up WordPress blogs professionally.

Become a Blogger Is Not For You If…

Let’s be honest. No program is all things to all people. Here is an explanation straight from Yaro’s blog about who should not join Become a Blogger Premium.

This is a program only for those who like to learn through video. This is a video course, so if you don’t like video, don’t join.

If you are already a veteran blogger, this course is going to be too easy for you. It’s for beginners who need a step-by-step formula to follow.

If you already know what plug-ins to install in your blog, you know how to write great content, you’ve studied traffic building techniques, and the “X-Factor” concepts we introduced to you in the Roadmap report were nothing new, then you are too advanced for our program. If your blog already works well then you don’t need our help!

This is a less is more course, which means you won’t learn everything about everything and we’re not going to overwhelm you with resources. You get some videos, some community support in forums and teleconferences and that’s it. We focus only on the 20% of elements that get you 80% of results (or really, the 1% for 99% return).

It’s up to you to actually do what the videos teach – we won’t set up your blog for you or do any technical work, and we don’t provide any blog themes or hosting services or anything like that. We are the guides, you still have to do the walking.

Isn’t honesty refreshing? And you see that last paragraph? The part about “we won’t set up your blog for you or do any technical work?” That’s what Steve is offering to do for you! So click here to reserve your Free Steve.

So if you’ve started but your blog is on the back burner, or if you’ve wanted to get started. Now is the time. Click here now and see if Become a Blogger is for you.

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  • Shaun

    S.C. Marcos said “ivetriedthat is becoming more like a commercial on network tv. joe sounds more like billy mays the 2nd than anything approaching sincerity.”

    S.C. – Is the purpose of this website not to give you a perspective on products that someone has tried? From everything that I have seen in my short time of following this site, they have done just that. If something is bad, they state that it is, if it is good then they recommend it. What else do you want? or expect? Besides, just because they recommend something, does not mean that you have to try it! I disagree with your comments above and think they do bring a refreshing voice on the crazy stuff out there!

  • Steve

    Would you recommend this training over the Niche Blitzkreig system?

  • Steve

    Eesh. I didn’t know that. The Become a Blogger program is quite good though. Pity he actually promoted those idiots.

  • John

    Sorry, I aint going to buy anything from Mr Yaro Starak on principle after he promoted the Pipeline Profits rubbish by Brock Felt. Yes, that’s the same Brock Felt responsible for the emillionaire scam (one of the many Google Kit scams)




  • S C Marcos
    S C Marcos

    ivetriedthat is becoming more like a commercial on network tv. joe sounds more like billy mays the 2nd than anything approaching sincerity.

    • Joe

      Oh, nononono. The infomercials come when we perfect our online video interface. We’ll speak really slowly and there will be pictures you can print out and color for folks who can’t read. You’ll love it.

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