As long as new data entry scams keep popping up, we’ll keep knocking them out of the park. From Home Data Entry is no exception. It surfaced mid-summer and is employing new tricks to lead victims to believe that new method of data entry has surfaced and is profitable. It costs money to join. Yes, instead of getting paid, you have to pay your employer. Sounds kind of backwards, no?

Don’t Work for uses a different approach to lure you into buying a data entry job. Instead of the usual sales pitch that goes a little like MAKE SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS NOW, they, instead, offer you a free trial that consists of 7 data entry assignments. On completion of these assignments, you’ll receive a $10 credit to your account.

If you complete all 7 assignments, you’ll have $70 sitting in your account and you’ll probably be ready to do more work or at least cash you the money you’ve made. However, if you want to do more work, or even receive the money that is due to you, you need to first become a paying member.

Let’s try this again.

In order to make money at, you need to first pay them money.

Does your head hurt too?

Why the hell would you need to pay someone to give you money? That’s like your boss asking for a five dollar bill in order to hand you your paycheck. It just doesn’t make sense! And to top it all off, paying members must hit a balance of $1000 before cashing out!

Yea, you don’t want to join this one. Just in case you were still considering it, here are three more reasons to stop.

Shady Business Practice #1: You may NOT contact us.

If you click over to the contact page before signing up, you’ll be greeted with this lovely message.

In order to keep spam at a minimum, we require you to join our program before you will be able to contact us. It is free to join and once you do you will receive unlimited customer support.

Now, why would a business not want potential employees to be able to contact them before sending along money?

Shady Business Practice #2: Here, uhh, use this form.

As you complete your trial assignments, you are directed to use a form to submit your answers. The form can be found here: and it is the same form used for every assignment. The form was generated using ‘PHP FormMail Generator’ and after looking through the source code, it didn’t look like the form actually did anything. Yes, you could fill it out entirely and press submit, but what happens after that?

Shady Business Practice #3: WHOIS? No thanks.

One way to find out more information about a company is to lookup the WHOIS information on their domain name. This will give you the contact information of the owner if the registration has not been set to private. The contact information wasn’t set to private for but rather, this is the listed contact information.

City, USA 11111

Now if someone from City, USA could go down to Street and check on FromHomeDataEntry for us, that would really help us out. Wait, what’s that? Oh, it’s not anything at all. Hmm.


But none of that compares to…

How to Get Unlimited Amounts of Money Credited to Your Account

I ALMOST want to join just to see if I could get them to pay me a lot of money. After every assignment, you are sent to this page: where you have to manually type in your username and password in order to receive “credit” for your work.

The thing is, you can visit that page at any time and submit your username and password for free $10 credits. After you submit your username and password once, you can press refresh as many times as you wish and $10 credits will keep arriving in your account. I’m currently at $1600. Surely, a legitimate job would have much better security systems in place that would prevent it’s employees from depositing thousands of dollars into their accounts within seconds.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say they don’t care how much or how often you credit your account because they have no interest in paying you in the first place.

FromHomeDataEntry Contact Information

Numerous attempts to get in contact with these people have failed. At first, I tried calling the phone number listed on their website, but every time I called the phone rang twice then went to a recorded message saying all representatives were busy and to send in an email. Questions sent via email have yet to be answered.

Phone Number: +1 (206) 666-4935
Email Address:

As always, leave a comment below regarding your experiences with the company.

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  • gideon kotze
    gideon kotze

    yes they are a bunch of scammers. Steal from the poor.

  • peter

    Yes I strongly agree with you all, fromhomedataentry is a big SCAM, i fell into their prags too, i had to pay $33 worth of a hundred unit after completing the first seven assignments.

  • Upendra Varma
    Upendra Varma

    To readers I got this reply without 107 assignments submited detailed report with following reply now:
    It does not matter if you agree with it or not. You violated the terms so we are unable to pay you.

    Thank you,
    Tina Cooper
    Customer Service Rep.
    From Home Data Entry

  • Upendra Varma
    Upendra Varma

    Thanks Steves and for other readers I got my reply for after 3 month with several reminders and posting the same and my reply to them here please:
    The reason you were not paid is because you violated the terms.

    Thank you,
    Tina Cooper
    Customer Service Rep.
    From Home Data Entry
    Statement for payout request
    Payout Request Status
    Assignments Submitted
    Complete Assignments
    Incomplete Assignments
    Terms That Were Violated*
    4, 6, 7

    * To see a list of our terms please go to and click on the “Terms” link.

