Last week I asked you guys to send in any question you had for me. Here are your questions and answers…

How much money do you make?

A bit personal, but on the same level as a full-time job, whatever that is.

How long did it take to make that money?

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

I’ve been at this for a little over three years now.

If you were to start from scratch what would you do?

I’d follow a few trends, search for one that interests me, study the niche to see if there’s a way to make it profitable, then build a website around any ideas I think could make money. That’s pretty much all I do now and it seems to work.

What are some tips or tricks most people dont know about making money online?

I have three overly generic pieces of advice:

  1. Nothing happens overnight. There is no easy solution and anyone promising you a lot of money quickly is going to rob you.
  2. Stick with what you know. This will help you build up your reputation and credibility plus keep you motivated.
  3. You need support from others. Talk to your loved ones and let them know you’re going to try and make money online and that you need their support through all of this. Be sure to remember who laughs at you now, so you can laugh at them later.

Could you look at my site and figure out why I am not making money?

I could give it a shot. You have my email.

If you were to be a animal which one would you be?

A red panda. HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? My God I’d be adored by the world over.

Any pets?

A cat and a tank of fish. And yes, I frequently talk to the cat. She could probably take over and successfully run my Internet Marketing business.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

If I’m cooking at home, lasagna. Going out, filet.

What kind of car do you drive?

A 97 Honda Civic. It has 140k miles on it, is missing all of its hubcaps, and has more dents than I can count. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Well, maybe a Ferrari.

Is a scam?

Yup. You’ll be given a pre-built website that hundreds of other people are using. None of them are making any money either.

is surfwithmoney a scam? i’ve made $31 so far and de say i can withdraw money at $35

There are quite a few reports around the web saying they don’t pay. I’d stay away.

Making money online has never been easier...
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What do you think of My- Data- Team.

It’s a scam. They’re misleading in offering “jobs.” What they’re selling is an introduction to pay-per-click marketing and you’re likely to lose hundreds of dollars if you follow their advice.

Wealthy Affiliate or Niche Blitzkrieg?

If you have more time and money to invest, go with Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re new to Internet Marketing and just want to test the waters at a reasonable price, Niche Blitzkrieg is for you.

How could you possibly recommend a work at home job that costs money!?

I have never recommended you pay money to start a work at home job ie. data entry, customer support etc. However, if you are trying to make money online, I highly suggest you invest in a training program so you know how to get started.

How do I get my mom to stop sending me conservabomb emails?

Email -> Settings -> Create Filter -> IF FROM: then TRASH.

This solution may be a little rough, but it’s the only one guaranteed to work.

Well, that’s all the questions I’ve received. To be honest, I expected a few more than that. This was your chance to ask me anything at all really. Either way, I had fun doing this and if you have any more questions for me, leave them in the comments below. I’ll answer those too.

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  • Nicole

    Hi Steve,
    I have listened to the entire video on you ivetriedthat site. I am a single mother of twin 5 year old boys. I have a degree in psychology and I am going back to school because I have been in Real Estate for 10 years and as you know, it isnt doing so well right now. I am soooo tired of checking out all the sites online, trying to find something legit that will actually make an income so I can spend more time and be more flexible to raise my sons right. I cannot spend money on junk. I am tempted to try yours.
    I am researching comments about you now. Anything you would like to add to help me out? Thanks. Nikki

  • Stacy

    I’m not much of a risk-taker, and all that I really want to do is some simple, pedestrian online word processing on a full-time basis, with maybe a little proofreading/editing on the side. I’ve had no luck, however, finding anything resembling my own job description. Any suggestions? I know it sounds pedestrian, but it would give me time to do other things I’d like to do. Know any way into something this simple?

    Also, are you aware of Virtual Vocations? They’re a virtual job board site, but in order to get the full listing of jobs, it’s necessary to subscribe. Have you heard anything positive or negative about them?

    Thanks for all your great work. Also, if I had a Honda Civic of any age and mileage, you couldn’t pry it out of my hands.

