Here is the third follow-up on my Build a Niche Store review. This week has been fairly slow and I haven’t given nearly enough attention to this software as I had liked. In fact, I haven’t done any work on the site since the last update. However, I did manage to pull in yet another affiliate signup and two more eBay sales. Here are the numbers for this week:

Total Expenses:
$97.00 – Build A Niche Store Software
$14.75 – Domain from
$18.00 – Purchased three articles
$18.00 – Social Bookmarking Submission Services
$3.50 – Website Directory Submission Services

Total Traffic:

609 Visitors.
42 Clicks.
3 Sales.
$2.78 from sales.
2 Affiliate Sale.
$53.00 from affiliate sales.

Total Profit:

Again affiliate signups have been really surprising. I didn’t expect anyone to click on the ads, let alone sign up for the program. But, the signups have been the number one income generator thus far. There are a little less than two weeks remaining in my study and it’s unlikely that I’ll finish “in the black” at the end. I still highly regard the Build a Niche Store software and fully expect to eventually make my money back within at least two months. Let me remind you that this has been minimal work, and as the site’s popularity grows, so will the income and it will continue to roll in as long as the domain is active. What’s better than income that keeps coming in long after you’ve done the work?

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