Let’s make one thing clear: big businesses do not hire random people to handle their incoming and outgoing income. They have accountants, payroll, financial departments, and many more systems in place to make sure their money is well accounted for. They do not mail checks to strangers in order to “process” them and they most certainly do not pay lucrative amounts to do this.

Don’t work for Attracorp.

This scam begins when your resume is found on the web. You’ll receive an email saying you’re the perfect fit to work for Attracorp and the owner of the company, Mr. Jackson, would like to meet with you first thing the following morning. The email will look a little something like this:

Your Careerbuilder Resume,
hi this is Linda with Attracorp. I’m the personal assistant to Mr. Jackson who is the director of marketing for Attracorp. Mr. Jackson is in the Phoenix area on business and would like to meet with you about a possible position with our company. Mr. Jackson is available tomorrow (Saturday) at 9:00am. He can meet you at:
You may visit our website for more information on AttraCorp. Mr. Jackson will go into details on who we are, what we do and the compensation package. This is a telecommute position which means you would be working with our company from your home. You will need internet and a computer. We are looking for people both part-time and full-time.
If you are available please hit reply and verify as Mr. Jackson is on a tight schedule and has a limited number of interview times available.
Thank you,
Linda Weihlberg
Executive Assistant

The email certainly sounds legitimate. After all, what kind of scammer runs face-to-face job interviews? Should you decide to meet with Mr. Jackson, you’ll quickly learn that the job entails processing refunds for FedEx and UPS, but you’ll need to purchase the software plus leads from Mr. Jackson ranging from $47 to $197. Should you turn down his offer today, it will cost you $597 in the future. Did I mention that Mr. Jackson accepts cash only?

Let’s review.

  1. A stranger finds your resume online and tells you that you’re perfect for their company.
  2. You meet for what you think is a job interview, but it is a sales pitch to buy software.
  3. You have to give away hundreds of dollars in cash, up front, to a complete stranger you just met.

What the hell kind of job is this? I’ve never had to pay an interviewer hundreds of dollars to work for the company. That’s completely ass-backwards and makes no sense.

One final note.

It is a scam that was quite popular a couple of years ago. They will charge you a tidy sum of money for “processing software”. Only you will find out that their software does not work properly and cannot connect to UPS or Fedex networks. On top of that, nobody will give you their private information necessary to process rebates.

Stay far away from Mr. Jackson and Attracorp. Far, far away.

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  • Mission0ps

    That’s such a trye story that rings a bell … reminds me of PGM Mentors what a rip off that was they were charging 1000’s for cloned ebay selling information, that ws basically free on ebays pages .

    Thanks for bringing Mr. Jackson and Attracorp to my attention their on the blacklist!

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