Quick Summary of Big Profit Generator

Rating: 1 Just another sad attempt to scam people out of their money.

The Good: You get through to the fake auto-trader quickly.

The Bad: You have absolutely no idea how this auto-trader works. Also, there is no way to opt out of taking the $1,000 'bonus' money, which means you won't be able to cash out until you make many trades.

The Bottom Line: Unless you want to lose $250, stay away from this auto-trader. Better yet, invest in a business model that will actually make you money year over year. Check out our top recommendation on how to do so here.

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Big Profit Generator Review

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some top secret and very expensive auto-trader software out there that no one (except you) knew about? Wouldn’t it be great if this top secret and very expensive software was available to you to beta test, and for free?

Yeah, that’s the schpeel that the creator of Big Profit Generator, a guy named Patrick, feeds you from the minute you land on his sales page. As you watch his video, you get to read (and hear) nuggets like these:

big profit generator

Luckily for you, Patrick has singled you out to be a beta tester of a top secret auto-trading software called Big Profit Generator. But wait- it gets even better. Once the software is commercially released, it will cost almost $2,000 to purchase. However, for you and only you, this software is absolutely free to try out for two months.

With this software, plus a generous cash infusion of $1,000, you’ll be able to turn that $1,000 “into a profit of $40,000 and more within 2 weeks.” All you have to do is sign up as shown below:


Incidentally, when I attempted to pay the $1,999 for the software, I received a pop-up note telling me I had to try the software for free for two months. So, you really don’t have the choice as noted above.

Big Profit Generator also provides an odd “calculator” at the bottom of its sales page, which uses an unknown algorithm to calculate how your minutes could become big amounts of money. For example, when I input 4 minutes of time in my day, I found out I could earn $669 in that time.

How does the software work? Patrick promises he will disclose all those details “once you become one of us.” He asks that you input your name and email address first, and promises to show all beta testers how the auto-trader should be used.

Once you input your basic information in the first sales page, you are prompted to include more detailed information, including your phone number and a personal password, on a second sales page.

On this second sales page, a video describes how the software works optimally with only certain brokers “that profit only when you profit.” The video states that trying to explain why only certain brokers work with the software is too complicated. Also, such disclosure violates the proprietary nature of the auto-trader.

I don’t understand what is so proprietary or complicated about broker commissions being sent to scam software creators.

What about the customer testimonials?

The sales page also features these satisfied customers and their glowing testimonials:


So, who are these “account verified” newest members? I found Jamie McCormack hanging out on Shutterstock.


As for Maria Santos, she does side work as a denture model:

denture model

Kenneth Fitzberger also does a side gig on Shutterstock, as well as other stock photo sites.

stock man

But what about Big Profit Generator itself?

Once I provided all my personal details, I was instantly routed to a trading platform, as shown below. Notice that my trading account is already funded with $1,000. Also, I could not remove this pop-up window from my platform unless I first funded my account (which I didn’t).


There is also a chat function on the platform that initially encouraged me to wait 42 minutes before I reached an agent. This chat stops its timekeeping at the 11 minute mark.

The problem with receiving a cash bonus is that it almost always obligates the trader to make a set number of trades. Each time a trade is completed, there is significant risk that the trade will lose money.

This is certainly the case with Big Profit Generator. On the site’s Terms and Conditions area, there is the following statement:

These bonuses are deposited into your account pending a trading volume of 30 times the amount of the bonus. Therefore, in order to withdraw any funds, the preceding stipulation must be fully met.”

That being said, 30 x $1,000 = $30,000 of trading volume, which is a huge amount of money to have to trade. Also, keep in mind that when you lose your trade, you lose 100% of your money. However, even when you win your trade, you keep only 75-85% of the winnings and the broker takes the rest for a commission. So, you need to be really lucky with binary options trading to make a profit.

Incidentally, the current broker that you are led to sign up with is Binary Capital. While other brokers are listed on Big Profit Generator’s sales pages, they are currently crossed out.

