Successful businesses, especially online businesses, tend to have one thing in common: diversity. Being stuck in one niche or only having a single way of generating money is a risky venture.

If that money dries up you will be left with nothing while you scramble to build up another business or pivot your existing one.

Having a diverse business, one where there are numerous channels of money flowing in, reduces the risk of failing should one of those channels get blocked.

This is one reason why internet marketing is so exciting: there are always new opportunities to diversify.

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One of the most recent phenomena’s is the transition of books from a physical paper product into digital e-books. This process has sped up over the past couple of years thanks to Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers and tablets. The market is booming!

Which is why it is no surprise that online entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon; they want a piece of this rapidly growing pie.

There are already a few products out there aimed at teaching you how produce and market e-books, but I am going to review a new one, Kindle Cash Code (, don’t  forget the x as there is another product of the same name).

Books are pretty close to my heart, I have been an avid reader since I was a kid, and even now I read voraciously whether it is online content or actual books.

I am even in the midst of writing my own e-book, so I have a keen interest in the value of this product.

The Book: Kindle Cash Code

Kindle Cash Code is by Jeremy Williams, an Australian, and it is a 92 page book so not huge, but certainly not the slimmest thing I have paid cash for either.

I don’t know if it is just the Australian style of writing or perhaps just a good style, but the reading style was relaxed and informal, which is perfect when trying to learn things.

Straight away I am impressed (grammatical errors aside) because of these two sentences:

“But, this is not a get rich quick scheme. So if you’re to looking make a Million dollars over night, this might not be the book for you.”

I do love it when internet marketing products are honest and upfront that this isn’t a push button scheme.

There was a grammatical error in that quote though, and normally I can forgive one or two of these, they happen, it is life.

However, there are a lot of grammatical and spelling errors throughout the book, which make it very jarring to read. I can forgive a few but when I am seeing one or more on each page I start to wonder whether this is a rush job and waste of my money.

The main focus is about creating non-fiction books, which should suit most people perfectly as you don’t need to be Stephen King, or have fantastical ideas or amazing wordplay. You just need to teach and you can draw from your own skills, knowledge and passions for this.

Some of the areas the books covers are (and these are not chapter titles):

  • Just do it – Advising you on how to get started and also how to make writing easier.
  • Topics/Niche – Covering both topics you already know and love, and topics you have simply researched. There are some outsourcing tips as well.
  • Ideas for content – This includes how to use competing books to your advantage and contains some great ideas for content that are only obvious when someone tells you about them.
  • Title and Book cover creation
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Author Central
  • Promoting the book

The KDP and Author Central topics were fairly detailed, which is good, but I would have liked there to have been a bit more flesh to it, as for me at least this is one of the hardest parts to getting started.

The Promotions section had some surprises.

I was expecting the usual post on Facebook and Twitter information, and that was there, but there were also some great ideas in there.

For instance, it discusses how to promote the book on Kindle/Amazon itself and other areas I would never have thought of such as actually getting off my ass and going to meet real life people in book clubs.

The Bottom Line: Is Kindle Cash Code a Scam?

I was expecting this e-book to be another crap product churned out to pull in some cash, but I was relieved to find that my expectations were wrong.

It had a reasonable amount of content and quite a few good ideas.

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On the downside, it wasn’t amazing either.

It was obvious that it wasn’t proofread. The lack of attention to detail makes me think that there was no value placed on the product by the author. It’s a shame as it’s not a bad book.

The author could have gone into more detail in some sections, such as the sign up process to KDP. There was also very little on the actual formatting of the e-books; it just links you to Amazon.

Overall, it certainly is not a scam. While you can learn some, if not most, of the information contained in the e-book online for free, there are some useful insights and tips that you would struggle to find with a Google search.

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