A reader of I’ve Tried That posted a comment on one of my articles a little bit ago asking about a company called “The Internet Company.” It also goes by SoftRock.org. She had an interview coming up with the company and wanted my opinion after reading some negative press online.

She writes…

Have you ever heard of a company called Softrock.org? I was going to interview with them today in Orlando, but there is a lot of negative press out there about the organization. They also go by the name The Internet Company.

Thank you for the work you do to protect us consumers.

Before I had a chance to respond another reader weighed in with her personal experience working with the company.

Is The Internet Company/SoftRock.org a Scam?

I couldn’t help but quickly reply to you. The Internet Company is in fact a scam, and it is hard work as well for all the time you waste.

Here is a rundown of what happens. You attend the “interview” where they basically tell you what you’ll be doing. But, they don’t really tell you what you’ll really be doing. Here is what I ended up doing. I posted ads on job websites and Craigslist for jobs that The Internet Company provided to me. They gave all the information. I just had to type up an ad and tell the potential employees to email a fake address that I was told to make. Once the email was received I typed a nice little reply with a link attached. They clicked the link and I went on with my life.

Here is how payment worked, on the “job” link that I sent them to, there is a question at the bottom, “Are you interested in information about college?” If they clicked “yes” or “maybe” I got points that went towards my payment. If they clicked “no” then I got nothing. Harmless seeming really. So, here I am spending 6 hours a day replying to these emails and getting some very rude replies in return on occasion.

I got a call one day from an 800 number. I answered and they were talking about a job ad I had responded to in my area. They wouldn’t give me company information, they just collected some basic stuff about me and asked some other questions. Then this happened, “Are you interested in information about college?” I made the connection instantly. The person on the phone was doing the same job I was doing except she was on the phone.

The Internet Company isn’t offering this poor economy jobs, they are instead offering colleges potential leads and providing these colleges with the victim’s personal information and who knows who else gets this information. So, I was unwittingly hurting these people while busting my butt for nothing. I left immediately. I added up my earnings and I’d made about $5.65 for a week of work 7 days a week for 6 hours a day.

I got emails for a couple of months from their “accounting” saying they had my check but the incorrect address, oddly enough they never had the correct address even when it was given to them. They finally stopped emailing.

I wanted to check up on the information posted in this comment and came across a news clip covering the company. Action 9 in Orlando Florida did an investigative piece on The Internet Company which seems to confirm our reader’s story. You can watch the piece below.

It does appear that their main interest is gathering up personal information to sell to advertisers. Be careful out there and always thoroughly research who has access to your personal information.

Doing your due diligence is the easiest way to avoid getting scammed online. As always, be sure to ask for help if you need a second opinion.

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  • Danny

    I too went to interview right away when they offered me anywhere between 65-80k a year for talking on the phone I knew immediately somethings not right. Do not be fooled by the glitz and glamour facade of this place. If you’re still skeptical google the CEO’s name, he has been in trouble with the law.

  • Jessica A-M
    Jessica A-M

    It’s nice to see my comment turned into almost a full blog post on its own. Thanks for posting this out there, I’m not generally one to fall for scams and they make themselves seem seriously legitimate.

    I should also mention that posting jobs as on Craigslist as a third-party poster that does not represent the interests of the company offering the job is against their TOS.

  • Audey Kroll
    Audey Kroll

    Again , I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have people out there like yourself helping to protect us. Thanks , Thanks!!

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