I’m really a big fan of home assembly type work. I’ve seen too many scams out there to really trust them and the actual legitimate opportunities are few and far between. Plus, they don’t pay very well and the hassle of receiving items, shipping products, and waiting for approval hardly make this type of work worth it.

One particular program I want to take a look at is called Wine-Keepers.

Is Wine-Keepers.com a Scam?

You have to pay $47.95 (plus $6.00 shipping and handling, of course) to get a “starter package” which contains details and instructions on how to make the wine keepers and enough materials to make 5 wraps. After you complete those wraps and send them in, you’re left to find materials for new wraps on your own and they’re apparently hard to find. Just a little side-note here: it costs you $6.00 in shipping to receive the materials, but they only reimburse up to $3.50 of the cost to ship the completed materials back. I find that odd.

Here is an actual customer testimonial…

I have heard of this one and posted it. It never got a response. I called the number listed and just have mixed feeling about this one. You have to find the supplies on your own. They do give some options on supplies but you have to get them approved by them. The pattern is not their own, I found it on another web site. The one bead that is used in this which is a twisted rectangular tube bead I could not find anywhere. The other thing and maybe I missed it is that I don’t think they re-imburse (boy I can’t spell. lol) you for supplies. I think that is why they pay so well. I just have mixed feelings about this one

Let’s follow this process all the way through. You need to pay them $50 to get training materials to start working. This packet sends you on a wild goose chase to hunt down specific beads and materials that are very hard to find, and if you manage to find these materials, you then assemble them into a ‘Wine Keeper’ and ship it off to Pamela Grant. She offers to pay $2 for each piece you complete, but will not reimburse you for material cost and will only partly pay the shipping costs you incurred.

I think there are much better things you can do with your time.

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  • Meagan

    I have also tried wine-keepers. The tube bead is only found on one beading website, a website that the same woman owns. The cost for the supplies is actually greater than what you get paid. You get a discount if you buy in bulk, so you may be able to cover your costs that way. Overall, I couldn’t make money at this. Also, my wine-keepers kepts being rejected because the end loop wasn’t meeting requirements. I sent in three different full units and they never accepted one wine-keeper.

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