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  • Anoosh

    Hey there Steve,

    Great post as usual and it seems pretty comprehensive. I like that you’re not like all the other WA dudes out there calling everything that’s NOT WA a complete scam. Keep it up!

    Thanks for the review,

  • Gary Wynder
    Gary Wynder

    I’ve read through all of these reviews above, and they make some interesting reading – and I would venture to say that I am well qualified to contribute some comments of my own here about Chris and his membership site.
    I’ve been a member of Chris Farrell Membership since November of 2009, and I still AM – and hey, get this, I have paid EIGHT HUNDRED (UK) POUNDS to attend an exclusive closed-door weekend training workshop which he is hosting LIVE in person, here in the UK in London, on the 26th and 27th of July. He is calling this training/coaching event ‘WHAT’S WORKING IN 2014’. . .
    It would have been one thousand pounds (which I would have still gladly paid anyway) but he decided when he first announced this in his emails to offer a ‘super early bird discount’ of two hundred pounds, which I duly decided to take full advantage of. . .
    To put this in his own words: Why is this priced so highly?
    Answer: So that the training doesn’t have to be ‘watered down’ in any way to reflect and justify any lower or cheaper cost for people to attend, AND to enable him to separate out the PRETENDERS from those who are genuinely serious and committed towards wanting to make money and build a business online!!
    I KNOW Chris (on a conversational and face-to-face level at first hand already from several previous meetings I’ve had with him here in the UK, and I can vouch for the fact that he is an all round honest and nice guy who really cares about his members succeeding with all this online money making stuff
    I am VERY excited about this closed-door training workshop because I’ve been waiting for several YEARS for Chris to finally get around to doing something EXACTLY JUST like this!! (It’s limited to a maximum of thirty people, including myself) – and to pay this kind of money upfront is a huge and unreserved leap of faith on my part.
    There must be a few of you reading this who are beginning to really envy me here and wishing that they could be in my place ;-)
    I will echo what’s been said above about Chris being a fantastic and extraordinary internet marketing teacher
    and also on the flip side, about much of his stuff being somewhat outdated now, BUT he’s got that all covered and fully resolved to the extent that his site has just this week (backend of June 2014) been massively updated and overhauled with a whole new look and structure, and a much easier and better system of content navigation all factored in!
    There is the self-evident promise here of some truly great things yet to come from him for all of his members
    (both now and in the foreseeable future) who are SERIOUS about wanting to make money online.
    I already know that my investment in this forthcoming training event of Chris’s is going to be worth every last single penny! I can’t wait!!
    And yes, I can attest already to the fact that his methods WORK!! It’s all a matter of just how much you want to scale everything up that he is able to teach you as to how much income you can generate
    Anyway, aspiring internet marketers, You’ll be hearing more about ME online in the future to come, and my own preferred niche is going to be related to making money online too!

  • Guy

    I’ve read your review and I would like to say that in the meantime we are mid 2014 and most you wrote is really out of date. I think that reviews like this should be at least updated once a year.

  • Berni

    Hi. I understand your point of view. But it is well out of date. Site has been redesigned. Is WP focused now. So ALL course matetials based on WP. Agree with trackin of podts etc within forum BUT the support is outstanding. Svailable 24hrs.answers within 30mins mostly. Also hz privat ticket system so personal details r not in public forums. Been mem 4 some time. It is the support that keeps me there,where question regarding more advanced issues r deslt with promptly, the updates of current changes. Will there come a time when I will leave. Possibly, but not till I know a lot more advanced stuff. That team are fantastic. B

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the review you provided me with exactly the information I was looking for with regards to his program. I will likely not purchase it but agree that he seems like a standout guy.

  • John Eulizer Nimo
    John Eulizer Nimo

    I was actually a member 2 years ago. But I’ve already managed to learn what I needed at CFM so I moved out. Anyway, back then I never knew anything, nada, zilch. But because of CFM, I managed to learn the basics. Just the basics though. If you’re an average or a professional marketer, your better off somewhere else. If you’re a newbie, then I suggest CFM. You’re in good hands.

  • mary

    WOW! Steve this was a great review, thanks. It sounds great to me. And he is likeable just like all of us should be for our visitors.
    I am not a new newbie, but I am basically new because I still am not making money.
    The training sounds great and it sounds like you can stop anytime. He sounds honest.
    His price is good just to access the training. and I am going to go in and leave when I have gleaned what I need. Thanks again, this review was respecttful to all of us! Thanks, Mary

  • Berni

    This is an excellent review. BUT


    All the training now is based on setting up an online biz using Word Press .
    Whilst at the same time continuing via the formum, support of those who still use HTML .
    Been a member since 2011, don’t know what iwould do without it.
    Most people I believe working towards an on-line income, work full time or have heavy commitments. So yes it takes as ling as i takes for each individual.
    9/10 from me (only because there is always room to improve)

  • Mahlon

    About the question: “Has anyone made money with Chris’s methods?”

