Wouldn’t it be great if you have a successful CEO to help direct your work-at-home or online business? Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask that CEO all kinds of questions about how to grow your business, which investments to make, or how to deal with certain issues?

Enter Tony Hsieh, the current Zappos CEO.

In 1999, Tony sold LinkExchange, the company he co-founded, to Microsoft for $265 million. He then joined Zappos and eventually became its CEO. In this role, Tony grew the Zappos business from $0 to an ecommerce giant bringing in $2 billion in annual sales. Under Tony’s direction, Zappos was regularly featured on Fortune magazine (as noted here and here) as one of the Best Companies to Work For.

Tony’s book, Delivering Happiness, describes his techniques for achieving this success with LinkExchange and Zappos. Delivering Happiness hit #1 on the New York Times’ bestseller list and was also voted as one of the best business books around by the Wall Street Journal.

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Jenn Lim created the Zappos Culture Book, which describes how companies can use Zappos’ unconventional business model to increase productivity and profitability. Today, Jinn is the co-founder of Delivering Happiness, a corporate culture consulting firm with clients like Audi, Lowe’s and Facebook.

If you’re wondering how you can use Tony and Jenn’s winning techniques to grow your own business, you’re in luck. This July, Tony Hsieh, in collaboration with Jenn Lim, will be offering their highly acclaimed Delivering Happiness Academy as an 8-week training course for a select number of students.

(Disclosure: we are affiliated with the Academy so any links to the program include our affiliate codes)

delivering happiness

What do you get with Delivering Happiness Academy?

With Delivering Happiness, you undergo eight full weeks of training and one-on-one mentorship with Tony, Jenn, and a Global Membership team consisting of thousands of other entrepreneurs who share your ideas about how colleagues and customers should be treated. Here’s a list of all you’ll see and achieve during your eight-week macro-mentorship program:

  • Direct insights and success philosophies direct from Tony and Jenn.
  • Support from the Delivering Happiness Academy Global Mentorship Team.
  • Access to thousands of entrepreneurs who share your (and Tony and Jenn’s) ideas.

The core Zappos values that will be explored include:

1. Maintaining consistency through business growth spurts and growing pains.
2. Creating a business vision and sticking to it.
3. Doing more with less (and when to do more with more).
4. Having a plan for when you make it big.
5. Measuring what matters rather than everything.

It takes a team to run a successful business

Whether your business is large or small, you probably encounter the same questions and issues. For example:

  • How do you grow your business so it makes more money each month or year?
  • How do you find opportunities that are not only low-risk but also have long-term earnings potential?
  • How do you work around obstacles- or even turn them into opportunities?

These heady questions can’t be answered in the space of a single article or webinar. These questions require the expertise and know-how of someone who’s already been in the trenches of the business world, and who was able to turn a struggling business into a highly successful one.

With the Delivering Happiness Academy, you’ll benefit from the know-how and experience of Tony, Jenn and thousands of other entrepreneurs to increase your productivity and profitability. During your eight-week training period, you’ll go through modules that discuss how to not give into the temptation of diluting your brand or compromising on your core values, how to eliminate techniques or things that don’t work, and how to foster working relationships with colleagues and partners.

Is Delivering Happiness Academy right for you?

If you’re operating a small business, you may be hesitant about enrolling. However, as explained by Jenn, today’s small entrepreneurs actually have the advantage and can use the lessons taught by the Delivering Happiness Academy to formulate and achieve goals.

In fact, according to Jenn, “It’s better to be small than big.”

delivering happiness1

What if you don’t yet have that ideal or “big idea” in place yet for your business?

“Stop searching for that big idea,” say Tony and Jenn. “Purpose is what creates profit.” Even if you are “only” selling someone else’s products as an affiliate marketer, for example, your higher purpose may be to use your sales commissions to finish school, or to stay home with your family. Or maybe to eventually create and sell your own products.

Whatever it may be, having a purpose behind even a “small idea” will make you more likely to succeed than having a grand vision without the personal psychological motivation to see it succeed.

Do you feel overwhelmed by so-called “experts” telling you to measure everything from your Facebook Likes to your email open rates to your content production numbers?

“Measure what truly matters,” is Jenn’s advice. Too many metrics can sap your creativity and drain the passion you once felt for your business. Even worse, they can adversely affect your bottom line.

Tony recommends measuring only those parameters that are fundamental to your business.

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Finally, what if you’re just feeling burned out?

This is where the Delivering Happiness Academy can help you out the most. Both Jenn and Tony stress that “happiness is your competitive advantage” when operating and growing your business. Happiness occurs when you progress over time, when you develop and learn, and when you connect with colleagues. Most importantly, happiness occurs when you feel that you’re connected to your higher purpose.

Without these key contributing factors to happiness, you will continue feeling burned out and eventually quit.

Enroll today and boost both your happiness and your bottom line.

Tony Hsieh introduced a nontraditional business model that helped transform Zappos from a failure to a $2 billion ecommerce giant. Jenn Lim captured the unconventional business strategies that made Zappos a success.

Enroll today and learn how you too can boost your happiness as well as your profits. Learn how you can increase not only customer but personal satisfaction in your work.

Click here and start your journey today.

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