BigCrumbs has been on our list to review for quite sometime now and we’ve been bugged in the past to feature it on our site (mortimas, ps23 I’m looking at you two.) Given that Christmas is rapidly approaching and more and more people are turning to the Internet for some last minute gifts, a proper BigCrumbs review is in order. In short, BigCrumbs will give you cash back on purchases you make online. In long? Well, keep reading.

Save Money Where You Can

The concept is nothing new by any stretch of the imagination. BigCrumbs has setup an affiliate program with hundreds of different online stores ranging from Adobe to Zappos. You use BigCrumb’s affiliate link just before purchasing and they receive a percentage of your purchase as commission for referring you to the sale. BigCrumbs then will give you a cut of the affiliate commission as a thank you for using their link.

That might sound a bit complicated, so here it is in image form.


Say you spend $75.00 shopping online at Since you joined at BigCrumbs and made a purchase through their link, will give BigCrumbs 10% of your purchase as a referral commission. BigCrumbs will then in turn, give you a percentage of what they received. In this case, that percentage is 63% and you would receive $4.72 in your BigCrumbs account.

Now, $4.72 isn’t a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination. The point here is that before signing up for BigCrumbs, you spent $75.00 at Target. Now, you only spent $70.28. Catch my drift? It’s not much when it stands alone, but it quickly adds up.

BigCrumbs is currently tracking over 350 retailers. If you’re about to make a purchase online, odds are you can save money by joining BigCrumbs first. I joined this morning and I’ve already used BigCrumbs to purchase two plane tickets through Southwest. I’ll be getting $5.40 back. I was planning on going over to Circuit City later today to do some holiday shopping, but I’ll be doing it online now. I’ve selected in-store pickup to save on shipping costs as well.

I’m very pleased with BigCrumbs and have no complaints thus far and I am currently kicking myself for no joining earlier. You do need to check out BigCrumbs for yourself though. Join the site and look at their offers and the retailers that are available. If you shop online, you’ll be saving yourself plenty of money.

Click here for more information on BigCrumbs.

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  • Ps23mall

    OK ,now you’ve gone tooooo far. what kind of review is this? Are you guys trying to sell books ? Are you just bashing Big Crumbs (available at- -,BTW) just to boost your google ratings?
    Big Crumbs was started 932 years ago by a little fat guy and his wife, and 12 little people type childrens. Opps wrong scenario ! That’s was Santa !
    never mind!
    Your all just a bunch of negative ,naysaying bashers ,who haven’t experienced the joy! Praise BC praise the founder Lenny Frye.

    You’ll all eat your words when I pass you on the highway in my vintage Ford Pinto some day. I’m on the road to financial freedom and I’m packin the car with as many hitch hiker I can mash in it!

    Just remember your closer to heaven if you fly your own jet. Don’t let anyone tell you your wrong. Long live Lenny Frye !
    I hope that starts the ball rolling on this topic. lol
    If Big Crumbs isn’t what it claims to be, I’d like to hear how.
    It’s down to earth, no hype , and if the guy off the street can’t appreciate it these days , shopping on line isn’t for him/her!

    Sorry guys ,after participating in BC for over a year now , I honestly can’t complain. I’m not getting rich ,but there are folks promoting more then i ,who are pulling in a few hundred or more a month. It might not be much to some , but it helps these days for sure!

  • Joe

    Obviously, what this thread needs is a good old fashioned flame war. You guys are too polite! Because I’m considerate that way, I will take on the role of cheerleader. There’s nothing like a perky chant and a tight sweater to get the naysayers riled up.

    Steve, you’re missing the big picture on Big Crumbs! It’s not just about saving money on a couple of purchases. You can channel the goodness of the Universe into your downline and affect their lives, past, present, and future. Big Crumbs is going to change the world! Just you wait and see.

    Now, haters will come along and say that it can’t work. That we’re crazy for wanting to change the world. But you know what I say to them? “I love you, the Universe loves you, but Big Crumbs will march on with or without you.” Why, we’ll donate more than…well, it’s a lot…to the Charity of Joe this Christmas season. And I’m working on a plan to pay my downline with Rebate Processor jobs so they can make even more money! So you see, folks, it’s not just saving the money. It’s saving the world!

  • Ps23mall

    Well all I can say is its about time Big Crumbs got some exposure around here Steve ! LOL J/k
    Mortimas and I will be the first to tell you ,your not going to get rich, retire and sail away on a yacht. But you will save money and actually make a few bucks each month. I won’t be one of those annoying Cheerleaders either, but no matter how your findings would have turned out, I’m glad you gave us a look at Big Crumbs. Thank you !
    If I can just add one shameless plug.
    For those not familiar with Big Crumbs , you might want to check us out!

  • mortimas

    dont forget, cash back on ebay purchases!!!!! dont worry, I will not come back to cheerlead…. basic program that works, nobody trying to change the world or telling you how rich you can get, just basic online savings in one place…. cool

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