  • Spence

    Steve —

    Quick Question — Do you know of any legitimate “email list” companies?

    Also, per a question above, I’ve used XSitePro for building my websites and have found it quite easy to use and scalable.


  • Jarold Sparks
    Jarold Sparks

    I receive ALOT of offers, a little bewildered at all the success stories. i’ve been unemployed for a long time and need income NOW. Received email this morning from Mike Bryan@Make-MoneyOnline, click the link and you get the Blogging site. Know anything about this? Thanks Jarold

  • Junior

    Yea, they want me to collect money but it is from the tourist who land at the airport !! Now this could just be someone working for them making the scam seem real. Hmmm… Here is a job description

    We would like to offer you the vacant position of the Financial manager. What comes within duties of this specialist? On behalf of our Company the Financial manager presents the whole range of services to the clients, his duties include the whole chain – from selecting the necessary tour, travel presentation to the final meeting at the airport after arrival. The Financial manager should be as much as possible customer oriented and should take into account the customer’s requirements and interests. In some cases the Financial manager also assists in processing payments from clients for the tour if it is necessary. This can be needed if the client from the USA wants to pay by check (cheque) and intends to visit e.g. Tunisia. As it is already clear the USA check are not effective in some countries while the network of American banking subsidiaries is undeveloped as yet. Or the client wants to select an individual tour including visits to distant places. In this case we rent a private house for the accommodation of our client. Many owners of such houses also do not have full access to bank transactions therefore in this case our Company pays for the rent and related services in cash through P2P systems. I.e., if we deal with such a client you should receive from him the check for the tour prepayment, inform your manager of all details, negotiate the check and transfer the amount through fast money transfer systems (Western Union, Money Gram) to our branch or directly to the PH owner. You will receive all money transfer details by e-mail from your manager. It is also important that your compensation will directly depend on the number of clients, at the initial stage it will amount to 5% of the prepayment sum. However there is an obligatory term: you should complete the whole money transfer process within 4 hours. The Travel Coordinator provides the Company with one more incontestable advantage. Our clients are serviced as quick as possible, they get all necessary documents (i.e. tickets, reservation etc.) promptly. It means that maximum 12 hours passes from the moment of the tour payment till the 100% of readiness to welcome and service the client. No one can offer the same!

  • Steve

    What do they want you to do? If it has anything to do with receiving money, it’s a scam.

  • Junior

    Has anyone heard of More Than Sun Travel ? If so, is there Finacial Manager position a scam ? It seem to be to me but I’ve never heard of them before. Thanks

  • Steve


    I really don’t know anything about credit repair. What are you trying to do with that site?


    I really do not like programs that sell pre-built websites. When it comes to having a successful website, you need unique content. Odds are hundreds or thousands of people have bought into those programs and are all trying to promote the exact same website. Google loves unique content. It will be really hard to see any success without it.


    100% scam. All rebate or payment processing jobs are.


    I’ve actually never had any of my work outsourced. If I were looking to have work outsourced, I’d probably start with oDesk or eLance and go from there.


    Do you have a link I can check out? Thanks!

  • Cherie

    What is your opinion about Ann Sieg and her buddy Ty Tribble? They want to help network marketers create big profits. I would love to hear what you think about them.

  • Rick A
    Rick A

    Steve, what do you suggest for outsourcing? I simply do not have time for all my projects. I have a good 15 or 20 sales pages along with the auto responder that need created. Two or three (or more) WordPress websites of my own. Also a yet to be determined number of blogs (???) designed to drive live customers into local businesses. I assume this is going to be a pretty big number all in all. You may use my email address if you would like. Thanks, Rick

  • 'Serena

    I keep getting emails from Elizabeth Jackson who claims to be the no1 work from home consultant, online auctioneer sounds like a scam to me what do you think?

    Also have you heard of John Commuta, he is selling a Debt to Wealth programme that can pay all your debts off in 5-7 years? Can you find out if its any good?

    Thanks very much

  • dalenekhan

    Hi Steve!

