For the past week or so, we’ve been talking about using blogging as a means to making a substantial income. It’s entirely possible and one of the very few legitimate methods of making a lot of money online. Hell, we’ve been doing it for over a year now and we’re making more money than we ever thought possible.

Prior to starting I’ve Tried That, Joe and I had little to no experience making money with a blog. It’s a little over a year later and this blog is consistently breaking over $1,000 a month. Not bad for part time work, eh? We spend maybe 4-5 hours each per week updating and maintaining the blog and money continually flows in. I’m telling you this because it’s entirely possible for you to make a similar income online with a blog.

Start with Blog Mastermind

We started this blog under absolutely no instruction. I bought the domain name, installed WordPress and we just started writing. Looking back, this isn’t the best way to get started. Yaro Starak realized that too many people are taking the exact same approach and ultimately failing at making money with a blog. Yaro, being the kind soul that he is, decided to help those who wanted to get started with making money with a blog and created Blog Mastermind.

Since we call ourselves I’ve Tried That, we had to try this program. Joe became a student of the program and instantly we were using Yaro’s teachings on our blog to increase our income. We’ve since completed the course, but constantly refer back to Yaro’s material in order to better our work.

Blog Mastermind starts by teaching you the basics, including how to completely setup a new blog. You’ll be surprised at how incredibly easy it is to actually setup a domain and a blog. From there, you’ll gradually advance to more intermediate topics that big-name bloggers are using on a daily basis to pull over six-figure incomes from their blogs.

If you have been holding for a legitimate way of making money online, Blog Mastermind is it. I highly suggest you join if you’re interested in pulling income online. We’ve tried it and made a lot of money doing so. We’re still offering $25 back if you sign up using the link below. Just be sure to email us after you join so we know where to send the money.

Click here to visit Blog Mastermind

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