Today I want to talk to you about a freshly launched “program” that has already started being promoted by many people and if you follow any marketers you will soon start to see it in your inbox. This one is called 5K In 15 Days.

Let’s call this one out straight away – you cannot make $5,000 in 15 days without already having a successful business!

A regular Joe will need much longer than that to grasp the basics, let alone start making any serious cash. These sorts of product names are exaggerated at best, fraudulent at worse.

A Look Inside

My initial look at 5k in 15 days was not a promising one; their launch site contains 8 videos, 7 of which promote a “free” webinar, a consultation call or third-party paid systems, rather than anything to do with the product itself.

While I haven’t seen the webinar, or partaken in the consultation call, the fact that it is already pushing product after product at you strongly suggests that the webinar will be a sales pitch for some overpriced product, and the same thing with the consultation call.

  • Video 1: Sign up to a webinar – upsells and costs unknown.
  • Video 2: Get a free consultation call – upsells and costs unknown
  • Video 3: Welcome video – actually no upsells! To show the lack of professionalism with these, the guy snorts like he has the flu or something mid-way through a sentence. Any professional would have realised this and edited it out instead of grossing me out!
  • Video 4: Get an autoresponder, $15.00 – 65.00 per month
  • Video 5: Email harvester and push to a Binary Options (stocks) website, which promotes you to install software. Erm, no! That could contain any sort of malware or virus.
  • Video 6: Pushes to a $47 dollar internet marketing system that pays affiliates 100% commission, so you know the upsells will be sold hard and at a price.
  • Video 7: Another email harvester for a $29 internet marketing product.
  • Video 8: Email harvester and push to a sales pitch for a service called Webfire, which will set you back $41.58-$99 per month, depending if you pay monthly or yearly.

If you buy all of this, you are looking at a costly experience. Even though I couldn’t clarify all of the costs, with the hosting included you are looking at a minimum of $162.58 to $269.95 for the first month, then with monthly fees of $86.53 to $193.95.  There will be further upsells without a doubt.

Back on track

I did get side tracked with the promotional videos but there is a point to it, I promise you, but let’s take a closer look at the system on offer here.

There is no actual cost for the product, which may sound weird, but the gotcha is that you have to sign up to a hosting plan that costs $29.95 per month of which the system creator gets a lovely kickback of 70%.

The members’ area consists of 3 main sections, well really only 2 as one is for upgraded content:

5k in 15 Days “Training”

Here you will find the “meat” of the product, or should I say bones?  It consists of some training videos. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for training but these are short videos, which means you really don’t get to learn much at all.

Even though it pushes the use of WordPress (to be fair it is a good platform) it provides no tuition in how to install or use it.


Two free downloads are available: a mindmap giving a visual explanation for the system if you really need it and some software called PageCreator that apparently allows easy website creation.

These really don’t make up for even the overpriced hosting cost that you had to pay to get into the system; certainly it doesn’t make up for the weak content.


On sign up there were 2 upgrades which by now won’t be a surprise to you, as there has been so many upsells already, but if you did get caught out and bought them, they will be added here. They are Campaigns – pre done campaigns, which I read into as PLR content and then there is the Bootcamp, which are advanced webinars, or perhaps they are the content you should have already gotten with this system…

Remember earlier when I said the side track to the promotional videos had a point? Well, the thing is, I have tried to be as fair as possible with this review, but I have had a hard time biting my tongue as I found this whole product to be disgusting.


The “product” itself is so weak, that calling it a product in the first place is scandalous. While no purchase is actually made, you are forced to get tied into an overpriced hosting contract and in return you get poor quality training.

I am an Internet Marketer, and products like this make me cringe.

On top of that there is upsell after upsell after upsell.

This is just the beginning of the downward spiral. At best, you will lose a couple hundred dollars with this program. Your email will then be sold to other marketers who will have a new “product” for you to buy. Problem is, it’s the same garbage over and over pushed by the same group of people.

The only product here is… you.

The main goal of products like these is to suck as much money from you as possible. These “marketers” don’t care about you. They only care about how much money they can extract from your wallet before you say can, “Enough!” When you don’t make any money, you’ll be mocked and told you didn’t try hard enough or you didn’t invest enough money. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

The Bottom Line: is a Scam?

Our verdict: Avoid this one. Entirely. It’s garbage. In fact, unsubscribe from any “marketer” who is promoting it. You’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run.

Interested in making real money online and not getting ripped off? I don’t think that’s too much to ask either.

There’s only ONE program I really recommend. It will help you build a legitimate business from the ground up. No gimmicks and no promises of ridiculous amounts of money fast. Click here to learn more.

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  • Rachel

    I set up a Cloud cash machine on Cloud hosting and nothing has happened. I believe this is a scam and have emailed the person who emailed me the hosting company and technical support but no one has responded.
    I have been scammed and want a full refund!
    Please reapond

  • Vicki

    Can you advise how to get my money back from 5K in 15 days? I am hitting walls here.

    I can’t believe I was duped this badly!

    Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


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