Quick Summary of Private Wealth Circle

Rating: 1 A poorly veiled scam that warrants less than 1!

The Good: There are no pros to this system.

The Bad: Everything about it is con!

The Bottom Line: This system is pie in the sky, only offering hype and BS! If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Private Wealth Circle Review

Most Binary Options scams follow some well rehearsed stories, often with just a tweak here and there to help them stand out from a (sadly) very crowded marketplace.

This weeks offering, Private Wealth Circle, follows a standard design, pattern and story that I have seen and written about countless times already.

The Video Pitch

Theis sales video doesn’t start off slowly. Instead it goes straight for that part of your brain that deals with greed.

From the get go, the video entices you with statements of earnings that suggest you could make on average $200,000 per week. That’s $10,400,000 a year.

The video down plays this slightly by saying you could easily earn just $3 to $4 million a year.

I’m less than a minute and half into this sales pitch and I can already smell the BS: it’s an overpowering reek of hype and lies.

private wealth circle lot of money

I doubt that….

The BS continues as the narrator spins his story of how a friend of his managed to get an invite to meet with a group of rich old people: the Private Wealth Circle!

Now, I’m sure there are groups of rich old people who get together to discuss how to get even richer, but surely they could hire a marketing agency to come up with a better name?

Apparently this special group of secretive people found a loophole in the financial markets and had an app designed to exploit it.

Sounds a bit fishy

It goes on that the narrator ended up becoming a beta tester (well it wouldn’t be a good story if he got turned down would it?) and then started making ridiculous sums of money per day.

He explains how he spent that money; fast cars, holidays, paying off debts and so on.

At this point in the video, the marketer behind the Private Wealth Circle system, have dug into your greed center in your brain and are filling it full of hopes and dreams.

And now the hook! You too can join this system as a part of another rounds of beta testers (Seriously? It makes one person $10 million in a year and you still need to beta test it?) and make oodles of cash!

Beware though there are only 25 places open! This limited capacity is BS though, it’s just a tactic to make you rush your decision. The fact is, this system is open to as many people as will join it: because it is all lies!

If it was only open to 25 people, why would they bother putting it on the internet and building an affiliate program around it? You wouldn’t! If you want 25 random people walk to your nearest community college and you will get a wide cross section right there without having to make a video!

Proof is offered in the form of some screenshots of the narrator’s Binary Options account, showing how $250 can be turned into $8000 in minutes.

This is not proof, this can be very easily faked.

private wealth circle fake money

I made this! Well, I FAKED this!

I gave myself over $1 million dollars in my Binary Options broker account that I joined as a result of signing up to Private Wealth Circle. I did this in the space of 10 seconds. It isn’t real, but I wanted to show you how easy it is to fake this sort of thing.

They stress that the profits you make won’t be subject to any fees, membership subs, etc. This is both a lie and a truth: the Private Wealth Circle probably won’t charge you because they will be making a commission when you sign up to the Binary Options broker. However the broker will take a cut of your winnings – anywhere from 20 to 30%!

The testimonials that appear next are obviously fake. If the lady was really rich, she could afford a better sofa than that tatty old thing. No, the reality is that these are poorly paid actors offering up testimonial services on websites like Fiverr.com.

On and on it goes, spewing out even more rubbish. It tries to soothe your fears about being scammed by suggesting it has nothing to do with those other scams. Instead you should just believe the proof they have offered – you know, the proof that can be very easily faked!

Signing up to Private Wealth Circle

After signing up, I discovered that this was exactly as I feared: yet another scam Binary Options system. There is nothing here but a “members” page that iframes (shows a website inside another website) the Binary Options brokers site.

The magic software is just the brokers software.

private wealth circle unbelieveable

So unbelievable I do not believe this!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Private Wealth Circle is just a scam. It has been designed by an unethical marketer (who give the rest of us a really bad name!) who just wants to suck you in so you make a deposit and they make a fat commission.

Avoid the Private Wealth Circle, it will do nothing but empty your bank account!

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