Quick Summary of Binary Interceptor

Rating: 0.2 It's a bilingual scam.

The Good: There are no fake customer videos to watch.

The Bad: The system is just a big scam, regardless of whether it's being broadcast in English or Spanish.

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Binary Interceptor Review

Binary Interceptor made me do a double take when I first saw the sales video. First of all, here is the default sales video:

binary interceptor

Robert Harper, portrayed above, has a Spanish accent and introduces himself as a binary options investor for over five years.

Robert looked really well-dressed and versed, so I wondered if maybe he was doing other acting gigs. Lo and behold, on a twin Spanish website called Robot Binario, I found none other than Raul Fernandez!

binary interceptor 1

Raul gives the same spiel in Robot Binario that Robert does in Binary Interceptor.

Anyway, going back to just Binary Interceptor, what is this system all about?

As Robert explains, it took him over five years of trading to become a successful binary options investor. Along the way, he and his team of fellow investors tried many binary options trading robots. Unfortunately, these robots just weren’t very good. So, Robert and his team decided to develop a “really good robot” of their own.

“After several months of development and thousands of tests, today, we have landed the best binary options robot. The Binary Interceptor.”

Robert attempts to play up the legitimacy of Binary Interceptor by stating how you’re not “going to win $3,000 on the first days.” Instead, “your winnings depend on the risk that you assume and the available money to invest you have.” Apparently, some users of this software earn $200/day, while others earn as much as $1,000/day.

What does Binary Interceptor do?

Robert says that the idea behind Binary Interceptor was simple:

binary interceptor 2

So, you simply decide how much money to invest in a trade:

binary interceptor 3

binary interceptor 4

Uh huh.

Supposedly, once you activate the Binary Interceptor robot, you’ll generate up to $900/day on autopilot.

What is even more amazing about Binary Interceptor is you get to try this robot absolutely free for 45 days. After that time is up, you will be charged the following amount:

binary interceptor 5

Exactly how the 15% will be charged is never explained. Luckily, you are only charged if you make money.

There’s something odd about the “customer testimonials”

We then see these glowing customer testimonials:

binary interceptor 6

Interestingly, if you perform an image search on these pictures, you’ll quickly learn that Keenan O’Riordan can be purchased from Free Music Projects:

binary interceptor 7

Luis Bonavita, meanwhile, is for sale through iStock.


Tracy Donovan is a stock image available on Shutterstock (search under Perky).

But wait! These customers have secret Spanish identities too!

On the Spanish site, Keenan O’Riordan is aka Oscar Martín and Tracy Donovan is Marisa Bellvert.

binary interceptor 8

What else smells fake about Binary Interceptor?

1. The usual scam sites are posting positive reviews.

As expected, scam review sites like binary -app-810.org have already posted positive reviews of Binary Interceptor. Also as expected, the binary -app-810 review is a complete word-for-word copy of the positive review of Gold Digger and Guaranteed Profits. Apparently, the Internet is full of trading apps that make you money while you sleep!

2. Binary Interceptor is on Clicksure.

If you look around Clicksure, you’ll find it full of scammy products that have an average 50% refund rate. Binary Interceptor is located right on Clicksure, right alongside a bunch of other binary options trading scams that reputable affiliate networks like Clickbank won’t touch.


Notice also that the Binary Interceptor system pays out a whopping $250 affiliate commission. This rather high commission explains why all the positive reviews of this product are linked to Clicksure or other affiliate networks.

3. The broker is BeeOptions.

If you decide to use the Binary Interceptor, you’ll be directed to Bee Options, the broker that is recommended by this system. BeeOptions, as noted in my previous scam reviews, is an overseas broker that is not regulated by any kind of SEC. As such, you’ll have a hard time seeking legal restitution should some issue occur with your deposit or withdrawal.

Also, in order to start trading with the BeeOptions platform, you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $800. This is a much higher amount than that demanded by other brokerages like Binary Book or Bloombex Options.

4. The license counter is complete bogus.

Binary Interceptor shows a license counter on its main sales page that decreases from 47 to 1 licenses available. However, if you refresh the page, the number of licenses is restored to 47. Now, how did that happen?

5. There is no actual integration between the app and the broker.

When you go to the BeeOptions brokerage, you’ll find absolutely no mention of Binary Interceptor on its platform, terms, disclaimer, etc. Aside from a logo that’s placed in the upper left hand area of the screen, there appears to be no actual integration between Binary Interceptor and BeeOptions.


The world of binary options is teeming with scammers who are out to get your money. It now seems that these scammers are targeting Spanish speakers too. Don’t fall victim to this bilingual scam.

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