A few months ago, I had a hard drive fail on my computer. It wasn’t my main hard drive, but it still contained a bunch of data I would have liked to not have lost. The failure scared me enough to go out and buy an external hard drive. I backed up all of my old pictures, documents and other files onto it initially, added a few new things here and there, but now it just sits on my desktop collecting dust. Hey, at least everything is still backed up, right?

Well, last week, a friend of mine was robbed. Some lowlife broke into his apartment and stole his computer, laptop, TV, and a few other things. While he was able to recover some of the money through his insurance, there is NO CHANCE of recovering his documents and pictures on the stolen computers.

I have over 10,000 pictures and over 100 videos saved on my computer. These files are the only copies I have of them. If I were to lose them, I’d be absolutely devastated. Now, look at your own computer. Think of all the memories you have saved to it. What would happen to them all if your computer stopped working? Would you be able to recover them or would they be lost forever?

Maybe it’s time you join me in securely backing up everything you have saved.

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My BackBlaze Review

I started to shop around and compared the dozen or so online backup solutions before landing at a company called BackBlaze. They claim to have a highly-efficient encrypted storage center that allows users to back up an unlimited amount of data. Other companies offer “unlimited” backup options, but nearly all of them actually placed a cap on how much you could back up or charged more once you began backing up too much. BackBlaze does neither. You can back up as many files as you want for one low flat rate. I was sold.

I installed BackBlaze and it automatically began to backup ALL of my files. This is how it operates by default. It simply backs up everything important on your computer. I didn’t have to specify which folders or files to start backing up. It immediately took control and started saving ALL of my personal files. I like this approach because it saves me time and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to backup a certain folder when EVERYTHING is backed up.

The initial backup did take a total of three days to complete. After that, BackBlaze has been quietly humming along in the background to make sure that my backup is current and the most current version of my files have been saved.

Once my initial backup had finished, I logged in to test the process of restoring files and was surprised at just how easy it was to recover files. BackBlaze saves your files online exactly the same way they are stored on your computer. I went to my pictures folder, picked a few pictures at random, and clicked restore. BackBlaze said I would receive an email in a few minutes with a zip all of the files I selected to restore. The email came instantly and I was able to download a copy of my pictures right to my computer.

As soon as I opened the zip file with all of my pictures, I knew I had made the right choice and am confident in BackBlaze to securely store everything that I have.

BackBlaze: The Bottom Line

If you haven’t been backing up your files or you’ve been putting off the process, I highly suggest you download BackBlaze TODAY. Click here to go to their website and click the big orange button that says “Start Backing Up.” Their software will download and after you install it, it will automatically start backing up your data.

You can try the service out for 15 days for free to see if it’s for you. After that, it is only $5 per month to keep your data safe with discounts at one and two year purchases. I ordered a year for $50 saving me from paying two months worth of fees. It’s a small price to pay to know I’m not going to lose any of my precious memories.

Click here and check out BackBlaze today!

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  • Alexander | Legit Make Money Online
    Alexander | Legit Make Money Online

    Thanks for the recommendation. I should definitely look into them. I don’t backup my information nearly as often as I should and unfortunately I’ve experienced computer crashes and losing my data more times than I want to count. Ahh!

  • Kinya

    This would have come in handy when my computer crashed lol. But when I get my new one, I will definitely invest in this.

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