I started my Build a Niche Store review about a month ago, giving myself the month of February to make back my investment. How I did will be revealed in a little bit, as I wanted to offer a little background information about the software first.

About The Software

Build a Niche Store (or BANS as it is commonly known as) is web-based software that automatically generates fully-designed and coded stores for you to use. However, these aren’t your typical stores. Build a Niche Store integrates with eBay’s RSS feeds to pull item listings from current auctions on the site. Essentially this means that you will have an entire store populated with items of your choice. You never have to ship a product, pay a listing fee, worry about auctions completing, or any other hassles that goes along with selling items online.

Now, this probably doesn’t make any sense to you. You’re probably wondering how exactly you make any money if you aren’t selling anything. The answer is simple: affiliate commissions. Since you’re referring people to make a purchase on an auction eBay will reward you with a percentage of the listing fees that they charge. You’re also paid for every new member you refer to eBay that registers and makes a purchase. These numbers are performance based as well, meaning the more you refer, the greater the commissions. Take for example the following table that breaks down earning percentages:

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Build a Nice Store Earnings

Using that table, here is a brief example of potential earnings. Through your niche store(s) if you were to generate 50 new users (ACRUs) and $5,000 of commissions per month your total monthly commission for that month would be $4,400. This number may sound out of reach, but with multiple stores with enough traffic, it actually sounds a little low.

Now, I hate when sites only quote “potential earnings” in order to make sale. So, I took the following quotes from the BANS forum, which requires a BANS purchase in order to join. I’ve left the names out to ensure anonymity, but rest assured, these are actual people reporting their earnings after using the Build a Niche Store software.

“In my excitement that I reached $340.62 since the 26th of Jan with my BANS store, I almost overlooked the fact that I had my 1st $100 day on Feb 4th with $107.28 all in sales, no sign ups that day. During that 11 day period since opening my 1st store I have had 75 sales. “

“After 10 days I am now getting 100 visitors per day and have made $237.00 so far. BANS has been a good investment for me…. thats for sure. Wonder what would happen if I optimized it a bit”

“On target to clear more than $4,300 from BANS over the last 30 days. Have five sites running (sorry, not going to share the niches, :-).”

The Simplicity of it All

Build a Niche Store is incredibly easy to use. Initially it sounds quite complicated. The idea of setting up a domain, web hosting, and web-based software will undoubtedly scare some people away. But, here are three reasons why this shouldn’t discourage you. First, the software comes with one of the most thorough guides I’ve ever seen. It goes through the step-by-step process of setting up a store complete with full-detailed instructions and pictures. Second, maybe it’s time you learn something new. Take it from me, setting up a domain is incredibly easy. If you’re capable of typing on a computer, you’re more than capable of owning your own domain. Finally, owning websites is not only fun, but addicting. I started making websites as a hobby until I found out there was a lot of money to be made. A year and a half later, I work from home solely based on the income generated by a few websites. When I say that if I can do it, anyone can do it, I honestly mean it.

The actual process of setting up a store is picking which products and categories you want to promote, filling in appropriate text, and picking and choosing colors and pre-designed templates. An experienced user could have a niche store up and running in no less than ten minutes, but I would say it would take the novice user around two hours to have a fully-operating, working store ready. It really is that easy.

Final Progress Report

I started using the BANS software on February 1st, nearly one month ago. The following progress report is a fully-detailed total of my expenses and earnings while using the software.

$97.00 – Build A Niche Store Software
$14.75 – Blu-ray-auctions.com Domain from www.GoDaddy.com
$18.00 – Purchased three articles
$18.00 – Social Bookmarking Submission Services
$3.50 – Website Directory Submission Services

Traffic and Earnings:
914 Visitors.
72 Clicks.
7 Sales.
$6.49 from sales.
1 Ebay Signup
$25.00 from Signups
2 Affiliate Sales.
$53.00 from affiliate sales.

Total Expenses: $151.25
Total Earnings: $84.49
Total Profit: ($66.76)

When I first started my BANS review, I gave myself a month to make back all of my expenses in order to call this software successful. I’d hate to call this a failure, so I’m going to retract my previous statement and say that Build a Niche Store is highly successful and I offer nothing but complete praise to the software. Sure I fell $66.76 short of my goal, but my store isn’t going anywhere. Considering my traffic has slowly been increasing over the last few days, I’ll more than likely make back my money in March and finally be in profit.

