It seems that landing a work from home job is all the rage these days and there are a lot of people looking to capitalize on your want to land a legitimate telecommuting job. There are a lot of websites out there offering work at home jobs, but only after you pay them money up-front. is one such site. You need to stay sharp and remember to always do your research.

Is a Scam? boasts a whopping 1,000+ work at home job directory. They claim to have listings of open positions in everything from data entry, to hr positions, to graphic design. The catch is that you’ll have to fork over $40 per year to gain access to the job postings.

I know you’re probably thinking that $40 isn’t too much if you’re pretty much guaranteed a work at home job. But, I wouldn’t be so sure. A lot of user reviews have pointed out that the job directory is outdated, hardly updated, and littered with more “business opportunities” than jobs. You know, the kind of garbage that requires huge upfront fees to teach you how to do basic affiliate marketing. Other complaints include expired listings, postings that link to companies that no longer exist, and ridiculous experience requirements.

Actual Testimonials

Considering they have a 60-day moneyback guarantee, I was ready to spend the cash and take an inside look myself. However, the detective in me took over and I wanted to learn more before spending the money. I’m glad I did. Here’s why.

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They DO list jobs in their database — if you want to make hairbows that may or may not be accepted; if you want to do telemarketing; if you want to be a typist. In other words, things that aren’t going to make you any money and things you can find for free on or in your local papers.

They do have a “guarantee” — but TRY to use it! If you sign up and immediately see there is no plausible match for you and the “positions” in their database, you can not automatically get your money refunded. You MUST keep trying to get a position for 60 days and then PROVE that nobody was willing to take you on and pay you.

I signed up for the work from home and business opportunity package. Their business opportunities were either affiliate marketing link or quickly written “reports” that told me to grow cactus, sell things on ebay or do yard work for people.

COMPLETE WASTE of time and money.

There are a lot of complaints regarding members losing access for no specified reason at all. Case in point:

I joined, and wasn’t really able to find the right job for me. However, after having this membership for about 3 months, I logged on one day and was instructed to contact customer service. I did so, and after a few days found out that my membership was suspended. Why? I still don’t know. I asked them to contact me and give me a reason, and I’ve never heard a word. So, there goes my money. I would advise against ANYONE signing up to this site!!!

Another mysterious cancellation:

I recently signed on to this site for one year. They claim to have this auction site that you can go to, but every time I tried I was asked to log-in again and again and again and still to only be sent back to the home page. I have sent e-mails to them without any answer at all. When I asked to be reimbursed for this they just turned around and locked me out of their site. I would recommend that no one sign up to this site, my feeling is that as so many others they just want the money. Stay Away!

I sent “Money from my $40. If I even thought I could ask for my money back,I would.Of course it took several days of using their site to realise that so many of their listings were long ago withdrawn.There were many duplicates as well. Also, excuse me, but alot of them sounded like scams right off the bat. Yes they advertise a great deal of “listings” BUT you view them 5 at a time and there is no way to book mark and retrieve a listing or keep your place. Then sooo many times I would be looking at their listings and be 1 or 2 hundred listings in for example and their site would crash. This was very frustrating as now I have to start completely over at 5 at a time.I contacted their tech support and was told,” Problem must be on MY end.”Hope this was helpful.

A lot of the “job listings” aren’t even for jobs at all, but for “business opportunities.” Who would want to pay $40 just to be told they have to put out even more money?

They are very deceptive, a rip off, and a scam to sum it up. First of all they charge you $39.95 which seems to be the going price for scams. They promise you they have listings for 1,000 or more jobs.

What they don’t tell you are some of them are white collar jobs, they’re outdated, meaning they aren’t hiring anymore. They hardly if ever get new listings. I’ve been signed up with them for several months and they’ve still got the same listings.

They also don’t tell you that some of the jobs they have listed you also have to pay for. One for instance was Data Entry Business. They also were deceptive and they won’t give you your money back even though they promise that if it doesn’t work they will. You sell products and use clickbank so it can end up costing you $100’s of dollars because you get charged each time someone clicks onto it. I was so glad that I saw this sight because I’m really tired of all these scammers and they need to get caught. I just wanted to get this out there mainly because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Contact Information

MoneyFromHome has taken great strides to hide the names and phone numbers of it’s owners and employees. They also own a number of websites all pushing the same information. The domain names all run by the same company are,, and

Here is their business listing:

Abili-Staff Ltd.
Emil Shmartsko
2810 Thousand Oaks #400
San Antonio, TX 78232

Their website claims that “We also provide live support by phone 9 am to 5pm Mondays-Fridays.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a single phone number listed anywhere on any of their websites.

Possible phone number: (210) 497-5907 – unconfirmed

Alternatives to

For starters, you can check out our Free Directory of Online Money Making Opporunities. It’s free. There are over 80 position listed, and none of them will cost you a dime. You can also visit Freelance Pulse where Brian, the owner, lists nearly 100 work at home job listings every day. There’s also the Monster List of Freelance Job Sites at

Bottom Line: Those three links should help you get started with finding a real work at home job. Best of all, you won’t have to pay anything in order to use them. Stick to these sites instead of sites like

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  • cm

    I signed up with (Abili-staff ltd), on 1-28-10. This week
    (2-9-10) I see that the site is no longer functioning. Emails get returned as undeliverable as well. ABILI-STAFF IS A SCAM!!!!! I paid $40 for worthless”job leads”, and only for about 1 1/2 weeks none-the-less. Filed a greivance with the credit card company, but I don’t expect anything will come of that either. What scumbags.

  • Mark

    Google Earth has the address you mention in San Antonio, Texas as a small corner mall.
    Maybe by finding out who is the manager of the mall someone can find out if there is a firm called Abili-Staff Ltd that is there.
    Unfortunately, the pictures you can see via google earth aren’t clear enough to see if the store exists…

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