    After a thorough review of your assignments, we have found that your assignments are in direct violation of the terms. These are the terms which you agreed to upon joining our program, and again when you upgraded your account.

    Your account has been formally terminated according to the terms which you agreed to. This action taken by From Home Data Entry is in full accordance with the Payment Services Agreement governing the use of your Account.

    Should you feel the information providing the basis for the action to be taken by From Home Data Entry as described above is in error, please review the terms and contact From Home Data Entry pursuant to the contact information below.

    From Home Data Entry appreciates your consideration and understanding in this matter.

    From Home Data Entry
    Resolutions Department

    My reply to them:8 March, 2011,
    Tina Cooper
    Customer Service Rep.
    From Home Data Entry

    I do not agree with your deny for 4,6,7 terms violation. The assignment I did is in the same fashion which
    I completed your first sample 7 free Assignment. After completing those Assignment Result showed
    successfully completed that particular Assignment and $10.00 credited to my account.

    Same way I completed all remaining 100 Assignments with credits of $10.00 in account each time.
    Had you shown that my Assignment is not perfect in first 7 free assignments then I wouldn’t Pay $25.00
    and join here and WASTE HALF YEAR TIME and Money.

    What is your meaning at the end of Assignment you are saying Successfully completed and $10.00 is credit to your
    account. That time you should say it is NOT COMPLETE SO MANY MISTAKES FOUND and $10.00 not credit or
    $5.00 credited to your account.

    I do not agree with decision for deny my Payment.
    Please give assignments wise how many mistakes are you found.

    Waiting for your reply soon.

    Upendra Varma

  • Appreciative Reader
    Appreciative Reader

    Thanks everyone for your comments, because I read this site before sending FHDE any money. I tried their 7 first assignments and got support answers for my questions, but it was surreal. Here they are asking for me to catch errors in texts, but the support replies were full of errors in grammar and spelling. Any specific question I had to see how to better give them what would be useful for them was answered with things like, “Oh, your work is just what we’re looking for.” Huh? I know that what I submitted was deliberately defective, and they said it was “perfect.” NOT!
    The last straw was when I challenged them on their sloppiness and they crabbed at me to not send them any more support emails or else they will report me to the police for harassment. Now that’s a switch!! That’s when I found this page and all the scammed members, so I knew it was all a bad joke. Criminals never sleep, apparently.

  • Upendra Varma
    Upendra Varma

    That comes to $1,070.00 due since February,2011. After sending many emails reminders, Fax and Phone calls but all the recorded message come.
    USA government is responsible for My this due Payment. And others all customers world wide they have cheated. “100% SCAMFREE Tested and Legit” with logo on there ” “site is huge crime. That testing authority should stop showing on this site and action must be done for not making our payments.

    US Government is in Washington city and same place near by streets for years this crimes are at Seattle, Washington. Authorities, Senators in their leisure time just dial this side street local numbers Phone: +1 (206) 666-4935 ,Fax: +1 (206) 203-1718 and will come to know FACT!

  • Upendra Varma
    Upendra Varma

    I am also one of the I did not receive my Payout check from you even after 8 weeks over today.
    My details are as follow for your reference:

    Name: Upendra Varma
    Add: #11A Orcades Place, Lynfield
    AUCKLAND -1042

    Purchased on 7/9/2010 ‘C100 Pack ‘ by paying US$25.00 using VISA credit card to you.
    Order Information: 53247622.
    Code ID: 20754.
    Payout request on: 12/11/2010.
    victim of this scam and my details are as follow:

  • igos

    Let me add also that to support the question on whether or not “” is the same with “” is this:
    Try to open this site:

    When that site opens, just type in there any imaginary log in details and it will direct you to “”.

  • igos

    Hello to everyone,

    Hakim is conrrect that is the same with the schemes and terms are all the same.

    It appears that they both advertise in the same ptc site (

    I am thinking that if all who have already upgraded and paid so much to be a paid member on either of these sites ( or secrethomedataentry), why can’t we pool our resources together in posting with the same (the same ptc site which they used to lure their victimes) an ad which says WE HAVE NOT BEEN PAID DESPITE DEMANDS. I think it will cost just $2 to post an Ad there. A small contibution perhaps from all of us will easily raise the needed amount to be able to post the said Ads with clixsense. Possibly $0.10 from each of us will easily raise the minimum cost for advertisement. Let us do it in the same venue where they LURE future VICTIMS.

    I think an Ad simply telling that “WE HAVE NOT BEEN PAID BY *** DESPITE DEMANDS” is not against the law because we are simply telling the TRUTH.