    I’m a newbie to your site and I am sooo glad I found it! Good information. I have a question for you. What’s the scoop on “Fast Profit Pages” and Tom Bell; also “Automatic Profits” by Ewen ______???

    I have both programs, probably sleeping on my hard drive! They both have detailed instructional material and videos, but when it got a little over my head (I’m an Internet dummy), I abandoned the effort. If I get favorable information about either one, I will go back and “give it the old college try!”

    Thanx very much and keep up the good work!


  • Paris

    Is a scam?

  • BTDT

    Steve about the golden envelope site, the guy gives you a list of web sites where you can bid on things like gift cards for as little as a penny, however there are maybe one or two gift cards being auctioned off a day. Drawbacks, you have to pay cash for the information, also send him a book of forever stamps so he can continue to advertise for free and his guarantee is worded in such a way that you cannot qualify for the guarantee. Like I said, Been There, Done That.

  • Steve


    Sounds like an envelope stuffing scam. I’d stay away from anything that wants you to mail letters or packages or checks.

    Mary Ann-

    I shut the video off a few seconds in. Fear mongering and hype? No thank you. Judging by the name is the program I assume it’s going to teach you how to do email marketing. Create a website, gather leads, push products via email.

  • mary ann
    mary ann

    Is by Tellman a scam and also Lawerence Tam. I keep getting emails from them

  • marie

    Hi steve theres a new flyer thats been coming in the mail called Golden Envelope some guy claiming to be someones grandpa that living on giftcards and for the low price of 15 bucks he can show you how companys info is SDM 1142 S.Diamond Bar Bl.,#507 Diamond Bar,CA 91765 The email is

  • Shannon

    Yeah you are probably better off then. It is a little more than $25 a month for us so it is reasonable if you need to go to the dentist for more than just a cleaning. Although only $60 is good too! Our dentist is way more than that.

  • Steve

    I’m definitely going to knock on wood after this, but my teeth are awesome. I’ve never had a cavity or any problems at all. Dental insurance would just cost me more money. I spend about $60 every six months for a check up.

  • Shannon

    Those are certainly reasonable to me! I’ll have to check it out.

    With that dental check out Humana dental if you are interested in saving some money. We recently purchased it for me and my hubby and have already gotten our money back with just the first check up and cleanings. Can’t believe how expensive it can be! I still need to go back for some fillings and to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

  • Steve

    I pay out of pocket for medical insurance and just pay full price for dental appointments. It’s a definite drawback, but one I can live with for sure.

  • RJ

    Hey Steve.

    Thanks for being open to any questions. Great site, keep it up! Since you are working online full time now, how do you get medical insurance, dental insurance, etc.?

    Oh, I saw you graduated from Penn State. Congrats. My cousin is there now.


  • Steve


    What is a reasonable price to you?

    A domain name costs around $7 per year and hosting around $10 per month. I find that more than reasonable. You can get a blog for free at a site like or Tumblr, but I do not know their stance on ads.

  • Haditupta

    AH! Of all those great answers you’ve given out – again for free – I have to say the conservabomb answer (TRASH) is right up there, baby. So (ingeniously non invasive and) helpful for Mums n me who try to stay below eye level while living deep in (political) enemy territory. YOU know. Obama is a…. oh nevermind. Just look at the name. This was fun-I enjoyed.

  • Shannon

    Is there a reasonably priced blog where you can get donations and put up your own ads on the sides? Just curious as I’ll been knocking around the idea of a blog. Thanks!

  • Steve


    Oh yeah, Eddy is a good friend of mine. I’m surprised he hasn’t already commented to be honest haha. I don’t know how long I’ve known him, but we’ve met through our respective websites.


    I use Hostgator. I pay $9.95 a month and am extremely satisfied.

  • Pk

    What is your web host? I am looking for a good one that is at an affordable price.

  • Cheri

    Hi Steve! My question is “Do you know Eddy at And if so, how do you know him and for how long? I’m asking because you too are in the same business (ie.exposing the scam WAH jobs and find legit jobs)..

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