This site popped up online about two weeks ago and claims to have already made over $1.2 million dollars for its members. The people behind the site say they will send you 15 cents for every visitor you can get to click through your personal link.

Is TheMoneyKid a Scam?

The site doesn’t say much. You’re given a link once you visit it with the following instructions…

Watch your earnings increase each time someone clicks on your link. For each click the money kid will give you $0.15, for every 1000 clicks he will give you $150. There is no limit to the amount you can earn and the amount of work you put into spreading your link will determine the amount of money you earn.

I particularly like this section of the site:

How can I give you free money?

I can afford to give you free money because I make money from the traffic you drive to the site. The more people that click on your link results in higher amounts of traffic for the site.

Its simply a win win situation.

A model like this is in no way sustainable.

At best, advertising companies will pay you a few cents per thousand views. Yet, TheMoneyKid claims he will give you 15 cents PER VISITOR. I’ve partnered with a lot of advertising companies in my day, and never did they agree to pay that much money for a single visitor.

There is another link on the page to the Terms & Conditions. Like the rest of the site, it doesn’t say much…

In order to qualify for a payout you must of had at least 750 people click on your personal links For each 100 people that click on your link at least 20 of them must of had at least 100 people click on their personal link. We have the right to refuse your payment request if we suspect any frauduelnt behavior. If you meet all the requirements we will usually send your payment to you within 14 days of the request. These terms can change at any time.

At any point they can refuse to pay you for whatever reason they decide; however, if you meet their requirements they USUALLY send a payment within two weeks.

My opinion?

Don’t even bother with You’ll be doing a lot of work to make him money and you won’t get to see a dime of it. Stay far away.

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  • Steve


    The site was created on April 28th, 2010, yet the marquee claims that a few people have made a couple thousand dollars in April. It’s been online for three weeks now and the site has generated $1.6 million dollars?

    Yea, I don’t think so.

    I know how advertising sites work. You’re making the assumption that everyone who lands on his site is clicking on the ads. That doesn’t happen. I’d be amazed to find out if his CTR is more than .5%.

    If you’re promoting this site, you’re just wasting your time.

  • Tristan Ginnett
    Tristan Ginnett

    That’s not really a fair analysis.No where did anyone say they didn’t get paid, and including the clause that “your clickers must be active” gives a sense of logic.Advertising company’s pay for more than just impressions.I personally got $1.90 a click.If the strategy we’re worked out correctly,he could have one company paying him for impressions while the “major car manufacture” (like ford) banners on his page may pay handsomely per click.Theres always a mathmatical equation(+/-) between impressions and clicks.
    Team up a “statistic analysis” guy with a “traffic generation” guy,and the out come can be pretty closely predicted.

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