    Count me in, just tell me the paypal email address to where I can send my contribution for such campaign.

  • Hakim

    Hey guys, beware of this website.

    Its identical to frmhomedataentry!

  • BGT


    Clixsense have replied to my mail and have told me that they will investigate fromhomedataentry[/quote]

    FWIW, I got the FHDE link from a Clixsense ad, in NOVEMBER 2010. So, if Clixsense is “investigating” in February, 10 months should have turned up SOMETHING. Right? Please tell me it isn’t so!!!

    IOW: there is no “investigation” going on.

    Clixsense is not obliged to reject advertisers who practice fraud.

    And viewers of Clixsense ads have to be careful not to get involved with scams advertised there, even if they really, really want to believe that Clixsense is going to take care of them like a nice daddy should.

    GROW UP!

    There are scammers out there, so let the buyer beware, as they say.

  • BGT

    Well, isn’t this a surprise? NOT. I just finished with FromHomeDataEntry, because the infamous Tina Cooper threatened to SUE me for harassment if I attempted to contact her again. Imagine a Support rep suing a customer for harassment?! That’s a switch. Imagine Sears/Roebuck the day after Christmas: “If you come back here one more time with that broken toaster, I’m gonna sick my lawyer on your ass!” I don’t think so.

    Anyway, I had none of the problems shown on this page. Which might seem weird, but there’s a reason. You see, Tina told me that my first 7 trial assignments were “perfect,” and that mine was “just the kind of _work_ we’re looking for.” She should have said, “_performance_,” but we’ll give that one a pass.

    What I can’t give a pass for, however, is Tina’s persistent grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in her own communications to me. I exchanged several emails with her, and finally told her that I could correct her mistakes, but she is wont to DEFEND them to me, so forget it. I said, “Please let me speak with your supervisor.” Well, Tina took a long time to reply to that one. When she finally did, she said that SHE IS THE MANAGER, and that what she says goes. At that point, I figured that:

    A) Either that’s the truth, and therefore Tina is the entire company, which amounts to one computer, one ISP, and a pet snake watching her type her mistakes while she scolds you guys for making mistakes, or,

    B) It’s a LIE, and there is someone else conspiring with her, but whoever he is, he’s not about to take on a guy like me who can see through their scam without ever having found a list of the disgruntled (notice the final “d” in disgruntled) victims who’ve wasted however many dollars on however many hundreds of assignments only to find they’ll never be paid a red cent.

    You see, one of the things that got Tina ticked off with me was my insistence to see verifiable payment proofs. All she could offer were webshots of PayPal from 6 months ago (obsolete) with the account numbers blacked out. I said that I need to see payment proofs that I can verify, or else I must conclude that they’re all FAKE. That was the last straw for Tina. She said she “obviously” could not supply account numbers. Well, DUUUUH, if she did, then I could look up the transactions and find they never happened. So, no, OBVIOUSLY, that would defeat her purpose: to scam me.

    Anyway, I’m done with FHDE, and thanks to this page, I don’t have to wonder anymore if I missed something. I missed nothing but grief, and that’s a good thing to miss, no?


  • Blacksugar72

    I did my research before sending in money, ,,I contacted the person at this business telling her that i hear they are nothing but scams,,,she replied back to me with a very interesting email..anyway i discarded it. But then a week later they sent me this email:

    First of all we would like to thank you for all of your support that you have provided for our company as we are in the process of growing.

    We are sure that you will be please to hear that we are now certified by Scam Free Zone.

    To verify this information just go to our home page and click on our symbol that says 100% Scam Free, and you will see us listed. If it is not clickable, just refresh your page and then you should be able to click on it.

    We are still in the process of becoming certified with the BBB which takes a little longer.

    If you have any questions about our certification just let us know.

    Thank you,

    Tina Cooper
    Customer Service Rep.
    From Home Data Entry
    Fax +

    From what i read on your site, and what i received in this email, i am staying away from this.

  • Bancroft

    Dishonest, Theives, liars, scammers, I paid $24.95 in a desperate situation to earn some money, many e-mails later and having completed the 100 Units, there is no MONEY now after 12 weeks. HOW Can we stop more innocent people from being cheated? There has to be a way to Jail these Crooks!

  • Jovitha

    i complete the 100 assignment for this company two weeks ago, and they send me an e-mail that i can only be paid after 6-8weeks wich i have doubt about it cause why its take so long to be paid something is not light and when i try to log on last night the web can not found i paid $24.95 for the 100 assignments . so pls if theres option to trace this company scam pls do so because its still goes on and on to betrayed people

    from Namibia



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