If you could get screwed over by an Internet Marketing guru and still go on to earn $3,000,000 dollars, you’d be pretty happy right? Now what if that WASN’T you, but you were able to learn from a guy who did just that anyway?

Would that sound like somebody you might like to learn from? Well you’re in luck, because that’s the exact claim made by Ron Banks. I’ve reviewed his program, the Bank’s Experiment, and you’ll learn from me why the word “Experiment” should be replaced with “Don’t go anywhere near this product”.

Admittedly it doesn’t sound as catchy, but names have never been my strong point.

Picking through the holes in shady sales pages ARE my strong point though, so on that note, let’s get started.

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What Is The Banks Experiment?

I always start my reviews by explaining what a product claims to be, then I go on to reveal whether or not it really does what it says it will. I rarely find one that really does, so pardon my cynicism here.

Before you get carried away, this has nothing to do with Banks. It’s just a play on Ron Banks’s name. Anyway, let me talk a bit about his story.

So Ron was somebody who like most of us have done, fell for a guru scam and ended up losing $700. He couldn’t get a refund (we’ve all been there), and the supposed “copy and paste” product he signed up for actually required HOURS of set up and got him nowhere.

It’s a nice story, because it’s something a lot of us can relate to.

Now, where Ron lucked out was that the guru who scammed him *accidentally* uploaded all his secret campaign files into Ron’s members area. He copied and pasted them and within an hour he was making thousands of dollars.

I hate to say I find this a little hard to believe. A guru just happens to accidentally upload his files to the wrong place? If he’s selling a copy and paste system, and really does have a copy and paste document, why not just deliver?

Anyway, let’s play along for a while and assume Ron is telling the truth.

Ron went on to start selling the copy and paste files to loads of other people for $700 and started making them money. Now he had become the guru who ripped him off, by ripping him off back, or something.

One day, he *accidentally* emailed a customer saying the sales price was $7.00 instead of $700, and long story short, the customer made a ton of money, and he decided to give the product away to the rest of us for $7.00 as well.

Because that makes sense right? You accidentally tell a customer it’s $7.00 and she buys it. Then, she has success with it. You’re so amazed by this that you decide to let others do it too.

The weird thing is, Ron was supposedly SWAMPED with customers (his words) previously who were happy to pay $700 a pop. What about their results?

Here’s what The Bank’s Experiment is then; he’s going to continue his “error” and let you and me get the same $700 for $7, and see what results we get. Wohoo, no risk!

Now before I tell you what happened after I signed up, I’m going to show you why I knew it was too good to be true, even before I hit that “buy now” button.

I’ve already picked a few holes in the logic of Ron’s story, but I’m good for a few more.

*Sniff Sniff* Something Smells Like BS

1.) The classic scarcity tactics. Saying things like “You’re the lucky 4%” and “This account will be deleted if you leave” are classic sales tactics and are not true. I signed up with two different fake email addresses, and was accepted both times.

2.) The fact this product costs $7 and pays its affiliates $40. There MUST be more up-sells inside the platform if they’re willing to payout that much for promoting it:


In fact, if you head to the URL listed at the bottom, the “Joint-Venture” URL, you’ll find out more details about promoting the product. Long story short, it’s just another BS make money online product.

But Does The Banks Experiment Work?

That is the real question, and one I’m going to answer now. I went ahead and bought the basic $7 version because I wasn’t interested in up-sells and wanted to know if you too, could succeed with just the basic.

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As you might expect, once you’ve paid, you’re thrown into a new video, and told it’s mandatory and you can’t press the back-button. Fair enough, I guess I’ll watch more of your stuff.

What I loved about this was that the secret video jumps whenever the product name is mentioned. It even says “Hey this is Andy again” at the beginning. It makes you think that this video has been used before for a different product.

So..is this Ron or not? What’s the name of this experiment? “The *garbled* system?”.

Most people wouldn’t really notice, but to me, it just shows that this is a recycled product that has been used multiple times before under a different name. They’ve edited it out though.

Here are a few examples, I’ve put a slash “/” in to show where it jumps. If it happened once or twice, you could forgive them, but every time? Come on!

“I left something out on purpose from the original/this system”

“The proof that the/system works is right here.”


Anyway, the whole purpose of this video is to introduce you to a secret profit multiplier. It’s brilliant. You get to see testimonials saying how “Andy” has blown people away with his profit tweak upgrade. I thought his name was Ron?

They try to get around this by showing a photo of him as “Ron Andy Banks” haha. Classic.

Now we’re in the sales funnel proper.

The secret profit upgrade tweak costs $197 and the video basically sells you on that. Hey now that you’ve paid $7 and are inside, you’re much more likely to pay $197 to keep going. You’ve made the commitment.

Let me tell you something, it’s impossible to keep going.

The product itself is another piece of BS, and it will be just as empty as the last piece. You can’t do anything with the $7 you’ve already paid, there’s no product to use. You’ve paid $7 to watch a video preaching about another product which isn’t even related to the Bank’s Experiment.

It’s just as I suspected, all hot air, smoke, mirrors, and BS.

They make it difficult for you to get a refund so that you’ll eventually give up, or keep buying products until you’ve lost track of what needs refunding.

I’m not surprised, but I’m disappointed to tell you to stay away.

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