About two weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding a scammer by the name of Jayson Sparks and the National Student Exchange Center (NSEC). He’s still up to no good unfortunately, but his initial details left me guessing as to which scam he was actually running.

Well, thanks to a few readers (I love you guys!), we were able to uncover the truth behind this guy. Unsurprisingly, it’s just another fake check scam. You can click here to learn more about this type of scam.

Here’s a full copy of the follow-up email Jayson Sparks sends. I’ve highlighted the parts which point to this being a fake check scam.

From: Jayson Sparks
Sent: Thu, October 28, 2010 5:45:49 AM
Subject: General information; Application Form – Employment Agreement.

We have received your contact information and highly estimate your inspiration and desire to apply so soon! We are sending you the whole description of Area Representative Position in addition to our letter of introduction.

As we have already said, our organization supplies exchange programs for students. We are dealing with higher educational establishment around the world and responsible for connection with families who wish to be volunteers as a host in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

We help our students to settle in desirable places. Our students are always on the move, they are traveling, they exchange cultural features and to a certain level they become the part of their surrounding society. All of these actions are possible due to the help of our respected sponsors and charitable foundations. Both our organization and our students highly appreciate this remarkable support. We try to provide for our students and foreign volunteers as much satisfaction as it’s possible to make their student life more memorable, filled with unforgettable life experiences. This academic year, the quantity of students who want travel around the world has sharply increased. It’s our duty to perform the wishes of those who want to travel abroad and see the world, and to help the foreign students, who desire to experience the Western World. Due to the global economic situation, this year we can lower our tuition to 5 times comparing with last year, in such way we attract more students. Also, the current economic situation gives the opportunity for more students to live abroad in other countries.

Now when you have already knew the background of this position and about our company, it’s high time to consider the Duties and Responsibilities of the Area Representative. At the present moment we are dealing with the inflow of new students and potential volunteers and families which is planned to be settled to in the middle of November 2010. By November, we are planning to expand our staff to have the possibility to support the excess capacity. The whole staff is given an access to the new developed control board on our central server. In the new system everything is virtual and automated and it gives us the possibility to expand our staff. Such possibility allows the staff to work from their home or office and perform their full time responsibilities and help organization. You will give to working at least 6, 5 hours a day, and 4 days a week.

The obligations of the Area Representative:

1. The Area Representative has to receive, distribute and send the training materials and monetary support for the students. The packages will be delivered to your given address, and your task is to distribute them according to the instructions pointed in the control panel account. You will ship the packages according to distribution instructions after receiving a paid shipment receipt. The transportation of material creates no difficulties because the weight of one package will not exceed 15 lbs. You will never have to cover expenses from your own pocket.

2. The Area Representative supports our current students, volunteers and families, and also looks for the new families or individuals who want to volunteer as a host. At a present moment we have the special department which makes searches for the families and individuals who desire to host our students in their countries. This department has created the database of the families which are already aware with our organization’s activity. The Area Representative uses this database for fulfillment of the necessary tasks. The major task is to connect with the potential volunteers and families and tell them about the activity of our organization in details. You will be asked to write a text, with the help of which you will effectively promote our organization. You will keep account and report about your successes using your control panel.

3. The Representative performs receiving, distributing and transfer of financial support to our students abroad and obtaining of money assets from our foreign partners. In your control board in the section of financial aid, you will receive the information regarding financial aid charity and payment for our services from abroad. You will receive payment, distribute and transfer financial support with the help of the system of momentary monetary orders to the countries where our students are staying. The students can spend this money to cover their expenses for living and for spending leisure time such as sightseeing and travelling within the country. In the most cases we cooperate with charitable organization, and this system make the process of receiving financial support easier and faster bypassing bureaucratic aspects. Our main target is also to make every transfer fast and quality.

Our organization covers all costs for monetary transfer. The system is equal for foreign students living in the US. The instructions of distribution will be pointed in the control panel. The Area Representative has to perform distribution worldwide as well as to send to some accounts in the US according to the instruction.

We remind: it’s not your duty to provide students with you own money. Our representatives are responsible for 3 primary tasks. You should follow the link below and download Employment Contract and Application form. Please, be very attentive while filling out the data to exclude any possible mistakes. If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, send us a signed copy of the contract along with application form to us by fax or the scanned copy of the contact by e-mail. Please, make the notation of Area Representative on your documents.

Fax: 860 5401 039
Fax: 860 5401 049


Remember: Our organization covers all expenses for telephone negotiations, transportation or other expenses. If you, because of some reasons, have spend you own money you should produce us the receipts which proves your personal expenses and we will give you money back once per month. Our organization immediately coves all expenses for sending the training materials and financial support. Before asking any questions, you should examine the contact. As soon as we receive the signed contract we immediately contact you and provide you access to our server. Than you start to perform the obligations of the Area Representative.

We hope that you have found all the necessary information about the position of Area Representative in this letter. If you have some questions, you can write to my e-mail or reach us at (860)631-5370.

The job is expected to start on Friday, November 5. So it will be better to receive answer from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Jayson Sparks
Senior Manager

National Education Centre of Cultural & Foreign Exchange Programs
452 Maple St, Wethersfield,
Hartford, Connecticut, 06109,
Phone: 860 6315 370
Fax: 860 5401 039
Fax: 860 5401 049


If you “work” for Jayson Sparks, you’ll be receiving fraudulent checks, cashing them at your bank, and then sending the money overseas to Jayson Sparks’ cronies. The original check WILL bounce, leaving your personal bank account thousands of dollars in the red. Some time after that, the local authorities will be knocking on your door to ask why you’re stealing money and shipping it off to criminals overseas.

NOTHING good can come out of dealing with this guy.


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    WOW, that is exactly what I thought after I read his email to me…. thank you

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