I reviewed BlogRush earlier this week and had high expectations for the program. Essentially, headlines will be shared across any blogs that have the box displayed on their site. This roughly translates to free traffic for any blog that decides to display the BlogRush widget.


  • The dashboard is now fully functional and is tracking click and impression statistics. It also displays them in cool little graphs.
  • The referrals system works and new referrals are tracked.
  • Referral impressions are tracked and you now receive credit for referral impressions.

The Downside

Does this system actually work? It’s only been three days and we’ve generated a little over 1000 impressions, but how many clicks have we generated? A whopping: 0. Do you know the click through rate of 0 clicks per 1000 impressions? If you guessed anything other that 0%, you are wrong.

If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for some potential free traffic, give BlogRush a try and be sure to report any statistics back to us. I’m interested to hear of any success anyone has had with BlogRush. For now, I’m giving BlogRush 14 days to show some improvements before we remove it.

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  • Online Money
    Online Money

    I think we have to wait for atleast two months to know if it brings traffic or not. For me its working i got 30 clicks and upto 14000 imperssions. I hope it will improve more.

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