This week’s internet marketing product review is for the newly released Google Cash Explosion by Mark Whightley.

The first thing to note about this product is its sales page. As with the majority of products like this, the sale page is full of hype, overly excessive highlighting and very little real world proof.

One thing that struck me with this is that it is giving blatant guarantees. This is unusual as most marketers tend to give implied guarantees, in case you know they get a law suit against them. Not Google Cash Explosion, off the bat it has bold statements like this:

Google Cash Explosion Earnings

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Purchasing Google Cash Explosion

The product is purchased via JVZoo and costs a mere $8.95. Of course at that price there has to be an upsell or two and I wasn’t disappointed.

The upsell is for access to a membership area of the site containing various extra benefits such as more videos and tips and updates whatever they will be. It also comes with the promise of one-on-one help with your first 3 sites (limited to the first 50 customers). The cost of this is $37 per month.

If you choose not to go with it, then the author will offer you a pared down version with less information and only very basic help with your first site for a one off fee of $27.

What was surprising here was the cost difference. Because you get help with sites and access to a webinar it costs $37 per month? That seems very steep, especially in the long run.

Inside the members area

After gaining access you will be faced with a very busy looking members area. The first course of action is to sign up to their email list. As well as that are two “free” bonuses: hosting and a domain which is not free and access to a Video SEO course.

The main product is an e-book that has 20 complementary videos that show the process live.

The premise of the e-book is how to set up small affiliate niche websites.

There has been a lot of discussion recently over whether this type of website is still a viable option for internet marketers, especially after recent Google algorithm changes.

The author, of course, is vehement in his belief that this type of site still works. I personally have my doubts. They may work, but what is their longevity? How much work will go into a single site that perhaps might get Google slapped in 6 months?

I’m personally a fan of authority style sites as they offer a longer term investment, so perhaps I’m biased.

The e-book is broken up into five main sections:

How to uncover a profitable market & keywords

This section contains basic information on how to find a niche. The author does go into great detail about different ways to do this. However, there was nothing new here, so if you have already created a couple of niche sites you will most probably know this already.

The first steps in creating your Google cash site

The chapter covers buying a domain and hosting, as well as setting up a WordPress site.

Once more, unless you are a complete newbie most of this will be familiar to you already. Not surprisingly the author also recommends getting an exact match domain (a domain that matches your targeted keyword precisely). While there may be no harm in this, I also don’t think it makes much of difference.

Proven high conversion secrets – how to write content that converts and keeps them reading

Here you will learn about copywriting for the site. It was quite a good section. Most internet marketing products tend to gloss over copy writing or assume you know more than you do, Mark provided some great tips and angles for writing content.

Setting up your Google cash site to explode onto Google in the no#1 position

This chapter about SEO left me with mixed feelings. While keywords are important, it felt like there was perhaps too much emphasis on them, going into great detail about LSI keywords etc.

Personally I feel that nowadays it is important to have a keyword in mind for an article but to write naturally and not worry about specific keywords as they will appear by themselves.

The chapter does cover the information well though. It also provides basic tips on improving the SEO of the article.

It also covers setting up various WordPress plugins including an SEO one.

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Creating your Google cash site – the step by step complete guide and your action steps

Here you will find information about creating a post in WordPress. As well as that is a full checklist with links to the appropriate how to videos.

The Bottom Line

Google Cash Explosion is not a scam; you certainly get some bang for your buck what with getting an e-book and video tutorials. However, I feel it would only be of use to someone new to internet marketing, as the information it contains is relatively basic.

I also have concerns about whether these sites really do still make money or not. For example, in the training it suggests that the main page be 400-500 words while additional posts are around 200 words. This is very thin content and something Google won’t be happy with.

Google Cash Explosion Post Length

With that thin content in mind, I cannot see how these sites will rank effectively without some serious link building and social sharing, which will be hard to get for sites like these (would you share a thin content site with your friends and family?).

There is no discussion or training provided on how to generate traffic, so the assumption is that the traffic will happen naturally, which just won’t happen.

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