May 2018 Update: This article was updated to remove the name of the person behind Push Traffic Inc. at their request.

Our post today comes from Ann who made excellent use of our complaint form. If you’ve had any negative experiences with an online company, click here and fill out our complaint form so we can help spread the word and prevent others from falling victims to scams.

Push Traffic, Inc.

This is a lot of detail, but the bottom line is that this company, plus a number of others, buy contact information from well known and respected internet marketers. A staff member then contacts those leads identifying himself as the internet marketer from whom they got the information.

Trading on the trust one already has for that individual, the Push Traffic caller (they initiate the contact by telephoning) offers “help” for future payment. After establishing a rapport he asks for credit card info to establish limits for advertising etc. They get the contact to sign and email or fax a “confidentiality agreement” back quickly. Most do without reading it carefully and miss the “fine print”.

The upshot is that the contact finds out Push Traffic has charged his/her credit card for all that the bank will allow (usually in multiple smaller transactions), which often results in an account overdraft!

When one gets no response to requests or demands for a refund and attempts a chargeback through the bank, Push Traffic’s lawyers argue on the basis of the signed “confidentiality agreement”. That agreement, by the way, spells out refund requirements which Push Traffic totally ignores when one makes the request in compliance.

My experience is only one of dozens. There are many places one can find reports and complaints against this company. I lost $4500 US but others have been scammed for up to $30,000. You can check:

the BBB

and countless other sites, forums and blogs.

Hoping you will post a warning to all who frequent this site so that they will avoid involvement with any of the companies.

Push Traffic Inc. Company Information
700 South Flower Street, Suite 1410
Los Angeles California 90017 United States
213-405-5323 or 213-405-5326

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of complaints out there and a big fat F issued by the BBB. I did manage to find a copy of their refund policy and have found that some people were successful in getting their money back. If you’re unsuccessful in getting a refund, it’s time to talk to your credit card company or bank and get them to chargeback the amount taken from these guys.

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Always, always, always do your research before sending away money especially so when you’re dealing with thousands of dollars. Don’t let some slick salesman pressure you into making a decision on the spot. If you aren’t given time to think about what you’re spending your money on, you’re better off keeping it.

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  • Jack J.
    Jack J.

    I just got off the phone with one of these morons, who somehow got both my hard-wired line and cell numbers, and woke me up via their 213-405-5326 number.
    When I asked Jeff, as he called himself, with a very thick southern accent what this was in regard to, he started harassing me about who I was and what my name was and how I should call back when I remembered my name. I should have only been within arms reach of him, nasty, nasty person!

  • Chris

    I posted before, an I am still as angry as I was then.
    A cusomer genrally moves through these states of mind with bunch:
    1. skepticism
    2. curiosity
    3. trust- to a point
    4. return of skepticism
    5. bewilderment
    6. disappointment
    7. outrage at no refunds
    8. fury

    I can guarantee plenty of fury, but not an internet business.

    He is a low-life con-man, a cheat, a swindler and a scammer. This evil businss is built on deception and ill-gotten gains. He succeeds by abusing our trust. As well, our trust in our credit card banks is misplaced. They do not provide a consumer protection service.

  • Ann

    This is a cautionary post for anyone seeking information about this business operations.

    The companies plus other unnamed individuals were named defendants in a civil damage suit filed July 2, 2010 in United States District Court, District of Northern California.

    Plaintiffs number 37 named, and more yet unnamed in a suit with listed complaints of RICO, Lanham Act, fraud, false advertising, unfair competition and elder financial abuse.

    There is more detail in the blog mentioned in my previous comment

  • Ann

    He is trying to settle with a few of the noisiest victims – may have something to do with the fact that there is a computer crime task force breathing down his neck.

    At any rate if you would like to have a say and see where you can report your ripoff to the authorities please visit:

    There is even an email address for direct contact with the task force.

  • Gail

    My dispute with all his companies and officers has been completely resolved to our mutual satisfaction. I hereby void and retract all related statements made on this site and any/all other sites.

  • Chris

    I have been fighting for months to get some justice from this despicable company, and recommend and to any newbies who are still bewildered by the poor service and abysmal attitude of the ratpack.

    This site has been useful to me. I was impressed to finally get hold of the refund policy in writing. This was never given to me when I signed up. One interesting little proviso in their refund policy, right at the end:
    “our refund policy can be changed at any time without prior notice.”
    Ho’s that for a slap in the face for consumer rights?

  • Gail

    Just to clarify (for Joe) about the seminar. During the sales pitch I told the fervent PushTraffic salesman that I really wanted to attend a seminar, as at that time they were far & few between in Australia. He told me that they were scheduled to conduct a seminar in Sydney in 5 months time, so that was one of the reasons I signed up.

    However, I kept emailing and asking for dates & location so I could book my flights & accommodation to Sydney, but they never replied. The seminar month came and went with no response from them.

    So, he had lied all along. There was probably no seminar planned at all, but it was just a ploy to get me to sign up. When I complained, he suggested I travel to LA for their seminar, which was out of the question and not what I’d paid for.

  • Gail

    I’d like to thank Ann for finding this great site and will add some further info. I personally lost $15,000 to PushTraffic. I had an extremely stressful time. The salesman & I discussed my business plans at great length and he assured me that PushTraffic would be the perfect solution for my business requirements.

    As Ann mentioned, I was urged to sign the “quotation” immediately and fax it back in order to get started. There was no mention of any contract, but I noticed later that the small print mentioned that I had read and agreed with the terms and conditions on the PushTraffic website.

    When I queried that I was told that it was merely a formality to protect their trade secrets etc. and not to be concerned.

    My PushTraffic experiences was totally frustrating from start to finish. I got nothing that I was promised and the few calls were worthless.

    I did give them a second chance, because part of the deal was that I’d be attending their seminar that was going to be held in Australia.
    But they didn’t even show up in Australia.

    Eventually I started posting complaint everywhere and created a blog & a private forum about it. 2 years have passed and he is angry about the the blog, but insists that I signed a contract, received the services I paid for and do not qualify for a refund.

    PushTraffic has such a bad reputation now that he transferred his scam across to other corporation names – IncFortune, SuccessRate and Dotintel. People are still being ripped off, some for up to $30k & even $40k!

    If anyone reading this is a victim, please visit
    which will give instructions about what you can do & which authorities you can lodge your complaint with.

    I am taking this scam all the way to the top. The wheels are turning and it won’t be long before he and associates find themselves in very deep water, which is where Internet Sharketers belong!

    • Joe

      Gail, you went to Australia for a seminar and they didn’t show? There was no seminar?? Please tell me you already live there!

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