    As mentioned in the review (Yeah, but does it work?), Chris teaches fundamental list building strategies. Use a squeeze page to capture email, follow up with an autoresponder series, build a relationship with your list and profit from sending affiliate offers and your own products to your list.

    This is a tried and true method of making money online taught by many programs with many success stories in every niche imaginable.

    To get you started right away, Chris offers a squeeze page and resources to market his member site. This is common with many programs, including WA recommended by the author.

    That is so you can get started right away learning the technical side of things with an opportunity to profit as an affiliate.

    My opinion is that affiliates that offer reviews like this or have their own marketing lists probably do better than new students sending traffic to the Chris Farrel squeeze.

    In order to be “successful”, as some have asked, you need to grow from the Chris Farrel course using the fundamentals he teaches to create your own sales funnel, your own product and a list in your own niche.

    The squeeze page->list marketing model is the primary Chris Farrel model.

    Although there is some information, he does not teach how to build a blog- hence the very basic (and now outdated) WordPress training.

    Chris Farrel is a fan of using Facebook Pages to build your reputation and relationship with your followers to drive traffic rather than your own blog.

    Many people have made lots of money “using Chris Farrel’s methods” because he teaches proven fundamental IM strategies.

    That is different than asking: “Has anyone made money using the Chris Farrel default templates to sell his course as an affiliate?”

    If all you do is plug in the default Chris Farrel squeeze page and use the canned follow up emails “from Chris” you aren’t really “building a relationship” as the program recommends.

    You need to use what he teaches you as a model for your own business.

    Since Chris Farrel is also very basic and getting outdated, you will probably need to “graduate” to another program at some point to really grow. That is also noted by the author.

    This review is very accurate in pointing out the pros and cons of the program.

    The big (only?) plus for the Chris Farrel Membership is, if you are really new, totally lost and technically inept, Chris Farrel really holds your hand.

  • Siegfried

    Hi Steve
    very good review, I really like it – transparent and honest! keep up good work!
    best regards

  • Mike

    What other course would you recommend that has a similar step
    By step approach for a newbie

  • Sonia

    I’m not a member but the biggest attraction for me is the unlimited web hosting (currently I’m paying NZ$35 a month to host one site). As this review mentioned ‘you really do get your money

  • Mike

    I agree with same comment Henry White has made. I have read many glowing testimonials about how Chris Farrell is a brilliant teacher and his methods are great for a complete newcomer. What I cannot find are testimonials from those who have ‘completed’ his course and teaching methods and are now making a living online because of it. Has anybody created an online income from his methods?

  • henry white
    henry white

    Please don’t take this as a slam on Chris. As a matter of fact. I like the little guy. I have only one problem. I can’t for the life of me get a clear answer to this question from anybody. Is there any one of Chris’ graduate students making a decent living with his program? Thanks for your reply.

  • Phil C
    Phil C

    Can not recommend Chris Farrell. No Support. Never answers email. Issues from members go unanswered. If you make an unwelcome comment or email he cancels your membership without warning.

    Some of his Training Videos and Methods do not work and when members call him on it, he ignores the problem.

    The FORUM is worthless and support non-existant.

    I do agree some of his videos are well presented and informative.

  • Dax

    I think I figured Chris out. He will teach you exactly how he made money online 3 years ago, which is pretty much by teaching people how to make money online.
    He will teach you the methods he used on how to make six figures or more teaching people something. So it’s good to go through his course if you want to make money by teaching people something, growing a list and having a relationship with that list – just like him.
    But he teaches it as if it’s the only way to make money online. I hated his method because it wasn’t for me. It will be good for you if you are a teacher/mentor at heart. I am not.
    I finally started making money online after I left his course and decided to try another course that taught a totally different method of IM – without the need of list building. So Chris is a great teacher, but he teaches one approach out of maybe thousands.

  • Gina

    I was a member of Chris Farrell’s site in 2009. Back then he had an older design and there were no Facebook courses.

    However, I have to say that this review is dead accurate and the best I’ve seen online. Chris’s program is best for the brand spanking new affiliate marketer, the kind whose internet experience is basically email. It’s for the beginner of the beginners or the confused of the confused.

    If you’re not a newbie to internet marketing and are looking for more technical improvements like increasing sales, SEO, traffic, you’re already WordPress proficient, already understand how an autoresponder works, etc., you’re better off checking with experts elsewhere.

