Quick Summary of Home Jobs Source

Rating: 1 It's a rebrand of a common scam.

The Good: You can make some money if you're lucky.

The Bad: The earning claims are wildly inaccurate. The sites and sales pages promoting this product are not truthful. You aren't going to make millions by posting links online.

The Bottom Line: My advice is to stay away from this program, which will not help you get set up as a true affiliate marketer. Learn how to build a legitimate business online instead.

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Home Jobs Source Review

Working at home is a goal you might be looking to achieve. I mean, who doesn’t want to set their own hours, drop the commute and still earn a decent wage?

That’s why when I came across Emily White and her Home Jobs Source, I had to do a write up for you.

What is Home Jobs Source?

Self touted as “the #1 work from home system”, Home Jobs Source claims that you can make a full time income of over $150,000 a year with part time hours!

There are numerous adverts for this system, all of which suggest that you’ll be working for big name companies and banking big wages, but none of the actually tell you what you’ll be doing.

Basically the idea is that you pay an activation fee of $97 and you’ll get access to training and links to post to various places on and offline. If people buy via your links you get a commission.

Sounds simple right?

Home Source Jobs steps

The Shiny Lure

A concern I have with this system is the way it lures you in with a promise of huge pay days.

The sales pitches I saw even compared this system with “scams” that offer people earnings of $40,000 per month, and saying those are unreasonable.

Yet $13,000 for posting links is legitimate? I think not.

You should be worried!

There are a lot of warning signs when you look at the various sales pages for Home Jobs Source, so many in fact you should be very worried if you’re considering taking their offer up!

Firstly is the fact that this is a link posting system. These systems rarely make much, if any money.

The reason for this is that although affiliate marketing (which this is a sort of version of) can and does make people a lot of money, the way link posting goes about it is ineffectual.

You’ll be provided cookie cutter links and text and told to place the links in all sorts of places such as forums and social networks. Not only will this no doubt annoy friends and family but in a lot of places these links are considered spam and will get you banned.

Even if you do get some clicks, affiliate commissions are usually a small percentage of the product value, so unless the product is high value you wont make much per sale. And let’s be honest, would you click a random link somewhere and go ahead and make a large sale? No you wouldn’t.

Affiliate marketing works because people trust the person who is promoting the product, they get value from the content surrounding the link and are warmed up to a sale.

The link posting that Home Jobs Source promotes is about as effective as cold calling someone, probably less effective.

What else is problematic?

Home Source Jobs Emily White

Emily White doesn’t really exist…

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There are other issues surrounding this system. For a start the pictures used on the sales pages promoting Home Jobs Online are generally stock photos. These scams combine stock photos with generic names to make it hard to track down actual reviews.

This might not sound bad but when the person supposedly behind the system is shown as a stock photo it doesn’t exactly instill trust.

Then there is the new network references. This combines both logos of new networks and an actual news report.

The video used is a generic report that has been hijacked by countless shady system creators and outright scammers to try to legitimize their products.

If you listen carefully you’ll notice at no point does the video mention Home Jobs Source, or any product, by name.

The logo’s are also their to instill trust but at no point has Home Jobs Source been featured in these news outlets.

Then there’s the professionalism of the site – their grammar and spelling is atrocious. I know that might seem a minor point but frequent spelling errors suggest a lack of professionalism and legitimacy.

What about the refund?

It’s true that Home Jobs Source does indeed offer a 60 day refund, but if you check the terms, the wording of this refund is worrisome:

Refunds:Home Job Source offers a 60-day refund policy from the date of purchase on the intitial [sic] product purchase price only. All we ask is that you examine everything and put forth an honest effort for the first 30-days and you’ll make money – it’s that simple!

Who gets the final say on whether you managed to “put forth an honest effort” or not? This is not exactly an iron-clad refund guarantee! You can always issue a charge-back with your credit card company or bank to recover any lost funds if you are unhappy with their service.

The Bottom Line

The program Home Jobs Source by “Emily White” is just another iteration of a lengthy scam operation that has spanned several years, names, and stock profiles. It’s a common scam that touts affiliate marketing as something it’s not.

While posting affiliate links can make money, more often than not it either fails to make a dime or the earnings are incredibly poor.

The people behind this system want your money and that’s it.

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