A rather ingenious idea came in from reader Dan this week and to be honest, I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not thinking of it first.

Dan writes:

Hi guys,

I’m an occasional visitor to your blog. I like how you cut through the crap to find real opportunities, even though I’m too apathetic to actually pursue any of them.

I have a suggestion if you are interested in keeping abreast of the latest scams: post a resume on careerbuilder.com. I’m currently looking for a job and have posted resumes on several sites, but apparently most of them are good at keeping scammers from creating employer accounts and downloading resumes. Not careerbuilder–it’s seems to be green pastures for scammers to run amok.

On careerbuilder.com I get 3 or 4 offers a day for payment processing, data entry, and insurance sales jobs. Yeah I know the sales one might not be a scam but it’s still slimy since I don’t have any sales experience and didn’t indicate an interest in sales. Probably some MLM crap.

On the other hand, you might want to focus on GOOD opportunities rather than scambusting. But I have to admit, I find the scambusting more entertaining.

Thanks for the great site, keep it up!

Great advice, right? This has been my project for the week. I’ve created a few fake resumes with personalities I feel would be most likely to get scammed. I have a resume for a stay at home mom looking for telecommuting work and a fresh out of college graduate looking for his first job.

I’ll be collecting names, email addresses, and phone numbers and will post them to the blog. I’m also working on a few pages which outlines and details the biggest scams running around today. That way I can just link to those pages instead of typing the same old scam explanation with each post.

I think my inbox is about to get flooded.

Wish me luck.

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  • Jon

    I and several people I know have tried Careerbuilder, Yahoo Hot Jobs & Monster and all received 99% SCHEME Job Offers and the 1% was from companies that was not in any relation to the information we had on our resume. I was lucky I didn’t have to pay to post my resume on these sites at that time , but I did have to change my email address. Even after I asked them to take my information off their sites several times I was still getting bombarded by numerous SCHEME Job Offers as well as other SCAM SPAM. Granted everybody needs to watch out for themselves and always check any company out first before responding or doing what their asking you to do, but if a company is advertising these SCHEME Job Postings and letting these SCAMMERS contact people using their sites they still should check them out too before hand. These sites have a after the fact department for fraud-scam-scheme posted on their sites but will not check on them before hand because they say there are too many to check before advertising or letting so called legitimate companies see peoples information on their site. It just sounds like whoever pays their fee will be able to advertise and use their list to contact people on their sites regardless if their legitimate or not. To me any good company will check out anything before advertising, promoting or selling any product-service to their customers and not let anybody who just pays to be linked to them, otherwise sooner or later you won’t have anybody using your company. What’s even more funny (not ha ha) is that when you do alert them to these SCHEMES-SCAMS-FRAUDS they will take it off but then a few days later the same thing is posted with a different phone number or a slight name change. So these things will always be associated with these sites and it doesn’t seem they really care as long as they are getting paid by these SCHEMES-SCAMS-FRAUDS. Also you have to BEWARE of the sneaky Job offering companies that go to these sites Job conventions and steal your information then contact you saying so and so gave us your information. Then try to get you to come to their Job convention-website-office with false claims of their years of experience, but when you websearch them you find out they were a used car sales company a couple years ago.
    Maybe these sites did find some people jobs and it did good for some but the major percentage of people who tried these sites have not had legitimate job offers by all the complaints you can find on the internet. Like the other post said not everybody is looking out for your best interest and it is up to you to check out things before you do anything is the best advice. It’s like anything you want to buy we always check it out first before , so it’s not any different here.

  • Terry

    CareerBuilder does alright with what they do. A person needs to be careful, I have received several job offers for an life insurance agent, my resume has the nothing to do with insurance or sales. I also noticed on their site certain job posting are really “college” or “certification” promotions. Again; the reader must look out for themselves, no one else will. Good luck with not getting scammed with the telecommute position. Craig’s list has many of these types and I have not found one to be legit.

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