Kinya’s mom has been getting quite a few disturbing, if not harassing, phone calls from a group of scammers. It looks like they’re after her identity and apparently will never stop trying.

My mother keeps getting these phone calls on her cell phone from a company that says they have important information to share with her about her credit card and she needs to call them back. Two things are wrong with this picture: First, mom doesn’t have a credit card. She got rid of all of them. And second, the company refuses to leave its name. It just says “This is your credit card company calling with important information on your account. This is not an attempt to collect a debt. We only wish to convey important information to you. This message is urgent and time sensitive. Please call us back at…” She actually won’t give me the number, otherwise I’d post it here.

She’s upset, naturally. She said she knows it’s a scam just because she doesn’t have a credit card. Also, another tell-tale sign: usually when your credit card company calls you, they tell you “This is Chase/Bank of America/American Express/etc. calling in regards to your account.” And, more importantly, most credit card companies communicate with you through mail first, using the phone as a last resort.

It’s important to listen carefully to the messages you receive on your answering machines. Scams are running rampant like never before, so we need to be extra cautious.

I know it seems unbelievable that someone would fall for this scam, but I imagine these scams are specifically targeting the older generation. You know, the less-savvy, “MY VCR WONT STOP BLINKING” group. So this post might seem basic to you, but you should forward along this information to anyone who might be targeted by this scam.

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  • Win

    This is usually a call from Mutual Consolidated Savings out of Washington State. It is a scammy company promising to help you reduce your credit card debt.

    The listener thinks it’s their credit card company offering assistance.

    They promise to assist you in reducing your payments for a small (here it is) fee of $640. ON YOUR CREDIT CARD!! They promise to help you save $2500.

    You get a book, Talk Your Way Out of Debt and some CD’s (value $30) plus some counselling. Virtually useless stuff.

    They prey on the old, infirm and ignorant.

    And they add to their credit card debt.

    It took me months to get them to return money to an 80 yr old man.

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