Quick Summary of Authentic Profits

Rating: 1 About as authentic as the Roswell alien

The Good: A pretty website

The Bad: Everything else! Nothing on the Authentic Profits website was real!

The Bottom Line: If you are serious about making money online, then you need proper training, support and guidance, not schemes like Authentic Profits. There's only one support network that I would recommend.

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Authentic Profits Review

Authentic Profits is anything but authentic!

The lengths some Binary Options marketers will go to, to get a commission is just nuts!

They will lie to you, right in your face, just to get you to sign up to their broker so that they can make a few hundred bucks, knowing full well that they are pitching you a stinking pile of BS.

Authentic Profits is just the latest in a string of so called Binary Options systems, which promises you the earth, and delivers nothing but lies and falsehoods.

Authentic Profits no cost

Except the money you need to deposit at the brokers…

The Pitch

Authentic Profit’s website is very professional looking, and easy to think of a legitimate if taken at first glance.

It’s easy to look at the fast moving “Profit generated by members” counter and feel impressed that such money is being made. Would you feel so impressed if I told you that those figures are made up and a little bit of code is simply adding random numbers to the value to make it go up?

Yeah I didn’t think so, but that is exactly what’s happening.

What about Matt Ellington, the face of Authentic Profits? Well it’s very convenient that he “doesn’t chat on forums or social media websites”. It means he cannot be traced. The reality is this is just a setup to cover the fact that he doesn’t exist!

The bank statement is a good one. It not only could be referring to anything (profits from scamming people with Binary Options systems perhaps?), but could also be very easily faked. As such this is not proof that the system is valid or legitimate.

Testimonials are a great way to improve people’s trust: seeing social proof that a system works greatly increases the chance that someone will sign up.

Authentic Profits testimonials

It’s a shame then that these images look like they have been ripped from the web, and their locations change based on where you live. This doesn’t sound very legitimate does it?

The process behind Authentic Profits, is also dubious:

  • Autopilot system
  • Searches for trades
  • Enters trades
  • Algo(rithm) takes over
  • Make profits

Anything that says it works on autopilot is always a cause for concern, especially where money is concerned.

Authentic Profits testimonials stolen from the web

If everything could be done via a computer, without human interaction, stock brokers would have been out of a job years ago.

As well as that, there simply isn’t any software available to the likes of Binary Options marketers that can accurately predict Binary Options trades. At best you are getting some generic Trading Options Signals software, which uses broad trends to provide best guesses, and trust me guesses is all they are!

Authentic Profits live verified fake trades

Then we come to the “live” trade data. This data is held on another site and inspecting that closely reveals that it is also fake! Every single column you see in that trading table is generated by code and those trades have simply never happened.

As you can see, absolutely nothing on the Authentic Profits website is actually authentic!

The Authentic Profits video

The Authentic Profits sales video is a flooded with arrogance, and methods of marketing designed to increase your desires for wealth.

Allegedly the system it promotes can make you “stinking rich” by earning over $10,000 per day.

Don’t believe them, well they are verified by a third party independent verification company.

Who? Trade Verify of course!

It’s a pity then that Trade Verify cannot actually be verified! They have no address or company registration number, no phone etc. All the images of the staff are stock photos and the trade data it shows is in the same style as that on Authentic Profits and looks highly suspect to me.

The video goes on to show further social proof, such as a tweet from just a few weeks ago by a guy named Jay Brock (@jay110brock). Strangely, that user does not exist on Twitter.

Is this more fakery and lies from Authentic Profits? I think so!

From there the video really pushes the wealthy lifestyle compared to your current, shabby, rundown, and broke lifestyle. Yeah, it lays it on thick!

More “real” users are then portrayed, but no real evidence is given, simple photos of random people and screenshots of random bank accounts. None of this can verify that Authentic Profits makes any money. The fact that there are already so many bald faced lies in this sales pitch simply makes me want to lump this so called proof in with them.

After this the video drones on and on with typical Binary Options marketing tactics. It discusses the rags to riches story, how the narrator finally found the miracle that is Binary Options and broke away from his penniless existence to live a life of opulence and decadence.

All of this is pure BS: it’s the same spiel that is spun in pretty much every Binary Options scam out there.

The rest of the video continues in this manner; pushing fake software at you and a just as fake auditing firm while promoting how easy it is to make money.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get lied to and risk you money with a system built on falsehoods and fakery, then Authentic Profits is for you.

If you actually want to invest your time and money in a real system that generates money without being high risk and being lied to then avoid Authentic Profits at all cost!

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  • Carl

    What a scam !! Within a few short hours they placed 10 orders for the full amount of my funds. The expiry date for all 10 orders is 15th January ( presumably 2016?) at 16.00 hours. I am not able to contact them,as their E-mail address also seems to be fake. They just do not reply. The same also applies to their ” trusted ” brokers, being Option Ridge. KEEP WELL AWAY FROM BOTH OF THEM.

  • Gary Clark
    Gary Clark

    Authentic profits I’ve been doing it for almost 2 week it’s lost more than won. Right now my account with ivory options shows 25 trades 10 won and 15 loss.gary

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