My Future with BANS

I already have two more BANS stores planned out and will hopefully have them online before the end of March. I can’t reveal my ideas as I don’t want them stolen (Yes, they are that good) and have the market saturated. The beauty of BANS is that you can continue to make as many websites as you like with just the one-time purchase. They require little to no maintenance and continue to bring in money long after you’ve stopped working on them. If you’re looking for a new way to make money online, I fully believe that Build a Niche Store will help you achieve this. I whole-heartedly give this software my approval.

It’s amazing.

Click here and try BANS risk-free today!

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  • Heather

    I see this was originally posted back in 2008. Do you still have BANS stores? Does this still work? Thanks so much

  • Ed

    I got the BANS script for $29.00. Is this worth to try? Is it really dead? Any other technique to make money on ebay as an affiliate? Any input will be appreciated.

  • Dorothy Brown
    Dorothy Brown

    Hi Steve,

    Love your thoughts on BANS. It is not true that it is no more. I was on a site looking for ways to earn an income from home & it was mentioned as one of their money making ideas. The price is now $49.95 with a 60 day money back guarantee. I hope to start next week. I am new to trying to earn online even though I have been trying for 5 years. I can’t wait to see what happens! I love reading other people’s thoughts before I make a purchase. It’s great to know what you’re getting into. I now feel confident I could succeed with this product.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the update. I’ve removed all links to BANS in the article and pronounced it dead.

  • Mike Reese
    Mike Reese

    Though I don’t fault you in your original post from over 2 years ago, you should update it to reflect the changes that have occurred internally with BANS. While you are entitled to benefit from affiliate links to get credit for BANS sales, I think being honest with how it is today would provide you with greater trust among those who visit your site, here. As you are probably aware, most BANS sales now result is being refunded, once the buyer realizes there is no support for it.

    BANS is dead. It didn’t die because it wasn’t a good script. I promoted it heavily in 2008 and even for some of 2009 because I believed in it, used it, and made a lot of money with it.

    It died because the developers abandoned it and left it to the members to upgrade it as necessary to cope with changes made by ePN and server upgrades.

    The developers appeared briefly in 2009 after a long absence to promote a “guide” they were selling and a promise of a new, improved script. After milking members for the price of the guide (basically a rehash of information that was available online and in the BANS forum) they declared that a new script would not be developed and they have disappeared again. They do not answer emails, or problem tickets.

    Most of us veteran members do not help any new members with problems. We do not provide repairs to keep the script functioning. After all, why help the developers, who won’t help themselves.

    The BANS forum, once a very active area with exchanges of information and help has become nearly deserted, with only those hardcore devotees who have built their website business around everything BANS have remained – and even they are scurrying to change their blogs from strictly BANS oriented to some type of SEO, or web building information resource. The forum that would have hundreds of posts each day, now is lucky to see one or two.

    Other than them you can find a nut job from the Netherlands who has more personalities and lies of past exploits than Doan’s has pills. Twice banned from the forum he has returned claiming a new name and a female personality, who claims to be the wife. Though reading the posts made it obvious that it is not a wife (what woman would have this manic depressive, bi-polar, ignorant, fool?), he was able to get back onto the forum through the purchase of the less expensive guide. He remains because the founders of BANS don’t bother to check emails about him, or monitor the forum any longer.

    Much time is spent by the previously mentioned member and a few others trying to create a new forum for link planting purposes and attracting the last remaining members to their own forum or blog.

    It’s a sad state of affairs for BANS. The price to purchase the script has been lowered from $97 to $67.50, last time I checked and isn’t worth $10. The entire BANS script and associated guides and websites that once averaged about $300K per year in sales, couldn’t even be sold for $100K (after being lowered from $500K) on Flippa.com.

    BuildANicheStore is a piece of crap. An old racehorse that has been put out to pasture and will be taken to the glue factory.

  • Tom

    Any further updates on this? I have 3-4 URLS that are seasonal niches and want to get something like this rolling (tied into ebay), BUT I am unsure which to go with…

  • Joe

    I get .14 a click to ebay now. I am using phpBayLite (free wordpress plugin) and have some Amazon products as well.

    I heard Goggle didn’t like BANS anymore so I went with WP & phpBay.

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