Push-button products are all the rage these days. You know the drill, buy this cheap piece of software, make millons of dollars, buy your Googles, Bookfaces, what have yous.

You see, in my day, scams used to at least allude to some type of work, whether it was data entry, rebate processing, auction processing, or some other fancy technological doodad. Now all these young whippersnappers are running amok promising millions of dollars with absolutely no work other than “Here, push this button.”

Kids these days I’ll tell yah.

Warning: Avert Your Eyes

Here are some ACTUAL screenshots of the headlines for some of the most popular products for sale at Clickbank right now. Yes, these are ACTUAL headlines. These people are really advertising “EASY” ways to make millions of dollars online.

All four headlines have one thing in common (besides being overly obnoxious of course): they’re all advertising “push-button” systems that guarantee instant success.

There’s no real content on any of the pages. There are only made up, elaborate stories referring to proven success that was achieved by the push of a button using some fancy software. The sales pages all refer to hidden, “underground” secrets that were “stolen” from guru millionaires.

Lucky for you, the stolen software that will make you rich will only cost you a few bucks. There’s one teeny-tiny little thing that wasn’t mentioned. The software doesn’t work. But hang on! Mr. Secret Giver has another secret to give. It’ll GUARANTEE success for only $197 more. Still not rich yet? How about this fancy new coaching program! Only $2997 and $97 a month for future lessons! It’s a steal and you’ll be rich in no time! PS. Here is a list of 57 other products you need to buy in order to achieve success.

This is more or less the exact path you’ll follow with any of these programs. They lure you in with a cheap ploy, then hit you upside the head with upsell after upsell until they bleed you dry. Even after that, they’ll come back for more with new products, cross promotions and JV deals.

Truth be told, someone will get rich, but it most certainly won’t be you. Building a business online requires W-O-R-K. It takes time, and like anything else in life, it’s not easy. Stay far, far away from any product that labels itself “push-button.”

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  • Honest Jay
    Honest Jay

    Here’s a good rule of thumb. If the guru “stole” it, he should be locked up. He’ll try to steal YOUR money too. Best to just avoid the thief and save your sanity.

    Hey Steve, what program is that screenshot from again? I seen that sometime last week but can’t remember where it’s from.

  • Joanne

    Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware).

    Promoters of “get rich quick” schemes that lined their pockets at the expense of the punters who get sucked in have been around longer than the internet. The internet makes it easier for them to target a larger market but at the same time it allows the recipients of these promotions to go online and check them out before they part with any cash.

    As long as there are people people looking for quick fixes to life’s problems (instant cash, instant weight loss, etc) there will be people more than willing to meet their desires with worthless junk.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Keep up the good work Steve and here’s my (belated) Happy Birthday.

  • Daniel

    Exactly. I bought one of these once that looked not as scammy and spammy as some of the others, but it was awful. It was supposed to be software that worked to generate automatic traffic overnight.

    First I was met with about 10 upsell and downsell pages, and when I finally got to the site there were only two crappy pieces of software. One was a program that was supposed to help you find good domain names by spinning the keywords you enter around. Well there are websites that do that without having to buy anything

    The other piece of software was something that was offered for free on the internet elsewhere. I could tell because the user manual says “Help keep this software free”. All it does it submit a bunch of urls to your twitter account/s.

    The rest of what was on the website was some extremely generic affiliate marketing training modules. Oh, and a bonus page where you could purchase more products at discounted prices.

    I was very quick to request a refund on this program, that’s for sure.

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