Quick Summary of Binary Backdoor

Rating: 0.1 out of 5. It's a scam with espionage to boot!

The Good: You don't have to sift through fake trades and trading accounts.

The Bad: You are asked to engage in corporate espionage, which is punishable by law and could land you in jail.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this "we're going to scam the brokerage" scam.

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Binary Backdoor Review

Most binary options scams go to extreme lengths to prove that they are legitimate and are engaging in no dishonest means of member recruitment. Likewise, the scammers assure potential subscribers that no illegal activities are in play with their automated trading robots.

With Binary Backdoor, you don’t have to worry about all that ethical nonsense.

Binary Backdoor: Who needs ethics?

Binary Backdoor starts out with a whopper of a story by “Chad Kowenski.” This Chad claims that he knows exactly why you lose on trades even while using the latest automated binary trading software. The reason has to do with the brokers themselves, and the fact that they disable automated binary options trading software for new traders. New traders are considered new until they have been actively trading for at least five years.

How does Chad know all this? Because he worked, and still works, at a large broker firm. He’s been with this firm for six years.

This is all hush-hush,of course, which is why this guy is using a pseudonym.

Chad worked on commission at his brokerage firm. But Chad made little money this way, and eventually noticed that his new traders rarely stuck around for very long. After about 12 days, most new traders closed up shop and just dealt with their trading losses.

Chad knew that many of his traders were using automated software to trade. Yet they hardly, if ever, made profitable trades.

He eventually found out why from one of his colleagues. “It’s not the software,” his colleague said. “We’re blocking their signals! The software gets false signals from us to reduce their chances of winning.”

The signal blocker/scrambler, however, can be manually disabled, for traders that had been active for over five years.

What does an ingenious broker earning minimum wage and no commission bonus do with this info?

Well, if that broker is Chad, he creates a false trading account from home and then “ages” it at the brokerage so it appears at least five years old. He then lifts the signal blocker from his own trading account and makes a ton of money on auto-pilot virtually overnight.

But there’s one pesky detail that Chad overlooked…

binary backdoor1

Chad had to verify his false identity in order to withdraw his earnings. Because Chad had no false ID, his cash was stuck in his trading account forever.

Luckily for you, however, you can create a real trading account with the firm that Chad works for. Chad will then covertly age your account so it appears over five years old.

After Chad lifts your binary signal blocker, you will be free to use his own automated trading software and make a killing on binary options. And unlike Chad, you’ll be able to actually withdraw your earnings.

Best of all…it’s all legal!

Yes, you too can engage in corporate espionage

binary backdoor3

Yes- somehow, corporate espionage is perfectly legal! Never mind that the U.S. government imposes hefty monetary and criminal penalties- including imprisonment- for disclosure of trade secrets and other corporate swindling. Who cares!

Interestingly, Chad says that he is doing all this to”clear my guilty conscience.” He feels horrible about how his firm is stealing money from traders by blocking their automated trading software, so this is how he plans to sleep better at night.

But there is one side benefit to engaging in insider trading, at least for Chad…

Chad also provides the following trader “testimonials:”

Binary Backdoor 4
Binary Backdoor 5

Binary Backdoor: Ethical is relative

We know these traders are real because a site like Fiverr couldn’t possibly be selling fake testimonials, right? Especially when Chad is such an upstanding and ethical individual, right?



Chad’s brokerage is Glen Ridge Capital.

When you enter your contact information on the form provided in the second sales page, you are directed to Glen Ridge Capital. This brokerage is supposedly the place where Chad works and engages in his corporate espionage.

Keep in mind that, if you do sign up for an account with Glen Ridge Capital, the firm is based in the U.K. It is also, as per my past chat conversations with its customer support team, not regulated by the CySEC or the SEC.

This means that if you run into any snags with your account or your deposit, you will be hard-pressed to locate any impartial third party that can support your dispute.

Also, the brokerage requires a minimum of $800 to open your trading account.

Binary Backdoor is listed on Clicksure.

Chad claims he can only guarantee 10 spots for traders because any additional spots would arouse the suspicions of his employer and get him fired. If that’s the case, why is Binary Backdoor listed as an affiliate product on Clicksure?

ClickSure affiliate

Because Binary Backdoor is listed on Clicksure, fake positive reviews of this product are popping up all over the Internet. Each of these reviews contains an affiliate link going back to Clicksure. If these reviews are to be believed, at least 50 individuals have already signed up with Chad.

So much for keeping the espionage secret.


When a “secret” system of corporate espionage tells you that you can trust it, be very leery of those implications. There is typically no honor among thieves, and if you’re looking to dupe a brokerage into giving you loads of cash, the only entity who is going to lose money is you.

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