Today’s post comes from an I’ve Tried That reader who came dangerously close to losing a ton of money to a fake scheck scammer. If you’ve lost money to a scammer or even came close, help us spread the word! Use our Complaint Form to help get the word out!

The scam is being run by a guy using the name Ronald Trescott. I have no doubts that it’s a fake name. Read this post and my commentary afterwards to see how you can protect yourself from similar scams.

Do NOT Work for Logistics Support Systems,, and Ronald Trescott!

Company Contact Information:
Logistics Support Systems
Ronald Trescott, Ph.D. “Human Resources”
(347) 732-1094

First Email: (after I applied to be an Administrative Assistant – note the email says Research Assistant)

From: Logistics Support Systems
Subject: Re: CareerBuilder Job Application :CB023905 (Selected!)

Kindly remember to REPLY this email notification to officially accept the position

Hello There,

You’ve been selected for the Research Assistant position in the on-going 2011 LSS Research-Exercises on Business Enterprises nationwide. This position could easily be managed as Part-Time employment and the hours are very flexible.

Your Income

This position guarantees $100/hr for a start and could increase to about $120/hr subject to review of performance and commitment at the end of the month. You’re expected to put in just about 6-10 hrs a week. Hours are totally flexible. Weekly Bonuses for speed and detailed efficiency will also apply.

Also note: That this position is subject to another Upgrade Review within 3 months and you’ll be elevated to a Level 3 Research Assistant with a $200/hr income if successful.

Outdoor Research Description

To conduct a series of short Research / Evaluation outdoor exercises (all-expenses-paid where necessary) on selected business locations within your immediate neighborhood.

Research exercises will basically involve:

Making Quick visits to Business locations in your region
Noting Human Traffic / Clientele traffic levels
Describing Customer Service presence and Efficiency
Judging Security Consciousness and Awareness level
Describing general Staffs level of Professionalism

Accepting the Opening:

To accept this opening, simply re-confirm your Physical Address to enable completion of your enrollment by filling the form below:

Full Name:
Physical Address & Zip code:
Mobile No:………..(For sms Updates)
A response to this notification with the info requested above is required to officially accept the position.
After we receive your response and complete your enrollment, you will be sent another notification confirming your enrollment.

Ronald Trescott, Ph.D.
Human Resources
Logistics Support System
(347) 732-1094

Second Email:

That’s Brilliant. Your enrollment has been successfully completed.

Your Starter-Pack has been approved for dispatch and should get delivered to your Physical Address via USPS with Delivery Confirmation within the next 2-3 business days.

Your Starter-Pack will contain a note with clearly written-out Step-by-Step instructions to guide you to completing your Primary Research Exercise.

You will be entitled to an operational bonus as soon as you complete your Primary Research Exercise.

Your commitment to the Program is anticipated.

Welcome Aboard.

Human Resources
Logistics Support Systems

Third email:

From: Logistics Support Systems
Subject: Re: CareerBuilder Opening: CB023905 (Starter-pack)

Hi There,
We’ve just re-confirmed from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that the package with your Starter-Pack should get delivered any minute or within the next business day.

Kindly remember that your Starter-Pack will contain a note with clearly written-out Step-by-Step instructions to guide you to completing your Primary Research Exercise.

Please Note: You are entitled to an operational bonus as soon as you complete your Primary Research Exercise.
For this reason, it is very important you keep on the lookout for the mailman and notify us via E-mail as soon as your Starter-pack is delivered to you. This will facilitate the approval and speedy release of your bonuses.

Your commitment is anticipated.

Human Resources
Logistics Support Systems

After receiving this last email, I did receive a letter in the mail from them with two checks at $1480 each.

The instructions said I needed to email them to let them know I received them so they could release the hold that is on the checks. (I have not done this). really, you can put holds on checks? I intend to call the bank noted on the check and see if the account really exists and the monies are there.

The instructions further stated that after I deposited the checks, I was to go to KFC (the company name on the checks was KFC and underneath it says TEM-KIL Co. Inc. in Nacogdoches, TX) and buy a meal there and observe the crew and note if they were friendly, etc.

Then I was to go to Walmart and get 2 moneypak cards for $1100 each, on two separate occasions then send them the Moneypak numbers from the back of the card… hmmm… I can smell this part of the scam. I give them the numbers and they somehow take those numbers and remove the money from the cards rendering them useless. I’ll pass, thanks.

I have not done anything they’ve instructed. The checks are still sitting on my table with the letter. What agency should I report them to?

Our reader is absolutely right. The money that was deposited on the Moneypak cards will be removed by the scammer and the original checks that were deposited WILL bounce. It’s only a matter of time. Trust me on this. The money will be taken out of your bank account, the scammer will have already taken all of the money from the Moneypak cards, and you’ll be responsible to repay ALL of the lost money.

Never accept any position that has you sending and receiving money. They are ALWAYS scams and often they are illegal and can land you in trouble with the police or even the FBI. You don’t want to get caught up in these kinds of scams. Rip up the fake checks and breathe a heavy sigh of relief because you just saved yourself a few thousand dollars.

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Click here for a list of agencies that accept scam reports. As always, feel free to ask me whether or not a program or job is a scam. I’ll be more than happy to share my opinions.

Stay safe out there.

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  • Michael Wesson
    Michael Wesson

    I received a check for $36,050.00 from KFC underneath that is TEM-KIL., INC stating that I am a winner of the ultimate family reunion sweepstakes. $5800.00 to be used to pay taxes. To remove the electronic hold on the check I must send an email “DIRECTLY” to KFCPROMOTIONS@POST.COM to make official request to lift “HOLD” and an official release agent will be instantly assigned to “GUIDE” me through the Documentation & release process. What do you suggest?

  • Norma Payne
    Norma Payne

    I just about fell for this scam

    Hello there. I noticed that you visited the Caribbean Pools and Spas website recently and registered for a Subsidiary Company Manager position.

    Please, complete the attached application and fax back to me at your earliest convenience to 888-407-7501. If you meet all of our minimum qualifications, I will contact you within 3 business days of my receipt of your application.

    Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Angela Johnson

    Angela Johnson | Manager | Caribbean Pools and Spas |
    Ph: 407-477-4085 | Fax: 888-407-7501 | Email: manager@caribbean-pools-emails.c

  • Netter

    I think it’s funny that they leave your last name off the checks and only type in your first name, like the bank is really going to accept that.

  • Jose Francisco Alvarez
    Jose Francisco Alvarez

    Thanks for your important information about this scam , I receive a check from them but as you went into a research and thank God I found your scam alert! Thanks again!!!!

  • KevinC

    Thanks for the share, I guess there are people out there that are still falling for the old “deposit then send me this amount and you keep the rest” scam, but you would think that everyone has heard of it by now.
    Glad the reader didn’t suffer any lost and thanks for the post Steve. Keeping us on guard.. :)

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