Quick Summary of Awesome Income App

Rating: 1 Insulting, fake and full of BS - would you give it more than a 1?

The Good: There are no pros to using this system.

The Bad: It lies to you (fake testimonials), insults you, and feeds you BS.

The Bottom Line: If something lies to you from the get go, do you really think you can make a sustainable business from it? If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Awesome Income App Review

Before I get into my review of today’s Binary Options system, I want to give you a quick tip for spotting a potential scam site.

A lot of Binary Option sites have something like this:

This special offer ends in 33:00

It’s a counter, which begins to count down towards zero. If you see one, hit the refresh button.

If the counter restarts at 33:00 (or whatever), then you have just discovered an age old scarcity tactic, often used by less than reputable online marketers.

This trick works for earnings counters too.

Oddly enough today’s review system has a counter on it, and it reverts on refresh too.

The Awesome Income App pitch

Barring an absolutely pointless countdown timer, the only other thing on the Awesome Income App website is the sales video.

This 30 minute video starts by congratulating you as you too may be able to turn $300 bucks into $3.4 million in just 13 months!

Wow, talk about sensationalism!

Awesome Income App unique
Sure it is, you keep on telling yourself that

The hype and BS has only just started though. The video narrator talks about how some people are followers and other leaders, and how if you’re not a leader then GTFO, unless of course you watch the entire video, then you will be a leader with new found leadership skills.


Yeah makes no sense to me either, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the people behind Awesome Income App.

Do you remember that piece of advice I gave you at the start? Well, here’s another: if the sales video you’re watching states that the system will change your life and begins showing you stock photos of large houses, fancy boats, private jets etc., it’s usually a good indicator that the system is a steaming pile of BS.

Oh look, the Awesome Income App video is showing stock photos of houses, planes and fancy boats…

After this, comes the now standard guru bashing. This is when the narrator agrees with you that there are many fake and despicable schemes out there, that either con you out of money, don’t work or both.

Awesome Income App bogus claims

Of course, Awesome Income App distances itself from these other bogus schemes, and tries to get all pally with you. This goes on for several minutes and goes from pally to downright insulting!

First, they’ll directly insult your intelligence, and then pull out the blatant lies. It shows the narrator logged into an account and supposedly shows how $300 bucks gets turned into $13,547 in the matter of a few days.

Awesome Income App insult

Would you really trust a salesperson who insults you?

This is insulting, because it simply doesn’t provide proof: the style of display can easily be faked, and you have no idea whether the money was even due to the system.

From there, Awesome Income App tries to allay your fears by offering you a testimonial from one of its supposed users. This testimonial features a guy and his two kids and he explains how Awesome Income App changed his life.

It’s a shame that this too is fake: you can hire the guy (and his kids apparently, what is that about?) to make a fake testimonial for you for just five bucks.

Awesome Income App fake

The video continues for several minutes waffling random things about how making a lot of money is good, and so on. Honestly I tuned out for a while as it was just filler content designed to be repetitive to force the idea that this system works into your brain.

After that there is the typical sob story: the rags to riches story that is meant for you to relate to. It explains how he was once part of the “no hopers” and the “losers like you”.

Wow, this guy doesn’t hold back. By now you’re either swearing at the screen while closing the browser down, or agreeing with him. But it those who agree with him who get suckered into scams like this. All it takes is a bad day, a moment of self-doubt and they have you by the short and curly’s.

The sob story continues with how he lost his real estate job, relied on credit cards to eat, and eventually got kicked out of his house and moved back in with his parents.

Amazingly, this is how he managed to get the system and become rich. It follows standard Binary Options marketing tropes. He met a guy (his cousin) who was rich, he asked how he got rich, he discovered the some guy (the cousin’s roommate) made futuristic trading software and boom, he’s now rich.

Come on Binary Option marketers! Get another story already.

The video continues for the next 15 minutes with more technical jargon, fake testimonials and statements on how having money has changed the narrator’s life.

Here’s the Thing About Binary Options…

All of these lies, tricks, and deceit are a game designed to get you to deposit $250 into a brokerage account. The program claims they have a sophisticated algorithm that can accurately predict which way a binary option trade will go.

Unfortunately, Binary Option trading ultimately boils down to a coin flip. There is absolutely no way any one can say with absolute certainty which way a coin will land. Make no mistake. We’ve reviewed dozens of programs before and there are hundreds of comments from victims who all lost money. We have yet to see where someone was even able to recoup their initial investment. It’s usually gone within a few minutes.

On top of that, none of the trading brokerage accounts are backed by the SEC. Taken from the FTC itself: “The CFTC and SEC have received numerous complaints of fraud associated with websites that offer an opportunity to buy or trade binary options through Internet-based trading platforms. The complaints fall into at least three categories: refusal to credit customer accounts or reimburse funds to customers; identity theft; and manipulation of software to generate losing trades.

The Bottom Line

Awesome Income App is a scam through and through. It uses bullying and psychological tactics to convince you that you aren’t worthy and that this system can improve your life. It uses fake testimonials to try and validate itself as legitimate. It uses hyped up earnings figures with no evidence to back them up. The only proof it provides is easily faked and once more has no evidence behind it.

In my opinion, I would strongly recommend that you avoid Awesome Income App, you’re more likely to lose money with it than gain any.

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