  • Walking Pro
    Walking Pro

    I have been researching the you-know-what out of this program and have been on the fence about it. I finally found some “bad” reviews after hours of research. It sounds like it’s not a scam, that the focus is on selling Chris’ products (ugh) and that not many people have admitted to making money. The other thing I’m questioning is that so many sites recommend more and more products and software… so would you need that stuff to help out SEO?

    Sure, he might lay it out and make it simple for people, but does it perform when it comes down to the wire? Ic an’t find enough proof.

  • Michelle Bynoe
    Michelle Bynoe

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering if it was only me who thought it wasn’t up to snuff.

  • Chris

    This review is very helpful …thank you !!

  • Val Roberts
    Val Roberts

    Thanks for the review. For an affiliate marketing newbie, trying to figure this stuff out is really overwhelming. When I started reading this review of Christ Farrell’s program, my first thought was “Wow! This is what I need; a basic introduction”. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my adventures in self-education it’s that outdated information makes it harder to succeed. Everything changes: procedures, technologies, business methods, etc.

    I can also tell you from personal experience that designing web pages from scratch is a real bear. You have a lot of things to consider including usability, navigation, cross-browser compatibility, aesthetics and target audience. Believe it or not, there are still places in this country where people use dial-up connections. it takes forever shove a graphics- and animation-heavy web site down a standard analog connection.

    I would not recommend this method for Chris Farrell’s target audience of people who just know how to browse the web. Sure, if you’re motivated enough, you can learn to hard-code in standards-compliant HTML or use a drag-n-drop WYSIWYG program like Serif WebPlus, but the learning curve will be a lot longer than for learning how to use WordPress.

    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is still the best deal on the web. I tried it and dropped out because I couldn’t see how anyone could make any money from affiliate marketing what with all the competition. Then I started studying Kyle’s & Carson’s ebook on Google Adwords (after kicking myself four ways to Sunday for being a total idiot for spending my money on it) and now affiliate marketing is starting to make sense. If you need a basic introduction to affiliate marketing, get a a copy of “Beating Google Adwords” from Kyle & Carson. Haven’t made any money yet, but I’m confident I will soon.

  • Mahlon

    As a member of Chris’s site for almost a year, I agree with most of what you have said here. Especially the site navigation and teaching some dated methods of web design.

    Your observations about Chris’s likeability and his skills as a teacher are bang on.

    When I joined, I had been trying online marketing for a while but had not understood the concept and power of building a list and using squeeze pages. The Chris Farrell Membership site really clarified how to set up an online business and look at it as a long term strategy.

    One thing overlooked in this review and something I find very valuable on Chris’s member site is his knowledge and teaching of facebook.

    Chris’s “Understanding Facebook” course is a very comprehensive look at facebook from a beginning introduction to quite advanced topics. His ideas for traffic, getting fans and promoting your facebook site go beyond what I have seen in many courses.


  • Eddy Salomon
    Eddy Salomon

    Thanks for this review. You saved me the trouble of joining. As someone that is not a novice at internet marketing, I probably wouldn’t get as much value. I definitely agree with the organization aspect. It seemed a bit all over the place. But I’ve heard people argue that about our favorite training program WA. LOL

    Not focusing on a wordpress to teach people how to build a website is a disservice to newbies. But at the same time learning basic html will help them appreciate wordpress when they eventually discover it on their own. However the reality is newbies should learn html so they can gain the simple technical skills they’ll need to build a link, add an image, copy and paste, etc. It’s amazing how that stuff stops a lot of newbies in their tracks so it’s good that Chris focuses on it so that people can fully take action on the marketing aspect.

    Sounds like this is a great starter course to take before graduating into something like Wealthy Affiliate. I guess it’s like the regular school system, they don’t just throw you into college. lol You have to learn your ABC’s first and this sounds like a perfect elementary school for novices to start with.

    Thanks Steve!

  • Dax

    Definitely not a scam, but when I started, I also felt like I was going back into a time long forgotten as I dived into learning html and Kompozer.

    One thing that did help me was the autoresponder training, and being able to learn and do at the same time using his available free material to practice with (that some have even gone on to make money with).

    However, it seems as if the time has come to take my leave since I feel like I’ve gotten all the basics I need, and can’t justify the cost of staying.

    Overall: Great site, the honesty is refreshing, especially in this oh so shady industry. I’m glad to have experienced it.

  • chamberlane altatis
    chamberlane altatis

    Again, thanks for this review Steve! Well, though it’s not a scam, I wouldn’t like joining Chriss Farrel too. I’m already in Wealthy Affiliate and men, I like it.

  • Tony Curtis
    Tony Curtis

    I receive Chris’s news letter though I am not a member of his program. I agree
    his is as likable a person you’ll meet on the net or anywhere else for that matter. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about two years now and
    like that program very much. But I agree that Chris’s program is definitely not
    a scam.

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