What’s the real deal with Big Profit Generator?

How does Big Profit Generator really rake in the money? It’s not so much about binary options trading as it is about affiliate marketing. And more specifically, Clicksure affiliate marketing. Below, you can see that any marketer who successfully pushes the software on an unsuspecting customer makes $275.


In summary, Big Profit Generator is just another binary options trading scam destined to cost you money and waste your time. Don’t fall for it.

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  • Paul Agius
    Paul Agius

    Welcome to BigOption

    Jack HunterSupport Agent

    Shane MayersHello Paul Agius. How may I help you today?
    Paul Agius9:50 amHi Shane…. What is wrong with your organisation and profits Infinity? I asked yesterday to close my account and refund the money and they traded and lost $130,00 my account number is 815141
    9:51 amI now want a refund of no less that $200 or I will set up a legal claim as I have a copy of all conversations with your people
    This is not about trading it is about robbing people who believe you
    Shane MayersPlease wait one moment while I check on that for you
    Your account is connected to a third party automated software.
    It has automatically made some trades in your account.
    Please refer to this link to see all your Trading History:-https://www.bigoptio…-account/?activeZone=positions My Account – BigOption
    Paul Agiusalso you number crunching is wrong as 3 x 25 = 75 and somehow they deducted $125
    Shane MayersPlease note that your account balance is $77.75 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100.
    Paul AgiusI do not care about trading history I closed the account yesterday and you lost my money
    Stop going round in circles I closed the account when it was $202
    I am going public with this
    Shane MayersCan we call you Sir?
    Paul Agiusno
    no bullshit accepted Read
    Shane MayersPlease hold on i am transferring this chat to the concerned department and an officer in charge will surely help you.
    Thank you for your kind understanding.

    ort Agent

    Shane Mayers10:49 amHello Paul Agius. How may I help you today?
    Paul AgiusHello Shane i was talking to you earlier but I had to walk away as a couple of customers were in the shop
    Shane MayersOkay Paul.
    Paul AgiusNow we are not gatting anywhere with you guys as all you do is pass me on to someone who simply gives me more Bull Shit so How come my account is not making any money. The so called trader Steven gold has not even been in contact with me in over two weeks and as I said before I closed the account and there is also an anomaly of $48 at least so start with were did the $48 go?
    Shane MayersCan i have your expert trader give you a call back and assist you further?
    Paul AgiusI have been told that at least ten times and I keep getting phone calls with no name on my message bank just people talking in the background so No please not unless you can get someone to talk to me before 5.00 pm Australian time you can tell the time difference as it is now 10.55 am and it is Tuesday in Australia.
    Shane MayersOkay Sir the needful shall be done on our side.
    Paul AgiusSo shall i expect a phone call or an email can you check with why the account was not closed yesterday?
    Shane MayersIt is your expert trader who is handling your account Sir.
    Paul AgiusOk
    So get him to do his job properly
    Shane MayersThats why a telephonic conversation is needed for the withdrawal to be approved.
    Paul AgiusI did all that yesterday with a very lovely lady who tried to help and the account was closed do I have to say that 100 times.
    this is getting very frustrating. You guys promise a lot and deliver none and then you get the poos when we tell yo that
    Shane MayersWe do understand your concerns Sir.
    Its the procedures.
    Please refer to this link for the Terms & Conditions:-http://www.bigoption.com/terms-of-conditions/ Terms & Conditions – BigOptionTraders are advised to read all the terms and conditions before contracting any trades with BigOption.
    under section 12
    Paul AgiusThe procedure is designed to strip the accpount if the so called customer is not happy or simply wants his money back???????
    Do not come on with rules again.
    Thsi conversation is over you are not able to help so please stop with the bullshit
    Shane Mayers11:02 amIf you funded your account Sir that automatically means that you have accepted our terms and conditions.
    Paul AgiusThat does not give you the right to trifle whatever money is in the account.
    Now just stop and get the so called trader to call me/

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