Last week I asked you guys to send in any question you had for me. Special thanks to everyone who sent in a question. I had to narrow down the list a bit to keep this from being impossibly long to read. Feel free to ask some questions in the comments below!

Here are your questions and answers…

Personal Questions

Where do you live?

Lovely Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I was born just outside of Philadelphia though and will always be an Eagles fan. Sorry Steeler nation.

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Do you have any pets?

This was asked last time and I still only have a cat and a fishtank. The cat has gotten a little more insane since the last round however. She looks like a sweetheart, but she’s a stone-cold killer on the inside. Make no mistake.

Since you make all of your money online, have you ever considered moving to a tropical island? That’s the first thing I would have done.

I’ve often thought about moving away for a few years, but nothing ever came out of it. I suppose I still have the opportunity, but I don’t know if I would want to. I like being able to see my family frequently, plus my life just wouldn’t be complete without Penn State football games. Do I have any PSU alum readers?

You’re stranded on a desert island with a good friend (or your worst enemy – your choice). Which board game would you want to have along to play with him or her? From Gary at Fun Board Games

I’m not that big of a board game player, I do like trivia based board games, but if I’m trapped on a desert island these would get old fast. I suppose I’d have to go with something classic like Monopoly. And I’d bring my girlfriend. No way am I spending time playing Monopoly on an island with my worst enemy. That would be ridiculous.

I pretty much understand what you do to earn money, and both the steps and missteps you’ve taken to get where you are, now. What do you see yourself doing in the future? By my standards, you are still very young, with a long road ahead of you. Do you plan to retire at…..30? ;) Seriously, what do you see for yourself on The Road Ahead? Philanthropist?

Ideally, I’d like to run I’ve Tried That for as long as humanly possible. Even if I could retire at 30, I wouldn’t. I like helping people too much. It sounds ridiculous or even unbelievable that some guy on the Internet is genuinely interested in helping others, but I love what I do and want to continue doing it for as long as possible.

My long term goals include learning how to solve this damn 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube that’s been sitting on my desk for years and I’d like to eventually read all the books that I buy.

I’m not so good at looking into the future.

Marketing Questions

Can you really make a good income from just article writing? I have heard that there are people that just write articles and make six figure incomes without a list. Also alot of gurus are saying that article writing is not the way to go anymore. But that is how I want to make my living is by writing articles and maybe when I have some good numbers of visitors to my website then maybe start to build a list.

I was never big on article marketing. I see the value and necessity, but I never really did more than the basics. I don’t consider myself a guru or expert by any means, and with that said, I do think article marketing is on the decline especially with Google’s latest crackdown on content farms. I’d focus my efforts on getting traffic to my website and building that list instead of letting it sit on the backburner. Build a strong online identity and go from there.

I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate, I was looking at their review on the BBB website and noticed that they had no response to 4 complaints from customers. I am concerned about that, what do you think about this.

Four complaints, that’s it? Last time I checked there were close to 50,000 members that have joined Wealthy Affiliate at some point. If only four of those people have complained to the BBB, I’d say that’s nothing worth worrying about. 99.999% of people who have joined haven’t had any complaints. It also makes me wonder how quickly those people were to complain instead of seeking help. Support at WA is fantastic.

To have a successful business it is obviously necessary to have a fantastic web site. However, to be successful in business you need to set up a business, get a merchant certificate, have goals set, have records to track expenses and income. Does the Wealthy Affiliate web site have information on how to do this?

Hmm, I haven’t seen anything at Wealthy Affiliate regarding the backend of running a business. This would be a rather good suggestion for them. I’m sure there are tons of people who’d benefit from this type of information.

Personally, I’ve adapted on my own. I have a ton of spreadsheets that I use to track expenses and receipts. I did write a guest post for the Wealthy Affiliate blog titled Five Tings They Don’t Teach You About Working From Home. It’s a collection of what I’ve learned over the years.

Hello, Mark. You have had me on your mailing list for about 5 years or more, and I made a few purchases. I am trying to become a good Forex Trader and would like to know if you could help me with finding a few decent Forex signal providers, and trading software. Thanks.

Mark? The title of the post is Ask STEVE Anything for crying out loud.

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And finally the most frequently asked question…

You tell us to never pay for a job and then you recommend we join Wealthy Affiliate and that COSTS money.

I love this question. So much so I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post just to answer it. You’ll have to check back tomorrow for the answer to this question. Hold on to the edge of your seats folks. We have a cliffhanger…

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  • tony

    you keep mentioning your number one recommandation. which is WA. You never whats your number two? Would you be so kind as to letting me know what it is? THANKS tony

  • Jim Mings
    Jim Mings

    For a while you were reccomending Nitch Blitzkrieg as your # 1 pick, and now it’s wealthy affiliates.
    I have joined both but never got started. Now I’m ready.
    Which should I persue first?

  • Peg Krumlinde
    Peg Krumlinde

    Steve – I think I have been scammed big-time; I have only myself to blame – I signed up with Commission Hijack, Commission Taker and Affiliate X. I should know better, but I am so desperate to make some extra money I bit, hook, line and sinker. I have no doubt that all three programs will actually make money; the problem is, the full details are never given; forget sending emails to their support addresses, as they choose to either ignore me or actually try to sell me yet another program for making money. I am to the point of such a depressed mood I can hardly function. I do really try – it just seems that there is an endless pit of promotions and no concrete help oro answers when I need them. I am not ignorant, nor am I lazy. Why can’t these promotions do what they promise? Any advice is so appreciated. I don’t know what to do at this point.

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