Today’s guest post comes from I’ve Tried That reader Tara who read about the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint on the forums at Wealthy Affiliate. She decided to look into the program and share her results with I’ve Tried That. Here is her story.

My name is Tara Devine and I am doing a review for a program called The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint written by a guy named David Bocock. I found this program through a success story at Wealthy Affiliate (What is Wealthy Affiliate?). The person had just made their first sale through methods taught at Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to learn more about the program that helped them make their first sale.

I landed on the Blueprint’s webpage and to my great surprise there was no flashy cars, no big mansions and no pictures of people waving cash on the sales page. Instead, you are greeted with a YouTube video of David explaining how your success is his passion. There are also testimonials from people who say he has helped change their lives. This was refreshing compared to the literally thousands of money making websites that I have come across in the last five or so years.

The whole concept is based on article marketing using the bum marketing method. Just in case you don’t know, bum marketing is a way to create an income without spending any money. The concept was created by Travis Sago who is the original bum marketer. Travis himself has given the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint two thumbs up.

4-Day Money Making Blueprint

So, what will you learn from this course? For starters, you get an ebook entitled “Conversations with Travis” which will get you acquainted with the whole “bum marketing” idea. Then you get over 15 hours of video training. At the time of this writing there are 25 video tutorials that teach you everything from finding a profitable niche, keyword research, article marketing, how to write and submit the articles, how to write a squidoo lense, a forum where you can talk to others, lifetime updates and so much more.

I have purchased other products that teach these things. But I thought if he can help all of those other people, well why not me. So as I scrolled down to find out how much this would cost I almost fell out of my chair. All he was asking for was a one time payment of $29. Wow, okay I can manage that, but there had to be a catch an upsell or something. No upsell, no lies, just $29 and that includes an eight week money back guarantee. Needless to say that person from Wealthy Affiliate made a second sale from me.

The Quality of Information Available

The videos are great, I have taken a lot of notes. It makes it easier when you need to go back and review a video. I have contacted David through emails and he personally writes back with a caring response. You get the feeling that he is definitely on your side. Being on his email list you are safe from getting offer after offer. He has not tried to sell me anything else. He will ask for peoples opinions, he gives advice on product that he thinks might help, but has never put an affiliate link in his emails.

So what have I accomplished so far? Using what I was taught in the videos, I became a Platinum member at with my first 10 articles. I am not rolling in money just yet, but I have no doubt that with Davids help, I will be showing profit soon. I just started his new personalized training program. This may sound weird but he didn’t sell his members on this idea either. He just offered it and I jumped at the chance. The information in 4-Day Money Making Blueprint is enough to get you started on the right path. The personalized training for me is more for support than anything.

I will keep you all updated with my progress. This is so not a get rich quick scheme, article marketing takes time and energy. The more you put in the more you get back. Just remember “Tomorrow is Today only Later!”

I’ve spent some time reading more about the program and I can safely give a positive recommendation on it.

Click here to learn more about the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint.

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  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    I have ONLY heard positive things about this system. The good news is I’ve finally decided to try it.

    I figure, why not!? It’s being endorsed by WA which I have been a member of as well. They have always done a great job helping me in my business.

    Anyway, I’m off to make my order today!

    Thanks guys!


  • Jeff

    I have to weigh in again about the Blueprint. Like Tara and Brad, today I did pay the one-time only fee of $29 for this course. If anyone has an interest in a home-based business, and is looking to get involved with affiliate marketing, you MUST make the purchase. Like some people who seek to make money working at home, at this point now I simply do not have the funds to get involved with pay-per-click ads, as well as a fancy website, to promote the products that I seek to offer online, (and the 8-week planner at WA does an outstanding job at this as the founders of the site made their money online through pay-per-click ventures).
    I seek to earn money right now using free methods. The Blueprint video tutorials will literally take you by the hand, step-by-step, in teaching you HOW to promote a product with free methods. These tutorials leave nothing to chance. You can have absolutely ZERO experience in affiliate marketing. But the video tutorials teach you from the ground up in exactly HOW TO DO everything, (using free methods) to allow you to eventually achieve financial success. Still, they emphasize that you have to put in the work effort, and have a great desire to succeed. Like WA, the Blueprint is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The $29 membership fee for the Blueprint will be THE wisest investment you could possibly make in your venture as an Internet affiliate marketer; specifically if you choose to promote products online through article marketing.
    Thanks Steve for advertising this site. I feel that months from now, I will look back and realize that the turning point in my business was not only getting involved with Wealthy Affiliate. But, also being exposed to and getting involved with the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint!

  • Deborah

    After reading this latest guest article about Blueprint I naturally went to the website. Thank you Tara and Steve for promoting this for I am a natural cynic. However, just as Tara stated this is not your typical make $10,000 a day webpage–nothing flashy with the same tired buzz words. The straight forward approach from Dave and the testimonials made it through my BS detector and I found nothing that raised a red flag. Nevertheless reading about it in I’ve Tried That gives it even more credibility. Last night while I was watching late night television I caught an advertisement for Home Business Match that was “tailored made for work at home moms” which I am not but I pulled up the link anyway and of course it was the same old same old.
    Right now I can put together $29.00 and check this out while continuing to read posted comments.
    Thanks again Tara and Steve

  • Joe

    Jeff, I think you answered the question I asked Tara. I didn’t see your comment before I posted it. So thanks for your input.

  • Joe

    Thanks for the info, Tara. If I can learn article marketing from Wealthy Affiliate, would it still make sense to get the 4-day blueprint?

  • Jeff

    Steve, Thanks so much! As I have indicated in one other comment to your blog, I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate, and had planned on primarily using the article marketing, (bum marketing) techniques to sell products and promote my affiliate business. WA does a fairly decent job of training members on how to succeed at this. I just clicked on the 4-day Money Making Blueprint. I was blown away at what this gentleman, Dave Bocock is offering. It takes what WA offers, and enhances the teaching methods to an entirely different level! For what Mr. Bocock has to offer in the tutorials, learning ideals, and methods taught to successfully use ezine articles to promote one product within a niche, the one-time only fee is an absolute steal.
    Thank you, again for promoting this site, as well as the sincere and genuine recommendation from one of your readers, Tara.

  • Brad

    I also give a sincere recommendation for the Blueprint. I picked it up a couple weeks ago and I was very impressed by the quality of the training videos. David is one of those rare teachers who cares a lot about the success of his students and a little about the money he makes from the program.

    The Blueprint also has a forum which is filled with helpful members who encourage each other and give helpful advice.

    It really does cost just $29 one time, which is a steal for the amount of value in the course. David has never tried to upsell me, and the emails he sends to his list are always helpful and informative, never an offer to buy another product so he can make commission.

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