I try to avoid posting warnings about fake check scams these days because there are just so many of them and the general public has become increasingly aware of them. But every so often a scammer creates a convincing looking website and has a prolific run at scamming others.

KPL or KPL-Business.com is one such scammer. And hence, my warning.

Do NOT Work for KPL-Business.com

Here is the job description lifted word for word from their home page.

  • You will be handling our transactions in the US, acting as a Transaction Agent
  • You will need a personal checking account
  • We are offering you a 10% commission
  • This is a great money making opportunity, as this requires little of your time and your expected income will be around $10,000 per month
  • All your work is to receive wire transfers and send it to us via Western Union
  • You don’t have to pay any money to start working with us!
  • This can be your second job (part-time)

They’ve managed to include every single sign that points out this is a scam. These days, scammers are at least attempting to mask the scam as something else. Not KPL. They lay everything out in plain sight. Show a little modesty guys. Ick.

The obvious signs are the use of Western Union and the need for a personal checking account. Then we have transaction processing and high commissions. To tie it all together we have a promise of an easy $10k a month with little work.

These types of “jobs” want you to accept payments, deposit them into your own personal bank account and send a portion off overseas and keep a portion for yourself as payment. Here they refer to your payment as “commission.” Problem here is the checks are either fake or stolen and they WILL inevitably bounce. You’ll have access to the funds before they bounce though, allowing you to send the money away.

Some time after you’ve sent the money to some criminal overseas and after you’ve spent the money you were “paid” for processing the check, that check will bounce leaving your bank account thousands of dollars in the red. YOU will be held 100% responsible for that money and YOU will have to repay every cent back to your bank.

To top it all off, the entire operation can land you with a criminal record. The authorities may pay you a visit and ask why you’re receiving stolen money and sending that money to criminals overseas. It can get very, very messy.

Don’t even think about doing work for these guys.

KPL-Business.com Contact Information

This is the information listed on their homepage:

Odos Papagotou 87
15772 Zografou, Athens Greece
e-mail: office@kpl-business.com
US Fax: 1-866-657-1463

Additional names and email addresses used:

Aristides P. Panagiotis
Petros Souretis
Danny Carter

And their whois information:

robert LUTSCH
1901 mills ave

Their whois information is most certainly faked/stolen. The company claims to be from Greece, but the website is hosted in Asia. Unfortunately, the host is based out of Thailand and their support page is entirely in Thai. Normally, I could just send the host an update with a link to this page, but seeing as I don’t speak Thai, I cannot pass along the message.

Stay far away from KPL and any business that wants you to handle money. They are ALL scams. Every last one of them. Guaranteed.

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  • Teri

    As if you needed any further evidence that this was a scam, the area code for that phone number is from Oregon. So the guy who claims to be from Greece, is using a Thai ISP, lives in Ohio and has a Oregon phone number?! Sheesh!

  • Joanne

    If it’s not on your site already (haven’t looked) can I suggest you put a link to this site with some advice notes:


  • Daniel

    I posted an ad to place my car for sale on Ebay classifieds and got the attention of a similar scammer. First mistake this guy made was not contacting me through Ebay’s message system. Next, he actually used two email accounts using two different names, but continuing the same conversation.

    Then he said I would get a check in the mail and I had to deposit it. As soon as the check cleared, I was supposed to Western Union the money to a shipping agent who would come pick up the car.

    This sent red flags up all over the place. Definitely stay away from anything that looks like this.

  • Nerdizen

    You have to wonder why more than a few e-mails concentrate on scamming others, when in all likelihood that they would actually do quite well if they behave ethically and legally. The degree at which some of them perpetuate their scams, they could very well have a successful legitimate business online.

  • jagoda

    hi, thanks for the information, I never doubted for one second that this was a scam especially the moment I opened an email. I have my resume posted on a job service website and these guys keep sending me numerous emails with the same stuff and their link to their scamming website. I’m really glad somebody like you has posted this so that others will hopefully do their research and stumble upon this post before they get scammed. thanks again and keep up the awesome work!!

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