I feel like I say this a lot, but this has to be one of the slickest scams I’ve seen so far. The website they’ve created is just so damn convincing. If I didn’t know they were using it to run a fake check scam, I would have never in a million years guessed that it was being used to rob people of money.

Don’t Work for M&E Properties

These guys will initially contact you saying they’re interested in finding work at home customer support representatives. The initial email doesn’t really reveal the job offer to be a scam. It’s this second email that gives it all away…

How are you? Hope you’re great! On 26th of May you will start your training and you’ll have to complete quite a few assignments, so let’s get started.

To begin with you must realize what my job is all about. As a matter of fact I own a local Coffee Shop but can easily continue my employment with M & E. I work in close contact with the Customer Service Representative (i.e. you). You are the first to keep me informed of any payments sent to me by property buyers, providing all relevant payment information and contact details required to handle the transaction. Once I receive the payment I am supposed to forward it to the assigned destination.

I do not receive basic salary as I work on a commission basis. If I’m absent you will be handling transactions on my behalf each earning you up to 7% per transaction as an addition to your base salary. I use my business bank account to receive payments from customers, so if you own a business account you can use it as well; otherwise you’ll be able to use your personal bank account.

During your trial you are supposed to handle at least one transaction. Let me make this point very clear using our current assignment as an example. Our company needs to receive a deposit payment for the property in Eastern Europe. The buyer has confirmed that the payment is scheduled to go through within these few coming days. Once the transfer is made and funds are available in my account I have to forward it to the property owner.
Normally it is done via bank transfer. But sometimes property owners prefer another way of payment – money transfer systems like MoneyGram or Western Union. In such cases I have to physically withdraw cash from my bank account and then send it to the assigned destination. I’m yet to hear back from them as to which payment method they prefer.
Our company provides escrow service for the investors – that’s why these transfers are not being made directly to the property owners.

Anyway you should be able to send payment using any of the above methods, and here’s what we will do to avoid possible mistakes.

1) You need to find the nearest locations of MoneyGram and Western Union that could make international transfers with sending limits up to $5000 and email their addresses and phone numbers to me.
You can get this information by calling Western Union on (800)-325-6000 (toll-free) and MoneyGram on (800)-666-3947 (toll-free).
2) You should call your bank to find out:
How much can you withdraw from your account per day (via ATM and in person at the local branch)? The limits may be too low without you even knowing it, so please check this out.
Check with your bank if you can make international transfers and how much this will cost you.
If the wire transfer has been made – does it go directly to your bank account or does it go thorough the correspondent bank?
The date when your account was opened. If you can’t remember the exact date just the year would be sufficient.
3) I will provide the client with the banking details of yours for the transfer I’ve mentioned earlier so the details required from you are as follows:

Bank name:
Your Local Bank branch address:
Account holder name:
Account type (checking, savings, business etc.):
Account number:
Wire Routing:
ACH Routing:

4) I’ll need your current address to complete all necessary paperwork for the hiring process.

By giving me your account information you also agree with the following:
The Company will not reveal your details; and will only remit agreed funds to the account at the times and dates specified prior each transaction. The Employee will not attempt to use any of the Company funds – even though they are properly insured against theft – other than those deposited in relation to the employment as agreed remuneration, and commissions.

I will also provide your details to our head office so they could arrange your first salary payment. Email me back as soon as you gather the required information.


The second the words Western Union or MoneyGram appear in an email, run far away. These two businesses are used primarily by scammers to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims. NEVER agree to take a job that has you processing payments or sending money via Western Union. They are always scams.

If these guys spent half as much time designing and developing websites instead of scamming people, they really could have a reputable web development business up and running. Unfortunately, they’re wasting their time running a fake check scam.

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    Katrina Aldan

    Hi all at Ive Tried That!! Thanks for this info, just wished ive known this site when i started searching online for ways to earn money. I was desperate when I had to stay at home to care for my sickly father who had cancer from smoking & had a 1 year old baby too. I paid for 3 different online websites because they look so legit & believe I could do the job which look so easy to learn, I was so stupid to believe them & I don’t make a lot of money, or should I say my husband don’t make big bucks from working 7 to 4 everyday. But now, I know most are scams, so I always make time to checkout this site & over the internet before I join any website or I join only those that are free. And always, always check their forum to see if it’s really paying members. So, I just want to say thank you for a great site & for looking out for us people trying to make extra income on the web. Love this site!!

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